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In Guernsey the only options for burial are in the parish cemeteries or at Le Foulon. We don’t currently have any green or woodland burial sites.

Generally, burials are within the parish cemetery where the deceased resided (unless they were in residential care). Often, particularly in the case of spouses and partners, there will be an existing grave already designated. 

If you are arranging a funeral and are unsure if there is an existing family plot, you can give us as many details as possible and we can find out for you.

Should the deceased not wish to be buried in the Parish they resided in at their death, or at Le Foulon, it may be possible to secure a plot outside of these if, for example, they lived most of their life in another parish. 

All burials in Guernsey must be conducted using a coffin and there are differing requirements for each of the cemeteries. You can find more general information here but if you have any specific questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

With a burial, you have the option of a graveside ceremony where mourners can pay their respects as the coffin is lowered.

Most people prefer to place a memorial at the grave site, though this is not a requirement.

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