Journey of a Funeral

Journey of a funeral gives you a quick overview of the key steps in organising a funeral with Beckford's.

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Initial steps

A doctor is required to certify the death of a person, either at home, care home or hospital.
Beckford’s to be called by the family or member of care staff.
The deceased is transferred to the funeral home when formalities have been completed.
A funeral director will then organise a suitable time to visit the deceased's family as soon as convenient.
Making arrangements for the funeral.
Is there a funeral plan?
Would they like a viewing?
Contact the minister/officiant

Beckford's will organise the funeral and liaise with:

The doctor, to ensure medical certificate is completed.
The family to complete the declaration of death and register the documentation with the Greffe.
The minister/officiant.
The organist.
The caretaker/verger, for availability of the venue/church.
The cemetery committee or crematorium.
The gravedigger.

The minister/officiant organises:

A visit to the family to organise the order of service.

- Required hymns/music
- Required readings/prayers/poems
- Eulogy/tribute
- Ask for background information about the deceased.

Final details

Before the funeral Beckford's will:

  • Order the flowers if required
  • Make up the coffin
  • Put together the order of service sheet and arrange for it to be printed
  • Liaise with the family to see how many seats should be reserved for the immediate family.

On the day of the funeral Beckford's will:

  • Liaise with the family to confirm arrangements for the day
  • Travel with the hearse to the church/venue
  • Seat everyone at the church/venue
  • Arrange to record the names of all attendees
  • Take the coffin to the cemetery or crematorium.

After the funeral Beckford's will:

  • Ensure Death Certificates are collected from the Greffe. These will be posted to the family or can be collected from Beckford's
  • Complete a draft Guernsey Evening Press funeral report for the approval of the family
  • Ensure that the funeral report is correct and sent to the Guernsey Evening Press. The funeral report will be inserted free of charge in the Guernsey Press as and when there is space availability
  • Liaise with the family regarding a memorial for the grave or the disposal of the ashes
  • Or liaise with the family regarding an existing memorial renovation or replacement.

What clients need to think about:

  • The type of funeral that the deceased wanted or planned for. Were any instructions left?
  • What they need to prepare for the minister/officiant
  • What they would like in the order of service sheet
  • If there is a preferred outfit for the deceased to be dressed in
  • If there is any jewellery to be returned to the family
  • How they intend to travel to and from the funeral service
  • The number of seats to be reserved for immediate family/close friends at the funeral
  • Any arrangements for a wake/funeral reception.

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