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We will help you decide on a type of funeral to best reflect the beliefs and wishes of the deceased.

These are a just a few examples to help guide you. If you have specific requests that are not covered then please speak to us and we can discuss how you can incorporate different elements into a more bespoke funeral.

If you are unsure as to where to start or uncertain as to what type of funeral to consider, please get in touch, we have years of experience and have helped many families in the same situation.

Types of Service

The following represent the main types of service that we are asked to provide most frequently in Guernsey. If what you had in mind isn’t featured then please just ask and we will do everything we can to accommodate your wishes.


A traditional funeral is based on Christian beliefs with the choice of readings and hymns to accompany the ceremony and can incorporate at your request a life centred element. 

In Guernsey, traditional funerals are the norm for Methodist, Church of England, Church of Scotland, Anglican, Presbyterians, Episcopalians and Catholic denominations.

As ceremonies are normally carried out in a church or chapel, services are reading based, from a minister and friends and family, interspersed with prayers and hymns.

The coffin is usually present and flowers and choice of music will need to be in accordance with the stipulations of the church/chapel or minister.


A funeral normally conducted by a Civil Celebrant and which usually focuses on the life and times of the deceased, but may include both non-religious and religious material.

Not generally in a church or chapel. Life-centred celebrations can be held at our peaceful purpose-built facility or in local parish halls, community centres or hotels.

There may be readings and anecdotes from friends and family and, because of the more relaxed environment and technical capabilities, video, slideshows can also be used and music is down to personal choice. 

The coffin, may or may not be present and flowers are down to personal choice.


A humanist funeral ceremony celebrates a life without any religious rituals, conducted by a Humanist Celebrant, they are life centred funerals with tailored personal touches. 

As with both traditional and life-centred funerals, time can be taken for poems, music and reflection. We host many humanist funerals in our purpose-built ceremony room, but they can also be held in hotels, halls or other locations. The presence of the coffin is again down to personal choice.

All Faiths

Beckfords welcome funeral requirements for all faiths, including Jewish, Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Jehovah Witnesses, Bahá'í and others.

We promise to deliver in a caring and respectful manner, the religious and cultural observances to honour the deceased in accordance with their faith and provide comfort to the family.

With faiths where time is of the essence, we encourage you to call us as soon as possible so that we can help expedite the arrangements.


Following the service or ceremony there is the option for the deceased to be either be buried or cremated.

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