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The time to consider what happens to our online presence after we are gone is while we are still here.

All of the things we shared digitally with those we loved and knew, possibly all over the world, precious moments throughout our lives that have created a portfolio of great memories. 

The question is what happens when we’re not around anymore? Will accounts be wound down or kept active for family and friends to enjoy once we are gone?

The great news is that we can choose what happens to our social media and email accounts after we die. The options include: deleting accounts, appointing an executor to your account and specifying how they can use it, downloading all of your data including messages and photos or ‘memorializing’ your account. Facebook in particular has been innovative in this area providing a way for the deceased’s accounts to remain active so that friends and loved ones can leave messages and view their photos.

Whilst it can seem like a lot to think about, later life planning really can make a huge difference to the families of loved ones – they can rest easy knowing that what happens to you and your digital life when you are gone is exactly what you want.

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