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Whether you intend to keep, scatter or inter ashes, we can help advise you on the best type of urn or casket for your needs.

There is a huge choice in a wide range of materials to suit every requirement and taste, some are more suited to memorial niches, others for interment in plots and some for scattering on land or at sea.

It is important to know that after cremation at Le Foulon, unless you request otherwise, ashes will be returned to you in a very basic, cardboard box.

Classic and modern urns

We offer a wide range of ashes caskets and urns in many different materials and to suit everyone's tastes and needs. They include steel, brass, marble, wood and biodegradable options.

We also provide a range of outdoor caskets and garden memorials such as bird baths and sun dials.

Ashes cushions and scattering tubes

Fully biodegradable Ashes Cushions are used for scattering ashes at sea. The cushion is placed in the water and will slowly sink after about 5 minutes.

Practical and affordable, Scattering Tubes are ideal for the scattering of cremated remains in a dignified ceremony, or privately and they are available in several sizes should you wish to scatter ashes in more than one place.

We can also provide a range of keepsakes including beautiful remembrance jewellery. 

If you haven't made a decision on what you would like to do with your loved one's ashes, you can rest assured that they will remain safe with us in a respectful and secure space, until you decide.

You can download further information on ashes caskets and urns below: