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We are completely open about the fees for our services and the costs involved from third parties such as churches, parish cemeteries or Le Foulon.

In addition to the highest level of compassionate and professional care, Beckford's is also committed to providing a wide range of options so that everyone can have a funeral to suit their wishes, beliefs and budgets.

Prices vary depending on the type of funeral you would like for your loved one. Every funeral is unique and so there is no standard price however, we have put together some typical costs as a guide below.

Typical Cost Examples

Each includes our professional services of collecting and caring for the deceased, the provision of a fully lined wooden coffin, making all of the arrangements and providing a hearse and bearers.

Sample options Guide Price
Church Service followed by average Parish burial £4,500
Church Service followed by Le Foulon Cemetery Burial £8,400
Church Service followed by cremation £4,600
Beckfords Chapel followed by cremation £3,600
Beckfords Chapel followed by average parish burial £4,400
Le Foulon Chapel followed by cremation £3,700
Alternative venues (hotels) +£200

These are just sample costs for the basic services, they do not include flowers or mourners cars and only allow for one simple press notice. There are usually other personal and unique arrangements you may want to make. You can see these detailed on our full price list here or, upon request, we can provide you with a detailed estimate for your approval before proceeding with any arrangements.

Simple Funerals

We also offer Simple Cremation and Simple Burial options.

Our Simple funerals transparently set out our own and various third-party fees necessary for the completion of a funeral and give total peace of mind of one, all-inclusive sum, with any additional extras. 

They include care of the deceased, a basic coffin and transportation to cemetery or crematorium.

No service or ceremony is included, but one of our team can hold a short (10 minute) committal at our premises.

Option Our fees Third party fees Total Price
Simple Burial £2,580 £30 £2,610
Simple Cremation £1,605 £850 £2,460

You can view or download the full information on our Simple Funerals here.