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A personal send-off, a thoughtful decision

Planning your own funeral has so many benefits for both you and your family. You can create the most meaningful and personal send-off, from the choice of music and your chosen flowers, to your final journey and what you may wish to take with you in your coffin. You can also rest easy knowing that you have eased any financial burden on your next of kin. 

Does it make financial sense?

As well as peace of mind, paying in advance or over a period of time for your funeral could be a shrewd financial move. We have monitored that the average funeral cost in Guernsey has increased by 81%† (since 2008 (when the current Guernsey RPI index was established), a vast increase when compared to the RPI of 34.8% over the same period.

Cemetery, cremation, doctors’ certificates and other costs continue to rise. If your funeral has been paid via one of our plans, we guarantee that there will be no extra charges for the funeral director’s services.

How do I take out a plan?

If you are interested in taking out a plan or would like to convert your Expression of Wishes into a pre-paid plan, simply contact us and we can arrange an informal chat to take you through the process. 

It is easy to arrange, there are no medical checks required and you can pay by instalments.

† Beckfords has calculated the funeral costs over 15 years which included burial and cremation fees, doctors, church, celebrant, attendant and funeral director fees.

Between 2011 and 2019 average funeral costs in the United Kingdom increased 41% from £2,971 to £4,202*. By 2028, average UK funeral costs are projected to rise to £6,206**.

*2011 - 2019 Matter Communications independent research.**Forecast based on average annual compounded growth rate of 4.43% each year between 2011 and 2019.




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