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Whether for burial or cremation, a coffin is the preferred choice for local funerals.

In Guernsey, each of the parish cemeteries and Le Foulon cemetery and crematorium have different rules about the types of coffin they will accept, so please check with us and we will help guide you to the best choice.

The most popular choice is for a traditional coffin in dark or light wood.

We have carefully selected two wooden coffins which are always available. Our veneered oak or mahogany coffins are beautifully lined with white satin.

We can also supply coffins in natural materials such as cardboard, wicker or other biodegradable materials, but as these are not universally accepted in Guernsey, we will advise you if they are suitable for the funeral you are arranging.

As a special order we can provide picture coffins, with either standard or completely bespoke designs, this could be with pictures of loved ones, or the emblem of a favourite sports team or hobby.

You can download further information on coffins below: