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It is traditional for Guernsey funerals to feature flowers, some will have a number of floral tributes, whilst others may be kept to a simple arrangement on the coffin.

If there is only to be one floral tribute at a funeral, it’s usual for this to be a coffin spray, a single or doubled ended floral arrangement which is placed on top of the coffin.

Individual family members may also like to arrange their own flowers too, which can include wreaths or bouquets from a spouse, flowers from children or floral tributes that spell out a name or something close to the person’s heart, such as a heart, a cross or even a football club crest.

The person who is arranging the funeral can decide on whether they want additional floral tributes, it is quite often the case that only family flowers are requested and that mourners are asked to make donations to charities in lieu.

Any flowers will be present at the service and will accompany the deceased in the hearse. If there is a burial the flowers can be laid on the burial plot. At cremations, family will be asked if they are to go anywhere specific or if they are to go in the Garden of Rest at Le Foulon Crematorium.

The most traditional types of funeral flowers are lilies, roses, chrysanthemums and carnations, but with many people opting for life-centred funerals, favourite colours and brighter flowers are now more common with arrangements featuring sunflowers, gerbera, delphiniums and daisies.

We work with a number of excellent local florists and can help arrange the floral tributes or if you prefer you can provide your own.

With regard to the etiquette of sending flowers and sympathy messages, the funeral notice will normally inform whether funeral flowers or sympathy flowers are wanted or if donations are preferred in lieu.

If that is the case, an attendee may consider sending flowers some time after the funeral to show they are thinking of someone during those difficult weeks.

For more information on the meanings of different flowers you can download our guide below:

Meanings of flowers