Do it your way

Because a funeral is not naturally something we wish to talk about with our loved ones, they may not know what our wishes would be when we pass away. Those who have planned their funeral relieve their family from any planning or financial worries, potentially tough decisions and uncertainty at what is already a difficult and confusing time. Preparing for your own final send-off means dying with the benefit that those around you know what you want.

As well as peace of mind, paying in advance or over a period of time for your funeral could be a shrewd financial move. We have monitored that the average funeral cost in Guernsey has increased by 115%* in 10 years, a vast increase when compared to the RPI of 32.5% over the same period.

Cemetery, cremation, doctors’ certificates and other costs continue to rise. If your funeral has been paid via one of our plans, we guarantee that there will be no extra charges for the funeral director’s services.

Planning your own funeral has so many benefits for both you and your family. Firstly, you are able to create the most meaningful send-off for you.  From the choice of music played, sung or performed to your chosen flowers, to what you may wish to take with you in your coffin.

*Beckford's has calculated the funeral costs over 10 years which included burial and cremation fees, doctors, church, celebrant, attendant and funeral director fees. According to "SunLife Cost of Dying Report 2017" the average cost of an UK funeral in 2004 was £1,920, today it is £4,078. An increase of 112% - well above inflation.


Where to start 

If you would like to begin planning your funeral, these steps will guide you through a sensible process:

  • Visit the Expression of Wishes page and download the Expression of Wishes form.  This will provide an easy to follow guide to the information a funeral director requires to plan your funeral. 
  • Contact Beckford's by either phone, email or visiting during office hours.  Everyone is always welcome to sit down with a hot drink and have a chat about their funeral. 
  • At this point you can decide to only complete the complimentary Expression of Wishes document , or you would like to begin a pre-paid funeral plan.  This can be paid outright in manageable instalments. 
  • Finally, your family need to know what to do in the event of your passing so you will need to leave some instructions.  This could be simply, 'call Beckford's' or you would like them to access a copy of your personal documents.    

"The average funeral cost in Guernsey has risen by 115% in 10 years. Pre-pay for your funeral and protect against rising costs."