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One of the most personalised aspects of any funeral is the Order of Service, which we will ensure is tailored to your preferences.

The Order of Service is personalised for each funeral, detailing the various elements of the service. You can choose to include a cover photo, photos within and on the back, or none at all.

You can also choose a type style and symbol of something with meaning to yourself, depending on your religious stance and beliefs this may be a cross, crescent or Star of David. Alternatively, you can include a sports team or social club’s crest. 

We keep in stock a choice of 9 designs, which includes 4 local scenes, Pembroke Bay, Castle Cornet, Moulin Huet and Fort Grey. Fully bespoke options are also available as well as plain white.

You may also wish for an invitation to the wake to be printed on the back page, along with details of a nominated charity for any kind donations to be sent in memory of your loved one.

Order Of Service Designs 2023
Order Of Service Designs Booklet A4 2023 PROOF 2 Page 2
Order Of Service Designs Booklet A4 2023 PROOF 2 Page 3