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LE FRIEC, Peggy Nee Pallot

Peggy Le Friec

The funeral service, prior to a private cremation for Peggy Le Friec who passed away at The Princess Elizabeth Hospital, aged 86 years was held at St Martins Parish Church and conducted by The Reverend Linda Le Vasseur.

The organist, Joan Le Flem accompanied the singing of “All Things Bright and Beautiful” and “One More Step Along The World I Go”. Opening Music was “Super Trouper” by Abba. A Poem “My Muddled Old Mum” was read by Marion (daughter). The Bible Reading was John 14: 1-6, 27. Music played during Moment of Reflection was “Jealous of the Angels”, Donna Taggette. A Poem “Remember Me” was read by Reverend Linda Le Vasseur. The Sentences, Prayers, Address, Commendation and Committal were given by Reverend Linda Le Vasseur. Exit Music was “Thank you for the Music” by Abba.

The Mourners Were: Marion Le Friec, daughter (also representing Emma, granddaughter, Jacqui Ward, and Sue Le Prevost); Linda Le Friec, daughter-in-law (also representing Bev and Craig Shorto); Dee Le Friec, granddaughter; John Le Friec, grandson and Katie; Pete Le Friec (also representing Esther, Ellen, Julie and families);

Bridgette Pallot, niece; Ian Pallot, nephew and Sally Pallot (also representing Emily Pallot); Louise Pallot; Jeffrey Nicolle, cousin and Christine Nicolle; Gwen and Dave Moore (also representing Wayne Moore, cousins); Julie Le Page, cousin (also representing Katie, Scott and Jamie); Sarah Nicolle, cousin (also representing Peter Hancock);

Also Present Were: Lyn, David and Matthew Breban (also representing Jane Le Tissier); Di and Luke Phillips; Reverend Linda Le Vasseur (also representing Peter Le Vasseur); Philippa Stahelin (also representing Geraldine Williams and Headway Guernsey); Petra Clayton (also representing Doris Clayton and family); Graham Lesbirel and Miriam Parker (also representing Zoe, Keiron and Oliver Ousley and Sue Tough); Moe Jones; Carolyn Mallett (also representing Steve Mallett); Alana Brennan; Rex, Carolyn and Tim Drewitt; Barry and Myra Greenway (also representing Gary Greenway, Jon and Rachel Luff and staff at Barrett Landscapes); Carole Renouf; Robert (Bob) Galsworthy (also representing Brenda Galsworthy);

Lisette Wakeford (also representing Paul Wakeford and Lucette Redhead); Marguerite Leahy and Mary Quinn; Nicole Inder; Brenda Sparks; Brian Loaring; Christine Sarre (also representing Brian Sarre); Tom Fallaize (also representing Lee Rive); Martin Robert (also representing Principal Security); Rod Jehan (also representing Maureen Jehan); Margaret Duquemin; Colin and Jan Robert (also representing Elliott); Frances and Mark Le Poidevin; Miriam Bisson (also representing Climate Controls Limited); Tina McClean; Sylvia Branquet and family; Jan Guillou (also representing Robert Guillou and Lindsay, Deke and Axel De Carteret); Lilla Desmond (also representing Claire Rowlinson and Steve Desmond); Carol Le Sauvage (also representing Andy Le Sauvage and family);

Heather Edwards (also representing Maria March and Joseph Edwards); Emma Savident, B&Q (also representing Nicholas Norman, B&Q); Maureen Martin; Paul Le Cheminant; Margaret Johnson (also representing Anne Robins and Pam Browning); Ian Hutchinson; Rachel Le Prevost (also representing Patricia Dyer); Martyn Lowe; Shirley Le Flock (also representing Angela Gallienne); Colin Stanford; Lisa Brehaut; Jan Guille (also representing La Villette Garage); Paul Allaine; Mandy Brittain (also representing Andy Brittain and Mo Cherry); Ivan (Pud) Robert; Jeannette Le Prevost (also representing Steven, also Val Le Cheminant); Carol Polli (also representing Natasha and Katy Thorne, Matthew, Helen and Ana Polli and Colin and Sue De La Mare); Pat Burch; Sadie and Malcolm Greening (also representing Teresa Benstead); Peggy Ellis; Sally Ferbrache; Dick Bachmann;

Barry Trump (also representing Gwen Trump and Graham and Lynne Martel); Tina Loveridge; Susan Banfield; Janette Rogers (also representing Roy Rogers); Helen Martin; Sue Loveridge; Lyna Guilbert; Pete and Angela Mignot; Jenny Froome (also representing Tony Froome); Julie Mechem (also representing Paul Dodd); Brian Loveridge; Justin Roussel (also representing B&Q and Maria March); Jeannie Torode (also representing Tim Torode); Beatrice Clark; Lorraine Lane (also representing Alison Dunne, Linda Loft and Marysse (Seychelle)); Becky Lewis (also representing Gary and Billy Lewis); Julie Sebire (also representing family and Claire Le Lievre and family); Karen Dyke (also representing family and Tom Le Prevost); Antoinette Clark (also representing Dominic Clark); Matthew Tostevin; John and Kay Vaudin; Donna and Nick Batiste; Toby Batiste; Maisy Batiste; Ann Revell; Lisa Dowinton; Mark and Sam De La Mare;

Flowers were from the family.

Donations in lieu of flowers were to be sent to Headway Guernsey, KGV Playing Fields, Rue Cohu, Castel, GY5 7SZ. 

The arrangements were by Beckfords Funeral Services Limited with Zac Hannis supervising.

OGIER, David Philip

Cross Silhouette

The funeral service, prior to a private interment for David Philip Ogier who passed away at Les Bourgs Hospice, aged 57 years was held at Emmanuel Evangelist Baptist Church and conducted by Pastor Stephen Henry.

The organist, Mr Stephen Francis accompanied the singing of “How Great thou Art” and “All Things Bright and Beautiful”. Pastor Henry gave the Welcome, Opening Prayer, Eulogy, Bible Reading, Address and Closing Prayer.

The Mourners Were: Tina Ogier, wife; Jean Ogier, mother; Lisa Ogier, daughter (also representing Tiffany Ogier, granddaughter and Simon Smith); Wayne Ogier, son; Christine and Peter Chatfield, sister and brother-in-law (also representing Lyndsey and Jodie Hioney, nieces); Michael and Elspeth Ogier, brother and sister-in-law (also representing Jamie and Maisie Ogier, nephew and niece); Peter and Linda Ogier, brother and sister-in-law; Joe and Eve Ogier, nephew and niece; Katy and Matt Coggins, niece and nephew-in-law (also representing Jaeden Mordecai, nephew and Helene Le Vallee, Physio Assistant, PEH); Joy James, aunt; Simon Sheppard, cousin (also representing Karen Sheppard and Tracy Gaskill, cousins); Dick Le Page, uncle; Jane Le Page, cousin (also representing Brian (Curly) Vallois and Ted and Marilyn Le Page); Tracy Le Page, cousin; Anne Blatchford, aunt (also representing Victor Vedier); Elaine Mahy, cousin (also representing Ricky Mahy);

Also Present Were: Rachel Le Cheminant; Jackie Le Sauvage (also representing Ian Le Sauvage and family and Sandra Rowe); Clinton Le Page (also representing Jane Duquemin);

Flowers were from Mum. Chris and Pete. Katy and Lyndsey, Matt, Jodie and Jaeden.

The arrangements were by Beckfords Funeral Services Limited with Clinton Le Page supervising.

BOURGAIZE, Leonard Roy (Len)

Cross Sunset

The funeral service, prior to a private interment for Leonard Roy Bourgaize who passed away at Chateau des Tielles Nursing Home, aged 89 years was held at Torteval Parish Church and conducted by Reverend Juliette E C Robilliard. The church bell was tolled 89 times.

The organist, Mr Stephen Francis accompanied the singing of “When Peace like a river”, “Be still for the presence of the Lord” and “God that madest Earth and Heaven” Entrance music was Pachelbel’s Canon played by Stephen Francis. A Poem “Come with me” written by Rhonda Braswell was read by Louis Dodd, grandson. The Lesson was St John 14: 1-6, 27 read by Tim Langlois, son-in-law. Reverend Robilliard gave The Sentences, Welcome and Opening Prayer, Tribute, Address and Prayers, Commendation. Before the final blessing the joint Torteval Parish Church and Torteval Methodist choirs sang “A Choral Benediction” by Don Besig. Recessional music was “Nimrod” by Edward Elgar, played by organist Mr Stephen Francis.

The Mourners Were: Anne Bourgaize, wife; Jennie and John Dodd, daughter and son-in-law; Sarah and Tim Langlois, daughter and son-in-law (also representing George Langlois and Phil and Sue Langlois); Neil and Mel Bourgaize, son and daughter-in-law (also representing Joseph, Jack and Mollie, grandchildren); Louis Dodd, grandson; Natalie and Henry Birch, grandchildren; Chloe Langlois, granddaughter and Gareth Jackson; Naomi Langlois, granddaughter and Nathan Collenette; John Bourgaize, cousin; Brian and Karen Bourgaize, cousins (also representing Pam Bourgaize, cousin); Jean Guille, cousin and Mark Guille; Brian Guille, cousin (also representing Margaret Jehan, cousin); Miriam Bougourd, cousin (also representing Ivan Gallienne); Eunice Brehaut, cousin; Robert and Fiona Girard, cousins; Mike Le Noury (also representing Rosemary Le Noury, cousin, Dave Le Noury and Steve Le Noury);

Also Present Were: Jurat David Robilliard; Margaret Albin (also representing Violet Legg and Tina Mourant); Carla Chandler (also representing Nancy Bichard); Janet de la Mare (also representing Shirley Adam, Peter Adam, Sonia Singh and all staff and residents of Chateau des Tielles Nursing Home); Sue Robilliard; Sir Richard McMahon - Bailiff; Sarah-Jane Allen (also representing Mike Allen and Rev Mark and Rev Tracy Charmley); Mrs Carole Luff and Rev John Luff; Pierre Tostevin (also representing Catherine, Caroline and Danielle Bateman); Janet Berryman (also representing Christine Siviter); Richard and Ann Wheadon; Margaret Norman (also representing Clive Norman and family); Karen and Geoff Harrison; Tristan and Kirsty Wheadon;

Winston Pipet (also representing Helen Colmer); Madeleine and John Squires; Peter and Becky Le Sauvage; Nigel and Sue Ozanne; Sheila Stewart; Geoff Brouard (also representing Hazel Brouard and Susie Cripps); Margaret and Derek Snell; Cath Tostevin; Jim de Garis (also representing Angela de Garis and Rev Linda Le Vasseur); Basil Brehaut; Terry and Janet Duquemin; Sue Knapp; Katherine Marsh (also representing Ohlin Baudains); Ann Kirby (also representing Peter Kirby); Jill Stephenson; Pauline Marsh (also representing Kevin Marsh); Roy and Nancy Dickinson (also representing Vera Biggs and Peter and Anne-Marie Collivet); Pauline Sarre (also representing Tony Sarre, Danielle Hann, Matthew Hann and Claire Le Prevost); Carolyn Taylor (also representing family);

Liz de la Haye (also representing Pete and Rachel de la Haye); Sheila Duquemin; Brian Robilliard (also representing Roger and Beverley); Gwen Trump (also representing Barry Trump); Brian Gardiner (also representing Di Gardner and Muriel Surtees); Dave and Cath Battle; Stephen Le Tissier (also representing Valerie Le Tissier); Shirley Tulié; Michael and Diane Ward (also representing Eleanor and Martin Browning; Patrick and Anne Le Tocq (also representing Gordon and Kate Hotton); Gill Le Lievre (also representing Chris); Mark and Kelly Gannon (also representing Eden, Micah and Caleb Gannon and Marilyn and Michael Mahieu); Craig and Clare Mollet (also representing Mac and Ann Mollet and Matthew Brehaut); Dave and Jeanine Fallaize (also representing Katie Fallaize and Henry Fallaize);

Nicky Fallaize (also representing Tom O’Reilly); Joy Le Couteur (also representing Carol and Steve Langlois); Sue Brooks (also representing Sue Guille); Ken Carre; Robert and Lauren Varley; Peter Ferbrache; Sadie and Jonathan Robilliard (also representing Andrew and Rachel Robilliard and Laura-Jayne Ozanne); Angeline Parker (also representing Helene Gallienne and family); Sylvia Torode; Sue Brehaut; Catherine Lenfesty; Michael Le Lacheur and Elka; Judith and Gary Cook; Robert and Eileen Tulie; Philip Torode; Jurat Terry Snell and Christine Snell; Bob and Molly Thompson; Paul and Mary Gannon (also representing Hayley and Steve Allaway); Nicky Atkinson (also representing Chris Atkinson); Richard Ozanne (also representing the family); Evan and Norma Ozanne;

Jim Abbott (also representing Sally and family); Roger Beausire; Terry Tostevin (also representing Maggie Tostevin); Jackie Thoume; Jean Vidamour (also representing Martyn Vidamour); Miss Van der Roest; Richard and Margaret Le Pelley; Andrew Madden; Wendy Le Tissier; Iain and Kathy Davidson; Louise and Julia Madden; Christine and Samantha Browning;

Flowers were from Anne. Neil and Mel. Jennie and John. Nat and Henry. Chloe and Naomi. Louis. Joseph, Jack, Mollie.

Donations in lieu of flowers were to be sent to Guernsey Alzheimer’s Association, The Centre, Rue des Monts, Delancey, St Sampsons, GY2 4HU.

The arrangements were by Beckfords Funeral Services Limited with Clinton Le Page supervising.

DUQUEMIN, John Malcolm

Field with Orange Flowers

The funeral service, prior to a private cremation for John Malcolm Duquemin who passed away at Les Bourgs Hospice, aged 77 years was held at Les Cotils and conducted by Michelle Duquemin.

Opening Music was “Nimrod” by Elgar. Memories of John, were by Cynthia, Mark and Simon. John’s Story, including memories from friends were read by Michelle Duquemin. Music played during Time of Reflection was “Woman” by John Lennon. Litany of Remembrance “We Remember Them”, written by Sylvan Kamens and Jack Rimer, was read by Michelle. Michelle gave Thoughts on Life and Death, Committal and Final Words. Closing Music was “Little Red Rooster” by The Rolling Stones.

 The Mourners Were: Cynthia Duquemin, wife; Mark Duquemin and Karen Sanderson, son and daughter-in-law; Sean and Jennifer Duquemin, son and daughter-in-law; Jon Duquemin, grandson; Alison Duquemin, granddaughter; David  and Lindsey Duquemin, brother and sister-in-law; Jack Duquemin, nephew; Amy Brokenshire, niece and Gary Brokenshire; Alfred and Oscar Brokenshire, great-nephews (also representing Rose Brokenshire, great-niece); Jessica Bazazz, niece and Harry Bazazz (also representing Orla Bazazz, great-niece and Arthur Bazazz, great-nephew); Dave Naftel, brother-in-law; Ian Naftel, nephew; Gary Naftel, nephew and Grada Naftel; Chris Naftel, great-nephew (also representing Michael Naftel);

Also Present Were: Dave Girard (also representing Sarah and Grace Girard); Steve and Sue Searle; Brian Johns (also representing Gill Johns, Alan Johns and Alan Martel); Paul and Linda Gilliver, C.A Duquemin; Luna Shacklock; Barbara Minta; Peter Langford; Bryan Le Huray; Noel Burnell (also representing Edward Fattorini and Jeannette Fattorini); Paul and Sara Jonkmans; Paul Blondel; Chris Brock; Nerylee Brock; Pat and Alan Child; Ronnie Almonte; Kevin Symphorien;

Chris Lamb (also representing Sally, Andy and Erika Lamb); Tony Le Page; Pete Leaman (also representing Karen Leaman); Steve Kendall; Geoff Le Page, Lynne, Shirley, Tina, Caren and Mark; Norman and Sandra Hare; Chris Bonham and Cathy Bonham; Nigel Carter (also representing Martin and Kathy Blondel, Ken and Jean Morrison and John Sheppard); Gary Sheppard; Bill Cohu; Jess De La Haye; Darren Le Page; Anthony Roberts; Ed Machon; Steve Aller; Maria Gilman; David Collen; Davina and Alexis Mansell; Peter Brewin (also representing Sarah-Jayne Brewin); Ken Lainé; Sophie Herschel; Denis Riddell (also representing Access Scaffolding); Mac Gallienne (also representing Ounsworth Décor Ltd);

Peter Watson (also representing F Watson and Son Ltd); Tony and Jill Wills (also representing John and Helen); Peter and Annie Fisher; Sue and Adrian Ashman (also representing Dorey, Lyle and Ashman); Jo Wyatt (also representing Tim Wyatt, Edward Sebire, Henry Sebire, Monty Wyatt and Peter Kite); Richard Smith (also representing Kathy Smith, Jay Smith, Nathaniel Smith and The Directors of C A Duquemin Ltd); Val and Ian Bloese (also representing Val and John Campbell); Toni Clayton (also representing Directors and staff Channel Welders Ltd, Derek and Jane Rossiter, Paul Mason and Jane Walden); Steve Pugh (also representing Sandra Pugh and Geoff Simon); Barry and Jackie Bisson (also representing Carolle and David Rowson); Sammie Cox (also representing Harry Dick-Cleland, Karen Dick-Cleland, Mia Seabrook and all the staff at Cleland and Co Ltd);

Adrian Machon (also representing the staff of C A Duquemin Ltd); Judy Machon (also representing Sam Machon and Peter and Cara Carré); Peter Sheppard (also representing staff of Style Plumbing and Heating); Alan and Rachel Lucas (also representing Rosemarie and Peter Holland, Niall Lucas, Jody Nelson, Jack Hollands and Jonathan Nichols); Pat Kite (also representing Simon, Ben Kite and family); Sue Ackloo; David Trestain; Lesley Ward (also representing Sylvia and Peter Martel); Tilly Fisken (also representing Georgina Ede-Golightly); Simon and Judy Le Pelley; Julie Lowe; Dr Stephen Sweet; Stephen and Jane Harlow; Loren Rix; Roger and Carolyn Naftel; Des Duarte; Sharon Duarte; John Litchfield (also representing the staff of CI Ceramics);

Steve Ingrouille (also representing Carolyn Ingrouille and Martin Moullin); Richard Brown; Peter Joy (also representing Jenny Joy); Gary Jehan (also representing Geoff Jehan); Paul and Lorraine Roberts; Julian Peacegood; Pam and Les Hilton (also representing Max and Suzy); Darren du Jardin; John Falla (also representing Jocelyn, Joelle, Sam and Millie); Richard and Stephanie Nickolls; Avril Elliott (also representing Neil Carre and Hepburns Insurance); Lucas Willis; Julien Hunt; Geoff and Heather Norman (also representing Norman Piette Group); John and Clare Meerveld (also representing the residents of Fort Grey Apartments); Jeremy Rihoy (also representing J.W Rihoy and Son, Andrew Duquemin and family, D.D Duquemin Ltd and Charles McHugh);

Flowers were from Cynthia, Mark, Sean and all your family.

Donations in lieu of flowers were to be sent to Les Bourgs Hospice, Andrew Mitchell House, Rue du Tertre, St Andrews, GY6 8SF or SSAFA, C/o Matt Litten, La Maison D’Aval, Rue Des Messuriers, St Peters, GY7 9SL.

The arrangements were by Beckfords Funeral Services Limited with Clinton Le Page supervising.

BURKHARDT, Yvonne (Eve) formerly Warrington

Calla Lily

A Celebration of Life, prior to cremation for Yvonne Burkhardt who passed away at her home, aged 62 years was held at Le Foulon Chapel and conducted by Michelle Duquemin.

The organist, Mr Stephen Francis accompanied the singing of “Morning has Broken” and “All Things Bright and Beautiful”. Opening Music was “Out of Africa” by John Barry of York and The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. A Poem Adaption of “Away” by James Whitcomb Riley was read by William. Tribute to Eve written by Andy was read by Michelle Duquemin. Music played During Time of Reflection, together with a photo montage was “Make You Feel My Love” by Adele. The Reading “You Were Very Special” was read by Michelle Duquemin. Committal and Concluding Words including Grief Blessing and Poem for Evan “Love Like Starlight Never Dies” from “No Matter What” by Debi Gliori. Closing Music was “More Than This” by Roxy Music.

The Mourners Were: Andy Burkhardt, husband (also representing John and Margaret Starr, Philip Starr (Yorkshire), Terence Starr, Catherine, Rhiannon, Owen and James, (Yorkshire)); Will Warrington, son;  Lauren Doughty, daughter-in-law; Evan Warrington, grandson; Conan Lewis, friend (also representing Ailsa, Josh and Rebekah Lewis, Andrew and Emily Vare and Ian and Virginia Tilford); Olive Lett, auntie;

Also Present Were: Pamela Preece (also representing Stanley and Joyce Pipet (Burnham on Sea), Winston Le Prevost and Ethy Lewis (Isle of Wight) and Ruth De La Mare); Francoise Ferbrache (also representing Ricky, Caitlin and Nate Ferbrache); Michel Preece (also representing Julie, Samantha and Calum Preece); Jenny Froome (also representing Tony Froome); Rose Dorey (also representing Vic, Katie and Mark); Pam Niles (also representing the family); Lynn Breban (also representing David, Thomas, Karen, Julie, Claire and families, Di Phillips, Sarah Butler and Natasha, Faith Nails and Hair); John Long, Debbie Long and Amy Long; Isabelle Riley; (also representing Toni Danes) Mike Riley; Sharon Wardle; Ian Wardle; Sheryl Wilkinson; Catriona Jennings; David Wood; Dee and Ian Campbell Sanna Shaw (also representing Marcus Shaw and Arthur Shaw); Jo and Jon Jennings (also representing Debbie Duquemin); 

Chris and Liz Tomlins (also representing George and Laura Collenette and Louise and Leon Collenette); Lionel Jones; Phil Duquemin (also representing Jackie Duquemin and Duncan and Lynn Spencer); Rachel Rugg (also representing Richard, Blake and Ella Le Ber); Paul Killick (also representing Jane Killick, Jacky Hart, Nigel Smith and Ali Gardiner); Gwen Trump (also representing Pastor Matt Gregor and Vazon Elim Church); Petula Hubert (also representing Vanessa Mahy); John Falla (also representing Elizabeth Falla, Jean-Pierre and Rhona Nicolle and the crew of Banjaard); Jackie Toms, (also representing Princess Elizabeth Hospital housekeeping and laundry staff); Tina Avery (also representing John and Emma Avery and Judie Ellis); Molly Allez; Ann Mollet; Jean Guille (also representing Brian Mercer, Sark); Maggie and Dave Herquin; Derrick Leversuch (also representing Marion Leversuch); Dr Julia Rebstein (also representing Island Health); Margaret Ravenscroft; Maureen Le Brun; Gavin Johns (also representing Versus Arthritis); Sharda Wiltshire (also representing Mary Le Cheminant and Mair Beaton); Margaret Pettitt; Jackie Strachan (also representing Hayley Mechem); Tania Munro; Jane Bourgaize;

Steve Greenway (also representing Sam Greenway); Valerie and Stephen Le Tissier; Dr Ruth Jones (also representing L’Aumone Practice);  Maria Simon; Pia Walker; Ros Searle; Becki Meredith (also representing Gill Carre); Nihad Hussain; Catherine Norman; Kay Hardwick; Christine and Gary Willcocks; Simon and Claudette Larbalestier (also representing Marie-France Walden); Ellie and Matt Knowles; Derek Knowles (also representing Sue Knowles); Rebecca Oswin; Lesley Martin; Claire Henriques Maggie Jenkins; Andy Priaulx (also representing Theresa Priaulx); Marie and Dave Banton (also representing Sara Pizzey, Nigel Smith and Ali); Jim and Bernie Nicolle; William and Annabel Raymond, Sark; Claire Waldron (also representing Kaz de Carteret, Kate Home, Nickie Hodgson and Grace Millar); Jo Rose;

John Razzak; Anne Wildeman; Di Aitchison (also representing David and Debbie Bourgaize); Brenda Smart; Tania Russell; Graham Reilly; Paul Williams; Suzy Toynton (also representing Jamie, Rosie and Sally); Chris Joslin (also representing M.S.G.); Mark Webber (also representing M.S.G.); John and Maddy Squires; Julia Schaefer (also representing members of R.C.I.Y.C.); Richard Babbe; Johann Etasse Chris Gregg;

Jean-Marie Geargeoura; Claira Miles; Mick and Jan Taylor; Colin Woodcock; Adrian Goubert (also representing Sarah and Ezra Goubert); Rheino Redelinghuys; Gill Yeaman; Bruce Jenkins; Darren Vogel (also representing Dr Nichola Lloyd); Ali Sage; Ray Armstrong (also representing Rheumatology Consultants); Philippa Le Vasseur (also representing John, Matthew, James Le Vasseur and Tracy Fearis and the PEH);

The following attended from Outpatients and Day Assessment Unit: Dr Ray Armstrong, Candice Meakin, Jane Forman, Teri Lee, Cheri Norman, Vanessa Netherton, Vic McNamara and Kim Le Maitre (they were representing Sara Pizzey, Cathy Smale, Nigel Clark, Dr Michael Clynes, Dr Chris Holroyd, Dr Zoe Cole, Jayne Welbourne, Karen Bell, Medical Records, Jersey Rheumatology Nurse Service, Carol Pearson, Dr Saunders and Dr Matthew); Zac Hannis (also representing Vivian Warrington, Eda Warrington, Zuber Ahmed and Tahir Ahmed);

Flowers were from Andy, Will, Lauren, Evan and family; Vivian, Eda, Karen, Zuber and Tahir

Other tributes were to be sent to Les Bourgs Hospice, Andrew Mitchell House, Rue du Tertre, St Andrews, GY6 8SF or The Guernsey Society for Cancer relief, C/o Mrs S J Butler, Meldrum Way, Braye Road, Vale, GY3 5PR.

The arrangements were by Beckfords Funeral Services Limited with Zac Hannis supervising.

LOWE, Alan Edward Peter

Placeholder Footprints

The funeral service, prior to cremation for Alan Edward Peter Lowe who passed away at The Princess Elizabeth Hospital, aged 86 years was held at Beckfords Chapel and conducted by Reverend Linda Le Vasseur.

The organist, Mr Graham Martel accompanied the singing of “Lord of all Hopefulness”. Opening music was “Largo” by George Frideric Handel. Memories of Alan were given by Nick (son). The Bible Reading was Psalm 121 read by Gene (sister). The Reading “The Last Song” Adapted from J.R.R. Tolkien was read by Nicola(daughter-in-law). Reverend Linda Le Vasseur gave the Sentences, Prayers, Words of Comfort, Commendation and Committal. Closing Music was “The Four Seasons “Spring in E Major, RV.269:I. Allegro by Antonio Vivaldi.

The Mourners Were: Nicholas and Nicola Lowe, son and daughter-in-law; William Tucker-Lowe, grandson (also representing Dominic Thunhurst, step-grandson); Gene Rowe, sister; Anne Le Tissier, niece and Neil Le Tissier; Jakki Chick, niece (also representing Rebecca Mourant and Sam Mourant); Shirley Tulié (also representing Norman Tulié, cousin and David Tulié, cousin);

Also Present Were: Fleur Rowe (also representing Simon Rowe, Robert and Carolyn Tucker) Anne Le Goupillot (also representing Marian Sarl and Chrissy Salmon); Jess  Bowditch (also representing Anna); Terry and Janet Duquemin (also representing Tim and Lisa); John Webster (also representing Angela Webster); Martin and Roz Streeting; Audrey and Ken Falla; John and Margaret Helyer; Chris and Sarah Carr; George Tulié (also representing John and Lorna Tulié) Rob Tulié (also representing Eileen Tulié); Margaret Le Page; Jane Collenette; Miranda Tostevin (also representing Phillip Tostevin, Chris Taylor, Pierre Le Marre and Jamie Batiste; Keith Robert; Marcel Lenormand (also representing René and Cynthia Lenormand);

Adele Parsons (also representing Jane, Charles, David, Kate and families and Rachel, Steve, Daniel and Anna Beadle);

The following attended virtually: Charlotte Tucker-Lowe, granddaughter and Joe Sherratt John and Jane Collenette, brother and sister-in-law Michael and Jean Paul

Flowers were from the family.

Donations in lieu of flowers were to be sent to Dementia Friendly Guernsey, C/o Guernsey Community Foundation, First Floor, Tudor House, St Peter Port, GY1 1DB.

The arrangements were by Beckfords Funeral Services Limited with Zac Hannis supervising.



CARRE, Nellie (Nell) May née Smith (formerly Walker)

Nell Carre

The funeral service, prior to a private interment for Nellie May Carre who passed away at The Princess Elizabeth Hospital, aged 94 years was held at The Salvation Army and conducted by Major Andrew Diaper-Clausen.

The organist, Keith Duquemin accompanied the singing of “As the varied way of life we Journey” and “Dear Lord and Father of Mankind”.  The Tribute was given by Pauline Hewlett, granddaughter. There was a Solo entitled “I’m in his Hands” by Sue Le Poidevin. The Bible Reading, Ezekiel 47, together with the Prayers, Thought and Benediction were given by Major Diaper-Clausen.  

The Mourners Were: Angela and Joe Hewlett, daughter and son-in-law; Pauline Hewlett, granddaughter; Linda Milford, daughter; Henry Milford, son-in-law (also representing Katrina Milford, granddaughter, Connor Milford, great-grandson and Naomi and Herbie Taylor, cousins); Hazel Hosking, daughter; Gavin De La Mare, grandson; Simon De La Mare, grandson; Chantel De La Mare; Siân De La Mare, great-granddaughter (also representing Isla De La Mare, great-granddaughter); Christine Ozanne, granddaughter (also representing Amber, Ella and Stefan); Colour Sargent and Ted Garnham (also representing Pam Garnham, Terry Peter and Paul Garnham and Janet Falla, daughter); David Trubuil, nephew; Suzette Trubuil, great-niece (also representing Yvette Trubuil and family, Birmingham and Ruth Hamilton and family, Scotland); Pam Carre, step-daughter-in-law (also representing Jonathan and Andrew Carre and Beryl Collas); Keith Carre, stepson;

Also Present Were: Kim and Nina Marquis; Rose Domaille (also representing Maureen Bessin); Norma Martin (also representing Melissa Picton and Dave and Lynne and family); Keith and Christine Duquemin (also representing Stuart Duquemin, Neil and Liz Duquemin and family and Ann and Terry Watt); Jonathan Gallagher (also representing Rebecca Gallagher, Jon and Sarah Bond and Colin Bond);

Maureen and Dean Mourant; Caroline Corbet; Mary Torode; Megan Ridley; Mr and Mrs King; Roy Bougourd (also representing Tracey Bougourd); Hazel Le Page (also representing Joy Nicolle); Jean Craker; Ron Le Page (also representing Sheila Duquemin); Irene Morris; Myrtle Tabel;

Sue and Rodney Le Poidevin (also representing Chrissy Chapple); Keith and Wyshe Tostevin; Margaret Radford (also representing Guernsey Home League Friends Together, David and Val Corbin and Pearl de Jersey); Colin and Sue De La Mare (also representing Win De La Mare and Anne and Kim Le Marchant); Lawson and Susan Pipet (also representing Lawson Pipet, Darren Pipet and Martyn Pipet); Mike and Collette Gaudion (also representing Lorraine, Mathew and Kimberley Du Port); Lynne Lowndes and Hearing Dog Halan (also representing Rosie Chandler); Lilian Bale (also representing Chris Bale, Sara and Jamie King and Jo Franis); Val Shell (also representing Darren Shell, Vi Bougourd, La Nouvelle Maraitaine Community Association, Beattie Le Page, Pam Wellington, Millie Kimber, Beattie Le Page, Betty Ogier and Carla Salituri); Roy Romeril (also representing Rosemary Romeril, Audrey and Wilson Le Page and David Noyon);

Flowers were from Angela and Joe. Linda and Henry. Hazel. Simon and Chantel. Katrina and Connor. Gavs, Lilly, Fred and Austin. Paul. Siân and Isla.

Donations in lieu of flowers were to be sent to St John Ambulance and Rescue Service, Rohais, St Peter Port, GY1 1YN.

The arrangements were by Zac Hannis of Beckfords Funeral Services Limited with Clinton Le Page supervising.


Ann Marie Anderson

The funeral service, prior to a private cremation for Ann-Marie Anderson who passed away at Addenbrookes Hospital, Cambridge, aged 57 years was held at The Church of Scotland, St Andrews and conducted by Reverend Justin Taylor.

The organist, Mr Alan Boyle accompanied the singing of “Be Thou my Vision” and “The Old Rugged Cross”. Opening music was “Blame it on the Boogie” by The Jackson 5. A poem “Remember Me” by Anthony Dowson was read by Reverend Justin Taylor. The Scripture Reading was Ecclesiastes 3: 1-4. Time of Reflection music was “I say a little prayer for you” by Aretha Franklin. Reverend Taylor gave the Prayers, Eulogy, Notices and Blessing. Recessional Music was “Happy” by Pharrell Williams.

The Mourners Were: Peter Burns, partner; James Anderson, son and Niamh Brouard, daughter-in-law; Amelia Sunderland, daughter and Adam Sunderland, son-in-law (also representing Angus Sunderland, grandson); Jane Le Prevost, sister; Dan Le Prevost, nephew; Sharon Le Prevost and Ray Le Prevost, sister and brother-in-law (also representing Phoebe Le Prevost, niece); Claire Burns; Richard and Jackie Anderson, brother-in-law and sister-in-law; Helen Stephens, niece (also representing Grant Stephens and Olly and Ryan Stephens); Tony and Sue Ingrouille, brother-in-law and sister-in-law; Kate Dunning, niece and Ben Dunning (also representing Joshua and Samuel Dunning and Joanna Dorey); Peter Anderson, brother-in-law (also representing Mark Le Prevost); Emily Lacey, niece and Mark Lacey; Lucy Waldrom, niece and Steve Waldrom (also representing Evie and Isaac); Karen Girard and Dave Girard, sister-in-law and brother-in-law; Ben Girard, nephew; Matt Girard, nephew and Charley Bailey; Shirley Le Prevost, aunt; Denise King, cousin (also representing Paul King and Auntie Pam); Julia Smith, cousin (also representing Keith Le Prevost, cousin and family and Rose Torode); Margaret Albin (also representing Nancy and Owen Bichard, cousins and Aimee de Jersey-Moore and family);

Also Present Were: Jurat Alan Boyle and Dr Hilary Boyle (also representing Amanda Jones); Sue White; Rachael Day (also representing Louis and Ruby Day); Oliver Day; John and Joanna Ingrouille; Harry Ingrouille; Hazel Bisson (also representing Heather Moriarty); Julia Le Bargy (also representing Emma Le Bargy); Penny Watt (also representing Malcolm Watt and Vicki Montgomery); Linda Veloso; Gwen White; Iain Timms; Naomi and Emma Johns; Jackie Le Page; Sian Simpson (also representing the ex parents and pupils of Happy Days Pre-school); Debbie Ferbrache; Cecelie Branigan (also representing Overseas Trust and Pension Ltd); Sharon Breton (also representing Paddy and family); Irene Falla; Colin de Jersey (also representing Fiona de Jersey); Seb Lowe; Irene Le Cheminant; Stacey Le Cheminant; Mike James; Carla Henry; Rodney and Audrey Brouard (also representing Julie Cook); Maureen Le Page; Allan Bougourd;

Granville and Caroline West (also representing Jessica and Tegan West and Parishoners Euchre Team); Jason Brouard (also representing Lee Collier and Erin Brouard); John Coffey; Susan Dempster; Joe Wright; Dr Zulfigar Ali; Jenny James; Andy Rigden; Steve Mauger (also representing Carole Mauger); John Videlo (also representing Merise and the boys); Diane Spence-Williams (also representing Jane Rolfe and Jeremy Masterman); Colin and Heather Collenette (also representing Sam and Joe Collenette, Helen Vaudin and Becky Le Tissier); Gary and Lynn De Carteret (also representing the De Carteret family and Pembroke Slipway Kiosk); Colin Collenette (also representing Andre Nascimento and Manor Farm Foods); Elizabeth McIntosh; Jan Bailey (also representing Andy and Hen, Alec, Jemma and Divon); Christine and Alan Ozanne (also representing Sarah and Becky Ozanne);

Gill and Tim Sunderland (also representing Jack and Stuart Sunderland and Sarah Dorey); Sue de Carteret (also representing Shane, Jamie and Anna); Vicky Batiste and Tara Batiste (also representing Andy Batiste); Sara Billson; Julia Hunkin; Thomas Henry; Lorraine Sarre (also representing Pauline Sarre, Jamie Sarre, Monica Condon and Alan Lowe); Gary and Lesley Le Huray (also representing Colin and Eileen Le Huray); Leil Le Messurier; Jemma Martin (also representing Catherine Suttie); Donna Gallienne; Carol Gallienne; Gareth Whitchurch (also representing the team at House of Hair); Kevin Butt (also representing Debra Butt); Jannine Bell; Kay Lowe (also representing Chris Lowe); Julie Bougourd (also representing Paul, Oliver and Nicholas Bougourd); Sue Le Friec (also representing Guernsey Welfare Service and Nick Le Friec); Kevin and Maureen Davidson; Steve White (also representing David and Rose Thoums); Aileen Finnerty; Harry Martel; Hannah Damant;

Flowers were from Peter, James, Amelia and family.

Other tributes were to be sent to Royal Papworth Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, Royal Papworth Charity, Papworth Road, Cambridge, CB2 0AY or online at 

The arrangements were by Paula Ettesse-Wilson of Beckfords Funeral Services Limited with Clinton Le Page supervising.


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The funeral service, prior to private interment, for Peter Després who passed away at Le Platon Residential Home, aged 77 years was held at St Matthews Church, Cobo and conducted by Reverend Gill Nobes.

The organist, Mr John Le Pelley accompanied the singing of “Father, hear the prayer we offer” and “The Lord’s my Shepherd”. Opening music was “Chanson de Matin” played by organist, Mr John Le Pelley. The Bible reading 1 Corinthians 13 was read by Archie Després. The Eulogy was read by Ron Després and Julian Després. The Bible reading Psalm 121 was read by Peter Dobson. Reverend Nobes gave the Sentences, The Collect, Prayers and Commendation and Blessing.

The Mourners Were: Judie Després, wife; Katherine Beck and Detlev Beck, daughter and son-in-law (also representing Mr and Mrs H Lieder); Captain Julian Després and Timothy Goundry, son and son-in-law; Mark Després and Lucy Després, son and daughter-in-law; Abigail Beck and Colin Beck, granddaughter and grandson; Archie Després and Coco Després, grandson and granddaughter; Ron Després and Jill Després, brother and sister-in-law (also representing Ross Després, nephew, Star and Willow Després, great-niece, Val Selwood, cousin and Dave Selwood, Jonathan Webb, Brian Lowe and Shaun Lacey); Yolande Ifold, niece (also representing Davide Ifold); Nicholas Després, nephew (also representing Karen Després, daughter-in-law); Heather Després, great-niece (also representing Fern Després and Rosemary); Michelle Constantine, sister and Nick Constantine, brother-in-law; Emma Després, niece and Ewan McInness; Elijah McIness and Eben McIness, great-nephews; Ray Cook, cousin and Janet Cook; Lorna Le Prevost, cousin; Mildred Le Poidevin, cousin (also representing the family).

Also Present Were: June Legg and Dominique Legg (also representing David Legg, Gail Hobbs, (UK) and Caroline Davey); Peter Dobson and Marina Dobson (also representing Andrew, Kirsty and Isla Dobson, Ann and John Good and Andy and Jill Beardsell); Sue Thomson; (also representing Marcos and Helen Toffanellow and family); Andrew Snell, Bailiwick Commissioner, Guernsey Scout Association (also representing Leaders and members of Guernsey Scouting, Wayne Bulpitt, Vice president of the Scout Association and former Bailiwick commissioner, Julie Bulpitt, former Bailiwick Commissioner and Nick Paluch, former Bailiwick Commissioner); Richard Leale, Vice President Guernsey Scout Association (also representing Christine and the Reverend Bev Hervé);

Jim English (also representing Andrew Sparks, John Gordon, Trevor Page, Peter Jones, Mike Garrett, John Loveridge, The Worshipful Master and Brethren of Loyalty Lodge No 243 and The Provincial Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of Guernsey and Alderney);  James and Helena Duguid (also representing Sarah and Ollie) Joanne Murphy (also representing Gill Kelly and staff at Le Platon Residential Home); Clinton Le Page (also representing The Reverend Linda Le Vasseur and Stephanie Nickolls); Eileen Baird (also representing Barbara Minta, Julian Patch and Ken Jones); John Prout; Pete Baker (also representing Phil Jonkmans); Gordon Grantham; Jane Allen (also representing Brian Allen); Geoff Palmer; Alan Ritchie (also representing Annette Batiste); Jurat Peter S T Girard and Gill Girard; Marian Carré (also representing Michael Carré and Paul, Jane and Claire); Peter Ferbrache; Dave and Maggie Martel; Wendy Meade and Jim Ridgewick (also representing Adrian and Jenny); Ryall and June Le Tissier (also representing Zara Betts); Bob Marquis (also representing Christine Marquis); John and Linda Ashby; Ray and Janet Cook; Ann Harland; Charlie Corbett; Clare Bowden (also representing Simon Bowden); Liz and Peter Kaines; Jackie Anderson (also representing Richard Anderson); Jean and Tony Sebire (also representing Mark and Leigh Sebire);

Trevor Grayland; Trevor Rogers-Davis (also representing Ken and Jean Rogers-Davis); John Atkin (also representing Jonathon Webb); Julien Diligent (also representing Albert Wickham); Helen Banks; Cora and Olwen Lee; Paul and Jill Allen; Pauline Mahy (also representing Geoff Mahy); Andrew and Kerry Mountford; Colin Guilbert (also representing Susan Guilbert); Alison and David Merifield); David and Julie Fletcher; Clare Giles (also representing Simon, Toby and Imogen Giles and Alison Ogier); Geoff Mahy (also representing Susan Mahy); Marion Morgan; Bruce Tostevin Loyalty 243; Sue Thomson (also representing Marcos, Helen and family); Alan Envoldsen; David Laurent; Liz Garton; Emma Mansell; Will Holloway (also representing Phillipo and Bonslle); Daniel Rix; Mike Mauger; David Haslam (also representing Judith Haslam and Dean Lee); James and Helena Duguid (also representing Oliver and Sarah, also the Leighly family); Martine Legg; Ian Blanchard; David and Barbara Amory;

James de la Rue (also representing Philip Amory and Ajay Wiltshire); David Hill (also representing Christine Clarke (Horton)); Tim and Sue Cross; Susan Martel (also representing Caroline Burton and Neil Martel); Terry Ashworth (also representing Louise Ashworth); Ryall Le Tissier; Audrey Bisson; Derek Neale (also representing Jane Neale); Bryan and Vicky Preston (also representing Samantha Le Tissier, Paul and Barbara Steer, Doric, Jo and Sebastian Steer and Guthrie Steer); Gary and Lesley Le Huray (also representing Sally Nicolle); John Elliott; Michelle Dorey; Stella Bougourd (also representing Yvonne Payne); Robert Prigent (also representing 8th Guernsey Sea Scout Group); Malcolm Watt; Stan and Hilary Horton (also representing Loyalty Lodge); Sue Bray; Lara Ashby; Matthew Ashby; Canon Gerald Hetherington; Sandra Hare (also representing Peter Sherbourne); Pat Child; Ron Wilkes-Green; Lynn Breban; Larry and Shirley Burtenshaw (also representing Drew, Darren and families); Eric and Sue Grimsley (also representing Isabel Mauger); Geoff Ayres (also representing Penny Ayres); Colin McClean (also representing Danny Blatchford); Mike Perchard (also representing Lesley Perchard);

Pat Queripel, 12th Guernsey Scouts; Jurat David Hodgetts (also representing Christina Hodgetts); Rose and Frank Farish (also representing Adam Farish and Olwyn Lane); Carole Lodge (also representing Arnold and Simon Lodge and Christine Ozanne); Sarah Bonsall (also representing Richard Fyfe); Kevin O’Kane Victor Carey Lodge No 6892; Ken Gibbs; Doreen Wells (also representing The Guernsey and Sarnia Trefoil Guilds); Beverley Holliday (also representing Jenny Tasker); George and Sally Ann Sauvage (also representing Andrew Sauvage and Rachel Parrot); John and Barbara Hervé (also representing Joan Harrison); Margaret Le Tissier; Tony Le Tissier (also representing The Ancient and Accepted Rite, District of the Channel Islands); Christine Anthony (also representing Brian Anthony, Rachel Wright and William Dawber); Peter Guilbert (also representing Val Guilbert, Alex, Lucie and Justin Guilbert and Enid Gates, Former Cub Leader 12th Guernsey).

Flowers were from Judie, Mark, Lucy, Archie and Coco, Katherine, Detlev, Abigail, Colin and Parker, Julian and Tim and Ron, Jill, Emma, Ross and families.

Donations in lieu of flowers were to be sent to The Bailiwick of Guernsey Scout Association, C/o Matthew Ashby, Les Maingys Activity Centre, Rue Mainguy, Vale, GY6 8NL.

The arrangements were by Beckfords Funeral Services Limited with Clinton Le Page supervising.

HOWLETT, John Michael

Sunset Stock Photo

The funeral service, prior to cremation for John Michael Howlett who passed away peacefully at 10.30 pm on the 11th July 2023, aged 92 years, at the Princess Elizabeth Hospital, was held at Le Foulon Chapel and conducted by Michelle Duquemin.

Opening music played was “Green, Green Grass of Home” by Kenny Rogers. Michelle gave the Welcome and Thoughts on Life and Death. The Reading “Success” written by Ralph Waldo Emerson was read by Michelle. Music played During Time of Reflection, accompanied by a photo presentation was “Through the Years” by Kenny Rogers. A Poem “When I come to the end of the Horizon” was read by Peter Howlett. Michelle gave the Committal and Final Words which included a warm thank you to the staff on De Sausmarez ward who cared so well for John in his final weeks. 

The Mourners Were: Gloria (Goldie) Howlett, wife; Suzanne Seeds, daughter and Kelvin Seeds, son-in-law (also representing Matthew Seeds, grandson and Emma Seeds, and Sienna, Imogen, great-grandchildren, Australia and Laura Massey, granddaughter and Adrian Massey and Maisie, Jack, great-grandchildren, Australia, Michelle and Phil Johns); Michael Howlett, son and Sally Howlett, daughter-in-law (also representing Molly Bihet and Carol Vivyan); Peter Howlett, son and Sian Parry-Jones; Derek Howlett, son and Bridget Howlett, daughter-in-law; Ryan Howlett, grandson and Kate Howlett (also representing Jake, Archie and Thomas, great-grandchildren and Lorraine Henry, Andy Domaille and Sheila Brehaut); Carly Howlett, granddaughter and Adam Dorey (also representing Jessica and Brooke, great-grandchildren); Cathryn Howlett, granddaughter (also representing Rachael Senior and Morgan Senior); Rosemary Parrott, sister; Geoff Le Friec, nephew and Karen le Friec; Janet Lowndes, niece; Jamie Le Friec, nephew and Suzie Le Friec (also representing family and Anne-Marie and Colin Narbett); Stuart Le Friec, nephew and Sue Le Friec;

Alan Stevens, nephew (also representing Shelly and Christopher Stevens, Alexander and Freddie, the Howlett family, Bury and Pat Howlett, Kent); Karen Allaway, niece (also representing Paul Allaway and John Allaway); Daniel Parrott, nephew (also representing Jessica Judd, niece); Beulah Le Page, sister-in-law (also representing Sheila and Geoff Ward); Gary Le Page, nephew (also representing Sara Le Page); Andy Rowe (also representing Geoff and Sandie Rowe and Paul Wray); Sam Rowe; Becky Rowe (also representing Bodhi); Tom Allaway.

Also Present Were: Colleen Williams (also representing Pat, Beverley, Charlotte and Alex Williams); Julie King (also representing Wendy Birch and Mike and Jane Birch); Jimmy and Jocelyn Erskine; Phillip Ozanne (also representing Grace Ozanne and Irena Vaivoda); Margaret Moullin (also representing Jean Bonifan); Jill Tabel; Bett Savident; Nancy and Tony Ogier; Robin Coutanche; Alan Enevoldsen; Ian Hall; Dennis Chick; Sally Rowe (also representing Chris Rowe, Helen Blampied and family and Simon Rowe and family); Brenda Colley; Steve Mahy; Ken Bonsall; Pam Quertier; Heather Gale; Margaret Marriette; Nigel Massey (also representing Janet and family); Stuart Bush (also representing Pat Bush, Malcolm Lester and Nola Morey); Beryl Hicks (also representing kevin and Sally McAuliffe); Steve Greenway (also representing Sam Greenway, Jean Kimber, Guernsey Sheltered Housing Group Ltd);

Betty and Gerald Blondel (also representing Mary and Michael Wherry); Barry and Liz Kettlety; Iréne Le Huray Robert Lowe; Stephen Naftel (also representing Fiona Naftel); Rob Tulie; Carole and Nev Jehan; Neville and Kathy Jehan; Cheryl Ninnim; John Grainger; Joy Edwards; Kathy and David Le Cras; Anne Pengelley (also representing Avril Cousins, Brian, Michelle Dack, Jasmine Kames and families, Southampton); Mr J and Mrs A Cuthbertson (also representing Mr J and Mrs J Ramsay and Mrs J Vaudin); David Allen (President Guernsey Club de Petanque) and Margaret Allen (also representing Martyn and Pat Mace and Mike and Pauline Torode); Sue and John Dowding (also representing Joan Wenman, Mary Sarre and Barry and Sarah Nichols); Terry and Virginia Quinn (also representing Mavis Aplin); Robin Oliver; Geoff Howe (also representing Gerda Howe); Adele Malpas (also representing Ann Philippo); Geoff Mauger; Gary Cook (also representing Judith Cook); Barry Nicolle (also representing Len Boyde);

Flowers were from the family.

Donations in lieu of flowers were to be sent to RNLI (Guernsey) Branch, C/o Mr Richard Lewis, Guernsey Harbours, PO Box 631, St Peter Port, GY1 3DL.

The arrangements were by Beckfords Funeral Services Limited with Clinton Le Page supervising.

MARTEL, Bonamy John

Bonamy Martel Social Media Picture

The funeral service for Bonamy John Martel who passed away at The Princess Elizabeth Hospital, aged 76 years, was held at St Saviour’s Parish Church and conducted by The Reverend Mark Charmley.

Reverend Charmley gave the Words of Welcome, Opening Sentences and Opening Prayer. The organist, Mr John Le Pelley, accompanied the singing of “Amazing Grace”, “Old Rugged Cross” and “Abide With Me”. The Reverend Tracey Charmley gave the first Bible Reading, Psalm 23 and the Prayers. The second Bible Reading was John 14 vs 1 – 7 and given by Sarah-Jane Allen. Reverend Mark Charmley gave the Sermon, Lord’s Prayer, Eulogy and Commendation. The Time of Reflection music was an arrangement for violin of “Gabriel’s Oboe” by Ennio Morricone, recorded by Bonamy Martel Jr. The Recessional Music was “Nimrod” by Edward Elgar.

The Mourners Were: Margaret Martel, wife; Jeannette and Lee Garland, daughter and son-in-law; Bonamy Jr and Agnes Vukovich-Martel, son and daughter -in-law; John M. Tostevin, father-in-Law; Keith and Margaret Tostevin, brother-in-law and wife; Louise and John Falla, niece and husband (also representing Sophie Van der Kammen, great-niece and Matt Strachon, great-nephew); Jon and Janet Rowe, nephew and wife;

 Also Present Were: Sarah Martin, (also representing Simon Martin, Paul Tostevin, and Phil Livingstone); David Dorey; Liz Parr (also representing Richard, Nick, Hannah and Amy Parr); Ian Dorey (also representing Jacquie Dorey); Pam Chalker and Dave Chalker; Sarah Girard and Dave Girard (also representing Grace Girard and Charles Mahy); Graham and Pauline Garland (also representing Dale Garland, Miriam Le Page, and Peter and Marion Sarl); Jason Brache (also representing Nicolle Brache); Alan Ogier; Mike and Hilary Vermeulen (also representing Paul and Aldwyn Le Cocq); Richard Freeman (also representing Chloe, Ben and Jenna, and Paul and Cathy Freeman); Roland and Carol Guille (also representing Jeremy Smithies); Julian and Margaret Mauger; Philip Nicholson; Bob Creed and Ray Watts (also representing The Royal Guernsey Agricultural and Horticultural Society);

Michael Bray and Susie Bray (also representing The Guernsey Farmer’s Association, Alan Bonnel, and Alison and Toby Peatfield); Pamela and Hirzel Dorey; Michael Eades and Peter Aeschbacher-Aynes (also representing Mr and Mrs Robert Hooley, Louise Eades, Christina Huddle, Laura Huddle, and Oliver Day and family); Jim and Alison Le Pelley (also representing Ian and Philip Le Pelley); Tom Le Pelley (also representing Ann Le Pelley, and Margaret and David Lowe); Mike and Celia Nicolle; Peter Parr; Dave Cowley; Vanessa Lawrence; Bob and Wendy Ozanne (also representing Dave and Anne Stuart); Rodney Brouard (also representing Audrey Brouard and the Stan Brouard Group); Mike and Collette Gaudion; Eric and Sue Legg (also representing Enid Guille); Liz, Jim, Jenny and Dan Naftel (also representing Ian and Mandy Brouard, and Robin Jamouneau); Judy Walker; Fergus Dunlop (also representing Miranda, Ella and John Dunlop);

Wendy Anthony (also representing Ivan Caradeuc and Rodney Dyke); Tony and Jenny Froome (also representing Roger and Clare Froome, all at Bob Froome & Sons Ltd, Simon Lillington, Louie Waddington, Tom Le Prevost, Lynn and David Breban, Marion Le Friec and David Best); Denise Elliott (also representing Susan and Jonathon Hanaghan, Runa Hanaghan, Lucie Hanaghan, and Jayne and Maurice Stewart); Shane Robert (also representing the family, Ian Browning and Adrian Sharp); Mike and Ann Prosser (also representing Carolyn and Rex Drewitt); Kevin Le Breton; Georgie Le Breton (also representing The Island Dog Training Club); Claire Le Cheminant (also representing Carol Le Cheminant and family); Rev. Mark and Rev. Tracy Charmley and Jonathon Charmley (also representing Sophie Charmley and Rev. Linda Le Vasseur); Stuart and Antoinette Walters; Sarah Hendry;

John and Catherine Rowe (also representing Nick Guillemette); Millie Le Poidevin; Nick de Garis (also representing Lorraine de Garis); Olive Le Moigne; Rosemary Wolfe (also representing Howard Mauger); Maurice Hemery (also representing Margaret Hemery); Tom O’Reilly (also representing Nik Heaume); Julie Bulpitt; Charlotte Carr; Richard Rowe; John Le Pelley; Joan and Terry Le Tissier; Michelle Dorey (also representing Anne Dorey); Tony and Marian Falla; Frederica Collingwood; John Le Cheminant (also representing Rosemary and Frank Le Cheminant and family); Richard Keen; Tony Vile (also representing Stella Vile); Mick Fooks (also representing Shirley Fooks); Ian Le Page and Lucy Slimm (also representing George Le Page); Ian Martel;

Michelle Scott (also representing Simon and Sophie Cowley); David de Garis; Rachel Torode (also representing Steve, Leah and Sam Torode); Gwen Davies; Karen Seward (also representing Bill Gladstone); David Tostevin and Terry Howard; Janette Riley; Jean Girard (also representing John Girard); Teunis (Tony) Jager (also representing Justin Jager); Dave Domaille (also representing Guernsey Dairy); Geoff and Karen Harrison; Roger and Sarah Clarke; Liz Ruddy (also representing Daniel Ruddy, and Emma and Richard Curtis); Peter and Carol Martel; Colin Torode (also representing Sheila Torode); Christine Taylor (also representing Steve Taylor); Dave and Carol Brouard (also representing John and Gemma Brouard); Jessica and Kate Ogier; Sarah Walden (also representing Helen Allen); Liz Mauger; Julie Bulpit (also representing Lena Chesney); Zac Hannis (also representing Kay and Malcolm Harvey, Nigel and Maggie Lewis and family and Nick Ozanne); Keiron Ouseley; Kathy Naftel;

Alan Robert (also representing Michaela Guilmoto and Carol Robert); Mark Dorey (also representing Anne Dorey, Josh Dorey, and Peter and Nicky Martel); Margaret Macdonald; Tim and Eleanor Henderson; Carolyn Myryam (also representing Belinda and Nicholas Windsor and Heather McGhee); David Leafe (also representing Sue and Katie Leafe); Rob and Sue Lihou (also representing Margaret Brouard, Derek Webb M.B.E, and Christine Webb); Geoff and Eileen Callaway; Petri and Glenis Lagerstrom (also representing Keith and Rosemary Opie); Sue Loveridge (also representing Terry Buddey); Keith Bienvenu (also representing Forest Stores); Steve Bates (also representing Jo-Anne Bates, James Symons, James Hollowell); Colin Pickard (also representing Suzanne Pickard, Stephen Lansdown and Nick Brown); Keith Enevoldsen (also representing Bert and Mary Enevoldsen, Karen Mason and Stuart Leslie);

Chris and Helen Bradshaw (also representing Emma Feak and Diana Chesney); Colin Collenette (also representing Gwen Collenette and Katrina Godfrey); Julia Watts (also representing Vanessa Benstead, Jean Robilliard, and La Grande Mare Club); Richard Cairns (also representing Pete Sanders); Alan Cox (also representing Lucas Hawkins and Greg Hawkins); Jurat Rev. Peter Lane (also representing Wendy Lane); Neil De La Mare (also representing St Martins Men’s Society); Victor de Garis (also representing Allan Gaudion); Maggie Meller (also representing John, James and Emma Meller, and Rocquette Cider Co.); Cherry Dewey and Pat Hichon; Bob Prestwich (also representing Trevor Pascal and Peter Brouard);

Sally and John Chick (also representing Lucy and Aaron Brehaut, Guernsey Rovers AC, Alan and Sally Machon, and Geoff and Kath Carre); Geoff Le Gallez (also representing Esther Perrée and their family in Little Sark); Andrew De Garis (also representing Suzanne De Garis, and Marcel and Abi De Garis); Charlie Smith (also representing RH Gaudion & Sons Ltd); Carol de Garis (also representing Grant de Garis, Peter Grant and all the Sidaner family); Michelle Oesterman (also representing Paul, Benjamin-Jay and Katie Oesterman); Michelle Boyce (also representing Leonore Falla, Richard Falla, Susan Vaudin and Roselle Bunfield); John and Alison Foley (also representing Diana and Roger Arundale, Gillie and Nicholas Drake, Jane Pilkington, and Geoff and Heather Norman); Jenny Batiste (also representing Clary Batiste); Bill Luff (also representing Rev. John Luff); Owen Keenan; Jenny Prevel (also representing Sandra Collins); Sarah-Jane Allen (also representing William, Robert-James and Gigi Allen, Cleone Ferris and family, and Suzy and Jamie Toynton); Carolyn Le Poidevin;

Richard Breban (also representing Anne Breban); Jim and Angela de Garis (also representing Walter Brehaut); Debbie Ashplant (also representing Richard Ashplant and the family); Richard Graham; Walter and Brenda Tostevin (also representing Julie, Mike and Adam Le Poidevin); Jim Langlois (also representing Jenny Gallie); Jim and Debbie Smart; Steve Hocart (also representing Wendy Hocart); Bruce, Andrea and Emily Tostevin; Liz Froome; Karen and John Le Prevost; Alan Le Cheminant; Rachel Tostevin-Black (also representing Margaret Tostevin and Daisy Black); Julian and Katherine Ogier (also representing Ed Lawrence); Margy Le Gallez (also representing Nigel and Matthew Le Gallez); Graham and Marion Le Poidevin; Marybell Norman (also representing Richard de la Rue, Rodney Collenette, Joanne Pearce and Mollie Dorey); Caroline Creed (also representing the Farm Services Department, Mandy de la Mare, David Chamberlain, and Andrew and Laura Casebow);

Keith and Margaret Tostevin (also representing Charles Mahy and Mick Weysom); Jeremy and Cath Le Cocq (also representing the Le Cocq family and Rhys Ward); Mr R.A Browning, Mrs E.J Browning and Mr G.D Browning; Caroline Allaby; Peter and Anne Bott; Robert MacDougall (also representing Suzette MacDougall); Jurat David Hodgetts (also representing Christina Hodgetts); Ken Laine (also representing Doreen Laine, Fred Goubert, Molli Dorey and Margaret Le Cras);

Val Newman (also representing Lucy Newman, Richard Priaulx, and Jo Pederson and family); Judy Priaulx (also representing Graham Priaulx); Nigel and Sue Bartlett (also representing Tony and Helen Creasey); Jenny Hamon (also representing Dan Hamon and U3A Watercolour Group); Jan Dowding and Frank Dowding (also representing Claire Burns and Julie Inder); Colly Paul (also representing Adrian and Dan Paul); Jan Barbe (also representing Barry and Yvette Barbe); Keith and Michelle Le Parmentier (also representing Margaret Le Parmentier); Antoinette Martel (also representing Ralph Stanton, Samantha Martel and Kameya Soneka); Michael Laine (also representing Peter Laine, Helen Sheppard and family, and Edwina Brazier); Carol Allett (also representing Roy Le Poidevin, Peter Richardson (Cheshire), and John and Joy Le Page); Evie Le Noury (also representing Josie Le Cras); Derek and Sarah Baird (also representing Isabelle Vets); R.L Heaume (also representing Roy Burton);

Stuart Rowe (also representing Roger and June Rowe, Simon Rowe, and Samantha and Dave Saunders); John Henry (also representing Chris Tippett, Bob Kimber and Tim Lesbirel); Madeleine Renouf (also representing Brian Renouf, and Mandy and Trevor Haynes); Rita Marquand (also representing Malcolm Marquand and Sue Le Gallez); Shirley and Gerald Durman; Peter Bourgaize (also representing the family); Hazel and Geoff Bougourd; John and Mary de Lisle; Dr Harvey Marshall (also representing Hazel Marshall); Tom Bougourd (also representing Rob Lesbirel); Gerald and Janet Carey; Peter De La Mare; Simon and Judy Le Pelley; Andy Cluett (also representing Richard Valpied); Sara-Jane Lampitt (also representing William, CJ and Maddie Peatfield); Richard and Juliet Strappini; Dennis and Sandra McKane; Alison and Mark Le Patourel (also representing Ian and Simon Le Patourel and Jean Eustace); Alan and Debbie Dorey (also representing Claire Teed); Danielle Le Gallez; Janet Rowe; Michael Allen; Wilma Nicolle; Jason Green (also representing Heidi, Charlotte and Jemima Green); Roger Pres; Winston Pipet; Guy and Gill Quigley; David Bray; Cathy ad Paul Bailey; Vicki Archard;

Tim Spencer (also representing Gillian Spencer); Gill Freeman (also representing Martin Freeman, and Patrick, Louisa and Charles Damant); Brian and Vicki Montgomery (also representing Malcolm and Penny Watt); Jenette Bales (also representing Kevin, Tony and Marie Fleming); Sir de Vic Carey (also representing Lady Bridget Carey); Mavis Guille; Mary Pease (also representing Jonathon Pease);

Clare Glynn-Riley; James Houchard (also representing Jill Houchard); James Rihoy; Harry Phillips (also representing Jo Phillips, and Roger and Grace Phillips); Justin Lesbirel (also representing Carl Queripel and Adam Bailey); Sheila Mechem (also representing John Mechem); Brian Le Tocq; Graham and Linda Dorey; Ivo De Garis; Raymond Ashton; Michael Naftel.

Flowers were from the family.

Donations made in memory of Bonamy were to be sent to Cancer Research UK (Guernsey Branch), c/o Lynda Mildon, 2 La Petite Clos, La Couture, St Peter Port, GY1 2EB or the Bulstrode Oncology Unit. C/o Mrs S Butler, Meldrum Way, Braye Road, Vale, GY3 5PR.

The arrangements were by Beckfords Funeral Services Limited with Zac Hannis supervising.

BICHARD, Anni née Sendlhofer

Anni Bichard 2

The funeral service, prior to a private cremation for Anni Bichard who passed away at her home, aged 66 years was held at St James and conducted by Felix Muscat.

Welcoming songs were a medley of Anni’s favourite artists covered by Mr Luke O’Donnell on the Steinway Grand Piano. Opening music was “Under Pressure” Queen – David Bowie and Annie Lennox. The Eulogy, Remembering Anni – written by Anni’s husband Chris, was read by Richard Bichard, brother-in-law. The Hymn sung was, “Do not be Afraid, For I have Redeemed you”. Memories of Anni were given by Adrian Sarchet, Mark Torode and Maria Sendlhofer, (niece). The Bible Readings were First Letter of St Paul to the Corinthians – chapter 13 verses 1-8 and St John’s Gospel – chapter 14 verses 1-6 and read by Felix Muscat. Reverend Felix also gave the Prayers, Final Commendation and Farewell and Blessing. Recessional music was “Sit Down” by James.

The Mourners Were: Chris Bichard, husband; Magdalena Bichard, daughter; Lewis Keir Ogier, grandson; Scott Angus, son-in-law; Liesi Sendlhofer, sister; Peter Haas, brother-in-law; Mathias Sendlhofer, brother (also representing Felix Sendlhofer and Michael Sendlhofer); Roswitha Sendlhofer, sister-in-law; Maria Sendlhofer, niece; Alexander Sendlhofer, nephew; Ben Le Noury, nephew; Matthew Le Noury, nephew; Karel Harris, cousin (also representing Sheila Sendlhofer and Carol Goodwin); Linda Le Noury, sister-in-law; Claire Charnley, niece (also representing Andrew Charnley, Lilly-May Charnley and Nigel Le Noury); Philippa Harris (also representing Jill Harris); Nicola Harris (also representing Debbie and John Anderson); Richard Bichard, brother-in-law (also representing Lucie Bichard); Tara Gaynor, goddaughter;

Also Present Were: Calum, Emma, Ben and Charlie Le Noury (also representing Michele, Heather Fattorini and David and Margaret Nussbaumer); Ady Sarchet and Mark Torode (also representing Vive La Vallette); Maggie Talbot-Cull (also representing family Guezo, from the pool); Debbie Sealley; Lonia Daniels (also representing Peter Daniels); Simon and Claudette Larbalestier;

Jenny Steer (also representing Dennis Steer); Wendy Le Cras (also representing Derek); Dilly Ozard; Laura and Mick Le Flocq (also representing Ann and Pete Bott); Imogen Kreckeler; Michael Kinnersly (also representing Jeanette Fattorini and Peter Le Cheminant); Christine O’Meara (also representing Trish McDermott); Carolyn Wild (also representing John Wild and Ruby Winterflood); Becca Long (also representing Liz Orton, Perry Spivey and Charlotte Long); David Upson (also representing Rachel O’Brien, Jules Upson, Isabelle Upson, Elizabeth O’Brien, Alison Wood, Juliet Marquis and Nigel Marquis); Angela Le Page (also representing Carolyn Myryam); Tina Le Brun (also representing Judy, Howard and Daisy Darby and Anna Oxley); Emily Grainger (also representing Zoe Grainger and John Grainger); Dave Chapman; Nat Tostevin; Alana Evans; Sue King; Kristina and Gul Ahmed, Hideaway team; Will Le Bargy (also representing Mary Murray); Andrew Degnen; Sandis Zile;

Dina Zile; Jenny Benjamin (also representing the Benjamin family, Schneider family, Schilling family, John and Maria Emly and Mark and Gillian Chaplin); Richard Phibbs (also representing Natalie Phibbs); Aidan Le Poidevin; Colin Fallaize (also representing Karin Fallaize); Jenni Laine; Julie Chester; Elizabeth Robert (also representing Greg Robert and Alicia Weldon); Rachel Wright (also representing Tim, Jacob and Hannah Wright); Christine Wright (also representing Bunty Wright); Elizabeth Robert (also representing Vanessa Bourgaize) Karen Brzozka (also representing Steve Kail, Denise Tucker and Kim Berry); Marian Root (also representing Jerry Root and Sue and Frank Degnen); Karen Torode (also representing Ron Torode, Cath Loveridge, Gill Carré and Janice Meakin); Sue and Tim Orton (also representing George Orton); Friedl Adams; Lisa Gavey;

Christine Morton (also representing Colin Morton, Rose and Peter Druckes, Rita Bremsath (Germany) and Paulin Robinson); Sue Oliphant (also representing Steve Oliphant, Phil and Maggie Matt and Tammy Menteslvili)’; Rob and Jackie Angus (also representing Ross Angus, Joy Skillet, Marion Fourie and Milly and Colin and family); Ruth Gregson and Brian Roussel (also representing Steve Falla and Liz Carre); Roy Kirkpatrick (also representing the team at Sidlocks of Guernsey); Chloe Steadman (also representing Paul Belben, Andrew Senneck and all Visit Guernsey); Julie and Frank Coppolo (also representing Gia and Ross and their families);

Edward and Rebecca Mann (also representing The Guernsey Information Centre, Mark Bertrand, Julie Wratten, Ellen Gargan, Christian Kehoe, Elizabeth Sweet and Angie, Adrianna and Amber (Post Office Girls); Angie Tolcher (also representing Martin Tolcher, Adam Tolcher, Verity Tolcher and Fred and Berry Wallnofer); Claire Hermann-Smith (also representing Adele Hermann, Trudy Piprell, Kelly Hermann and Karina Fallaize and families); Stan and Nicola Challis (also representing Jude and Tony Beaugeard, Margaret Edwards, Lorraine Pannett, Alison Sage and Sarah and John Wyatt); Kate Tall (also representing John); Wendy Pedder (also representing Margrit Bishop and Isabel de Menezes); Sharon Hickman (also representing Kevin Hickman, peter and Mary Rouillard and Sharon Bougourd); Daniel M Rodrigues; Alexis Mansell (also representing William and Oliver Mansell and All at Grange Lodge Hotel);

Davina Mansell (also representing Paul, Debbie, Leah and Shakira Langmead and Geraldine Cunningham); Ronnie and Sally Johnson (also representing Mark and Tracey Johnson); Rachel Dawson (also representing Graham and Claire Dawson); Shiralee Le Page and Ian Le Feuvre (also representing Paulette and Vince McEneaney); Richard and Rosie Perkins; Mary Lowe (also representing Chris Lowe, Deputy Peter Ferbrache, Deputy Lester Queripel, Deputy David de Lisle, Deputy Carl Meerveld, Deputy Chris Blin, Deputy John Gollop, Steve Roberts, Alderney rep, States of Guernsey, Deputy Chris Le Tissier, Deputy Aidan Matthews and Alex Snowden, Alderney rep, States of Guernsey); Stuart and Sue Falla (also representing George and Sally-Ann Sauvage); Michael Wegerer (also representing Katherine Wegerer, Heinz, Gabi, Hagen and Roland Wegerer and family); Jurat and Mrs David Hodgetts (also representing Richard and Daisy Hodgetts); Patricia de Carteret (also representing Vera Balls); Mike and Sue Brock (also representing family);

Marie and Tim Maclure; Aidy Machon (also representing Fizz Ward and Carole Turner); Ian Wood (also representing Anne Le Poidevin); Geoff and Yvonne Osborne (also representing Eddie and Monika Robinson); Glynn and Sue Payne; Jenny Chainey (also representing Laura Edwards); Martine Schupfer; Angela Fauci; Jean Harvey; Lynn Mosser and Konrad Mosser (also representing Ruari O’Neill, Carissa Mosser-O’Neil, Erika Mosser-Bouroughs, Adam Mosser-Boroughs and Mandy Ashwell); Rosita Alves (also representing Nobby Alves);

Stephen Purtill (also representing John Teed, Christa and Michael Roberts and Cathy Ellis); Judith Watson (also representing Louise Payne and Margaret Bridgman); Jane Killick (also representing Paul Killick); Peter and Elizabeth Davies; Gloria Mills; Julia and Stuart Duquemin; Gwyneth Gallienne (also representing Paul Gallienne); Jackie Ward (also representing Soo Wellfair, Andrew Walker, Ann Outram, Neville Jehan, Ine Davies, Colin and Agnes Perry (Alderney) and Eric Grimsley); Suzanne Falla (also representing Alice Falla-Sebire); Vanessa Marsh (also representing Roger Allsopp, Jane Romanillos, Julie and Sam Thompson, Scampi Sunday Swimmers, Maria Gill, Lorna Babbe, Justine Riley and James Harrison); Joanna Vokes (also representing Matthew Godfrey, Michael Farrorini, Heather Fattorini and all staff at Lince Salisbury Limited); Tina Dorfner (also representing Max Dorfner);

Ian Shillito (also representing Kate, Anthony and Joe Shillito); Robin Ruzzon (also representing Michaela Ruzzon and Ronya Ruzzon); Maureen Jehan (also representing Rose Barlow and David Barlow); Sally Nicolle (also representing Paul Philippe); Len and June Hicks (also representing the family, Molly Bihet and Janine Le Sauvage); Sandra Hardill (also representing Ian Hardill, Steve and Mary Le Poidevin and Prince and Princess Nicholas Galitzine); Mr and Mrs D Durman; Sarah Reilly (also representing Graham Reilly); Sheila Smith (also representing Jane Le Page, Anne Smythe and Bernadette Lyth); Pauline Fowler; Donna Le Cheminant (also representing Peter Le Cheminant and Vera Biggs); Dave Stonebridge; Alex and Rebecca Ogier; Denise Evans (also representing Peter Campbell and Juliet Evans); Steve Bougourd; Will and Tracey Van Zanten; Julie Twigg (also representing Rosie Twigg and Alan Edwards); Madeleine Dawson; Peter English; Dave Chapman;

Jean Sebire (also representing Tony Sebire); Bob Lee (also representing Rachael and Kim); Julie Miranda; Grace Davidson; Christine Anthony (also representing Ryan Anthony and Peter and Wendy Lane); Sara Hall; Jennifer Jones (also representing Warren Hall); Grace Spittal (also representing Vicky); Andy and Maria Adam; Stephen Naftel; Rita Addison; Judy Porter; Steve Bacon (also representing Corinne Bacon, Morag Gillespie, Chris Gillespie, Paul Wilson and Sue Wilson); Francis Bowerbank; Maggie Talbot-Cull; Justine Riley; Samuel Ngure; Thomas and Lin Rickauer; Emma Parnell; Sian Jones (also representing Joey Le Blond; Margaret Webster (also representing Geoffrey Moss);

Peter Le Masurier and Rosemary Le Masurier; Neil Le Vallee and Jane Smith; Joseph Paul; Paul Cutter (also representing Carla Franklin); Gary Naftel; Constance Tehan; Janine and David Skillett; Reinhard Schreimaier, Mercury Distribution; Justine Clay; Katalin Mayores; Attila Duro; Sue Sheehan; Marcel, Rocquettes Hotel; Joao Jose De Frances, Moores Hotel; Alessia Grasso; James Morton and Jonathan Morton; Aualia Gouveria; Josie Ruzzon; Adam Clayton (also representing Mary Guymar, Emma Clayton and Tony Clayton); Laura Clayton; Fiona Morton and Elizabeth and Sylvie; Apichat Kong (Non); Kishore Palma; Tom Daish (also representing Daish family); Joshua Black; Cathy Mayer (also representing Dominic and family); Natty Abreu; Hassan Khaled; Gina Atkinson (also representing Alison Le Cheminant);

Susanna and Matesz Nagy; Georgia D’Arcy; Courtney and Tutu; Roy Hobbs; Freddie and Elsa Pereira (also representing Pierre Bonenfont, Natalie and Miranda); Karen McLuskey; Jane and Richard Keyho (also representing Becky Powers); Terry and Trudy Ferbrache; Annie Bolt (also representing Dominique Bolt); Wayne and Jen Piercey (also representing Jacob and Ellie Piercey, Marcel and Pauline Sangan and Jennifer Piercey); Glenda Tucknott; Jonathon Side; Elaine Ellington; Attile Majoros; John de Jesus; Len Marquis (also representing Joy Marquis); Kelly Musson and Julie McAuley (also representing Rebecca Help); Colette Bearder; Jason Hamon and Nikki Hamon, staff Turf and Surf; Janine Lewis (also representing John Lewis, Francesca and Jamie Salmon and Julia Wilkes); Laura Fallaize (also representing Dave and Sharron Perryman); Paul Brehaut; Keith and Barbara Matthews; Brian and Pam Staples (also representing Joe Gilbert); Mireille Ball; Avril Balille-Corbin; Dave Hillion; Nick Olliver (also representing Jan and family);

Rebecca Simmons (also representing Richard Simmons); Caroline and Bob Reed; Lucy Alves (also representing Jenny and Tony Hobbs); Ajit Shaw; Samantha Lees; Catherine Lees; Andy Pumford; Peter A Martel; Eileen Baird; Stuart Hardie (also representing Sally hardie and Andrew Wilkinson); Anita Walker; Marilyn Page; Mo McLellan (also representing Sharon Finn-Davey); Sarah Van Zanten (also representing Robert Thomas and Charlotte); Lesley Aylward; John and Julia Singer; Pam and Brian Timms; Carl Dawson; Corinne Joy; Jean-Pierre Mace (also representing Debbi Stokes); Kathleen Bourgaize (also representing Phillip Walters); Chris Betley; Ken Baker; Richard and Fiona Travers;

Emanuela Cappucci (also representing Luca Serventi); Aoife Bennett (also representing Shaun Bennett, Christine Jennings, Denis Mason and family); Anna Rita Cappucci (also representing Rosso Restaurant); Guada Hek; Suzanne Battey (also representing Richard Battey and family); Stephen Black; Mr and Mrs Nippers; Emma Schofield (also representing Jo Mcphail); Jenny Tasker (also representing Coeliac Coffee Morning Group); Julia Collivet; Jennifer Thomas; Judy Wade (also representing Karen Dorey); Jilly Ferbrache; Martyn Le Page; Eamonn Finnerty and Ann Finnerty; Paul Walsh (also representing Jamie and Susie Le Friec); Tom Lees; Elodie Bigeard; Michael Nicholls; Jon Bond (also representing Colin Bond); Pierre Hervé (also representing Ben Hervé, André Hervé and Renee Hervé); Naomi Wakeford (also representing Sue Chapman); Joan Hervé (also representing Ken Thomson and Jan Morris);

Jane Holmes (also representing Martin Morgan); Trudy Casbolt (also representing Karen and John Le Prevost); Marion and Graham Le Poidevin; Laura Briginshaw (also representing Paul Briginshaw); Carol Scowen (also representing Sheila and Richard Cunliffe); Doreen Wells; Donnie Lovell; Neil Farrand (also representing Tracy Farrand); Andrew Lamb and Erika Lamb; Andrew Pouteaux (also representing Chris Base, Valma Cameron and Jack Honeybill); Julie Madeley; Andrew and Elizabeth Coleman; Rev Dr Robert Harnish; Janet and Derek Gallienne (also representing Cassie); Joy Tostevin; Hazel Fry (also representing Caroline Robins); Louise De Carteret (also representing Gemma, Stephen and Lauren); Geraldine Bowen and Bill Bowen; Stephanie Acton (also representing Nigel Acton and Suzanne Smith); Dolores and Dick Young; Pat and Bob Finigan; Mark Brouard and Susan Brouard; Gaby Betley (also representing Max and Maddie Betley); Mike Hopkins;

Peter and John Black (also representing Nick Martel); Brian Roussel; Alan and Paula Cross; Mr and Mrs Till; Steve and Jan Chainey; Sherri Le Lacheur; Colin Saxby (also representing Nikki Saxby and Phil and Jeanette Dunn); Mike Bichard; Corine Bichard; Dr and Mrs Watson (also representing Edel Fay); Tony and Sue Mahy (also representing Steve Mahy) Nick and Rosanne Bonanni; Karen Gillen; Pat Watson; Alyssa Toms (also representing Zoe and Rob Toms); Celia Ferreira; Suzanne Archer; Susan Black; Colin Quesnel; Barbara Quesnel; Poppy Quesnel; Louise Quesnel; Aliesha Quesnel;

Rachel Dawson (also representing Bev and Steve Le Blond); Trevor Leech (also representing Rachel Leech and Adrienne Leech);  Mary Backlund; Susan Hindle (also representing Graham, Ellie and Adam Hindle); Eric and Muriel Ferbrache; Aileen Preston; Jurgen Denner (also representing Jonathan and Hayley Jackson); Viv Wenman (also representing Phil Wenman and Julie Wratten); Valerie Scowen (also representing James Scowen); Francina Le Cheminant; Oliver Orton (also representing Nicholas Parkes); Manuel Dos Reis and Fatima; Stewart Ewing (also representing Anne Ewing, Phil Le Ber and Lloyd and Di Gaudion); Janet Van Zanten; Sarah Van Zanten; Patsy Collenette (also representing Maurice Sangan and Lesley Perchard); Chris and Jill Lucas; Val Clark; Vanessa Hinchcliffe; Gunter and Theresa Botzenhardt; Gennaro and Belinda Festivo (also representing Carla Perestrelo, Angela Castro and Gianluca Pori and Hotel de Havelet);

Zac Hannis (also representing Stephen Francis, Reverend Linda Le Vasseur and Janine Engel); Sean Murphy (also representing Magda Murphy); Colleen Irven; Paul Mason; Peter Hutchinson (also representing Kay Blampied); Nicky Bainbridge (also representing Garth Bainbridge); Mohammed Abdou; Jasmine King, James Kail, Mark Ajoros and Veronica Ndegwa; Jamie Clark; Chris Riddle (also representing Lynn Riddle and Stan and Zena Le Gallez); Deidre Heyworth (also representing Julia Cole); Ros Smart; Martin Harris; Alpha Wearing (also representing Pat and Mike Valpied and Linda Osbourne); Peter and Laltha Dalgy; Paul Hodgson (also representing Caroline, Sam, Nick and Carys Hodgson, Elizabeth Chan, Jo and Geoff  Le Page); Edward, Emily, Lyla and Ludo Chapman and Dorothe Lord (also representing Richard Lord); Sean Chankun (also representing Dr Tony Chankun);

Tammy Cochrane and Jeremy Kaill (also representing Alexander and Samuel Kaill, Lizzie Bates, Charmaine Mullins and Andy Hockey); Morna Harwood; Gerry Loughlin (also representing Melanie Loughlin); Graham Baker and Michele Le Poidevin (also representing Gary and Lynn Willcocks and family); John and Maureen Moxon (also representing Claire Moxon, Alan Thompson, Tony and Jenny Hobbs and Kate and Nick Collins and family); Lawrence Burridge and Jeanette Burridge (also representing Val Jones and Richard, Julie, Jack and Ellie Jones); Alan Malin (also representing Mary Malin, David Hands, Lynn and David Breban and Carol and Andy Le Sauvage);

Stefano Bruschini (also representing Debbie and Dee Dee and Talmai Morgan); Tony and Andrea Parsons, Hideaway; Alvaro Volleste; Christa Tee (also representing Richard and Sebastian, Anya Tee and Helmut Pichler); Yann Hentschke; Elizabeth Perée (also representing Esther, Philip, Dawn and family, Fran and David Johnstone, John Tillman and her many friends on Sark.

Flowers were from the family.

Other tributes were to be sent to Guernsey Society for Cancer Relief, C/o Mrs S Butler, Meldrum Way, Braye Road, Vale, GY3 5PR.

The arrangements were by Beckfords Funeral Services Limited with Zac Hannis supervising.


G Duquemin

The funeral service, prior to cremation for Geoffrey Harold Duquemin who passed away at Les Bourgs Hospice, aged 75 years was held at The Forest Parish Church and conducted by The Reverend Claire Claxton.

The organist, Mr John De Lisle accompanied the singing of “Morning has Broken” and “All Things Bright and Beautiful”. A Poem “Remember Me” written by Anthony Dowson was read by Barry Johnson. Memories of Geoff were by Oliver and Emily, (children) and Roy Greaves. The Bible reading was Ecclesiastes Chapter 3. Music played during Time of Reflection was “You Raise me Up”. Reverend Claxton gave the Prayers, Address and Blessing. Recessional Music was “What A Wonderful World” by Alexandra Ilieva.

The Mourners Were: Margaret Duquemin, wife; Oliver Duquemin, son and Kirsty Duquemin, daughter-in-law; Emily Rowe, daughter; Amelia Duquemin, granddaughter; Beatrix Rowe, granddaughter; Clive Heaume, brother-in-law, Lucia Da Silva and Ellen Heaume; Janet James, cousin and Richard James (also representing Mr and Mrs Noel Le Tissier); Mark and Amanda Chewter, cousin (also representing Simon, Rex and Jacky Ozanne, cousins); Sheelagh Reynolds; Emma Savident (representing Steve Savident) and Alice Rolph; Mick and Therese Heaume (also representing Carol Mutch and Shane Robert); Vicki Burtenshaw (also representing Jamie Burtenshaw, Jon and Soile Guillou); Louise Domaille (also representing Jean Brenton, cousin and Stuart Domaille);

Also Present Were: Roy and Carol Greaves (also representing Tim, Catherine and Chris, and Alan Bonnel); Barry and Margaret Johnson; Norman, Angela Dowinton, Justin Dowinton and Mick Gill; Ivan and Josie Ogier (also representing Nicholas and Philip Ogier, Jeff and Jane Whitaker, and Jimmy and Jocelyn Erskine); Edda and Rolf Aschmann (also representing Vaness Boyde);

Mick Saunders (also representing Barbara Saunders and the family); Doreen Wells (also representing Paula James and Val Sidgwick); Andy and Julie Lemee (also representing Tony and Sharon Walden); Rose and Robert Montgomery (also representing Julie De Jersey, Mark Montgomery and Neil Montgomery); Carol Veron (also representing Mike, Simon and Rob Veron, and Jenny and Nick Falla); Pete and Pam Ingrouille (also representing Suzette and Robert MacDougall, and Lawney Martin); Rod and Maureen Jehan (also representing Forest Primary School and Sally Yendell); Noella Hann (also representing Dai Hann); Bryan and Jane Guille (also representing Ian and Marilyn Campbell, and all from yoga); Rex Brouard (also representing Jason and Rick Brouard); Keith Bienvenu (also representing Anne Shakerley and Andrew Ozanne);

Peter and Ven Price (also representing Hayley, Ashley, Tracey and John Price); Peter Bougourd (also representing Chris and Sadie Robilliard, and Rosemary Bougourd); Kerry Price (also representing Charlie Price); Alice Ozanne (also representing George Ozanne, Andrew Stephen and Stewart Ozanne); Marilyn Earl (also representing David Earl, Kate Earl, John Bridle); Maggie Meller (also representing Elaine Roussel); Lisa Gidney (also representing Adrian, Ella and Thomas Gidney, and Naomi Corbet); Kay Rabey (also representing Dave Rabey); Christine Morton (also representing Colin and Jonathon Morton); Larry and Christine Trigwell; Mr and Mrs Bill Cairns (also representing  Oliver, Luke and Tristan Cairns); Paul and Lesley Blondel (also representing Keith and Carol Blondel, Martyn Blondel, and Geoff and Eileen Calloway); Robert and Gloria Falla, and Adam and Carl Falla; Tim Langmead (also representing Mandy Langmead, Ron Harvey and Sabato Folmi); Pat Burch;

Marion Le Friec (also representing Peggy Le Friec, and David and Lynn Breban); Denis Bienvenu (also representing Forest Stores, Kim and Dave Trench, and Maureen and Colin Hall); Pam Browning (also representing Richard Browning and Denise Bisson); Colin and Val Ferbrache (also representing Peter Wells and Shirley Ford); Alan Le Cheminant (also representing Jonathon Le Moignon); John Fitzgerald from Channel Islands Air Search (also representing Bronia Simpson); Dave Chalker (also representing Pam Chalker); Mark ‘Pancho’ Brehaut (also representing Ian Lavenne, Mark Lucas and all the staff at Duques Garage); Chris Unitt (also representing Roger Dadd and Mark Brehaut);

Robert Le Page (also representing Diane Le Page, June Bright, Mary Rogers, Colin Tombs, Brenda Mapp, Phillip Le Messurier, Sarah Brouard, Guernsey Aero Club and Guernsey Hangarage Ltd); Kevin Brehaut; Nicky Heaume; Paula Burbridge; Richard Breban (also representing Anne Breban, Ray Watts and the Farmers T.O.W Team); Emma Clayton, Dominic Wheadon and Mollie Clayton (also representing Mary Guymer, Adam Clayton, Laura Clayton, Luke Wheadon, Marie Jarvis and Chloe Oliver); Jenny Froome (also representing Tony Froome, Roger and Clare Froome, all at Bob Froom Sons Ltd, Tom Le Prevost, and Marian Root); Colin and Sheila Torode (also representing Kate and Nick Lawlor and staff at Valpys Stores); Clive Le Tissier (also representing Constables of the Forest and the Forest Douzaine); Les James (also representing Sandy James); Claude Ford (also representing Ashley Ford, Dale Crowsley, Robert Cornelius and Forest Road Garage);

Essie Scott (also representing Wendy, Tara, Noel and Shelly Scott); Shirley McGahy and Paul McGahy (also representing Denyse McGahy); Christopher de la Mare (also representing Sophie de la Mare and Millards & Co); David Smith (also representing Richard Jones, Suzanne Smith, Philip Roussel and John Brown); Richard Heaume (also representing Margaret Boden-Heaume); Paul Le Poidevin (also representing Robbie and Mildred Le Poidevin); Tony Falconer (also representing Jenny Falconer); Tony Carre; Lora Froud (also representing Anne and Maurice Robins and James Froud); Sue and Brian Torode; Dave and Margaret Bougourd, and Andy Smith; Jim Denis; Resh Beeby; Al Larmour; Dixie Norman; Mark Tabel; Kevin Butt (also representing Debra Butt); Terry Tostevin ; Bernard Robinson; Andy, Becky and Sam Rowe; Gavin and Michell Ferguson; Matt and Gemma Hemans; Rodney and Fatima Bienvenu; Michael and Elga Le Lacheur, Mr and Mrs Browning and Amos Ozanne; Ash and Ida Dupres; Phil Ozanne;

Robert and Bernard Roussel at Northern Motor Works; Chris and Jane Vermeulen, Conrad and Lynn Mosser, and Colin and Erica Mould; Fiona, Colin, Lauren and Alice de Jersey (also representing Graham and Maria Waddington); Gerald Jehan; Leslie Appleby (also representing Cynthia and Michael Appleby); Bud and Ruth Blondel; Diane and Graham Sinkinson; J.P. and P.J. Wickenden; Peter Andrew Martel; Ivan Roberts; (also representing Hazel Roberts); Dan Thwaite; Pauline Tostevin; John Merrien (also representing Reverend David Knight and Fleur Rowe);

Wayne Shaw (also representing Karen Shaw and Ray Tubby); Darran James; Keith James; Ken Nicolle; Mark Hollingsworth (also representing Jane Hollingsworth); Charlotte Dorey; Lilly Berchem; Andy and Dimi Hutchinson; Steve Morley; Richard Parr (also representing Mark Parr and Dave and John Brouard and family); Jon Bond (also representing Sarah Bond and Rodney and Audrey Brouard); Geoff Le Gallez (also representing Ester Perree and family (Little Sark) and Roy Burton); Keith and Jenny Rouillard (also representing Anna Rouillard); Stuart and Antoinette Walters; Joanne Loft; Mike and Pearl Brehaut; Steve Le Poidevin; Dan and Kayleigh Johnson (also representing Jennie Paterson and the Beauty Clinic); Tony Clayton (also representing Maria Soler and the directors and staff of CI Welders); Nesta and Gordon Crabb (also representing the family);

Matt, Joss, Harry, Toby and Livvy Bisson (also representing Andy and Chris Bisson); Geoff Brouard (also representing Hazel Brouard and David and Ann Jehan); Sophie Turian (also representing Geoff and Jane Turian and Living Room Estate Agents); Ann Wilson; Jay Aylmer (also representing Julia and Carolyn); Alistair Boyle (also representing Mel Boyle); Martyn Torode; Edwin Le Sauvage (also representing Paul Le Sauvage); Lloyd Robilliard; Keith Tostevin (also representing Margaret Tostevin, John Tostevin and Margaret Martel); Justine Smith (also representing Jacqui Ward and Sue Brown); Duncan Swanson; Gillian and Peter Stables; Jackie Le Sauvage (also representing Ian Le Sauvage); Dick and Cathy Morgan (also representing the family); Janet Wickenden; Bob Cataroche; Rick and Val Mann; Terry Roberts (also representing Irita Roberts); Rodney and Angela Brehaut; Gerald Martin (also representing Sally Martin); Malcolm and Penny Watt (also representing Victoria and Brian Montgomery); Geoff and Sandie Rowe; Barry and Jane Langlois;

Patrick Philipp (also representing Philipp family); Dave Dorey; Jeff, Claire, Lucie and Millie Fox (also representing Guernsey Aero Club and Martina and Emma Lenfesty); Jan and Dave Poynton (also representing family); Andy and Sally Bougourd; Graham Dorey; Ruth Smale; Elizabeth and Adrian Morris (also representing Heather McGee and Sue Whitlock); Nicola Cordery; Andrew Sauvarin; Jon and Janet Rowe (also representing Louise Falla); Iris and Derek Tostevin; Harry Rouillard; Dennis and Sandra McKane (also representing Dave Marwick); Howard Mauger; Richard Keen; Oliver Coquelin; Marc, Katie and Holly Maubec;

Matthew Bisson (also representing Karen Le Blanc); Ron Le Cras (also representing Vintage and Classic Tractor Club and Ian Carre and family); Chris Torode (also representing Chris Parkin); Colin Smith; Steve and Carolyn Mallett; William Alexander; Nick Paluch (also representing 4th Guernsey Air Scouts and Helen Wilkes-Green); Peter Wickenden (also representing Roger Wickenden and Jill Le Goff); Geoff Robert; Steve Davey (also representing Pam Davey); Nigel Le Gallez (also representing Mary Le Gallez); Nancy Smith; Tom Norman; John Bader (also representing Ann Bader); Matthew Guille; John Dunne (also representing Polly Brown); Mary Simmons (also representing Joan Anderson, Judy Down and Jean Brown); Peter and Marina Dobson (also representing Andrew, Kirsty and Isla Dobson).

Flowers were from all the family.

Other tributes were to be sent to Les Bourgs Hospice, Andrew Mitchell House, Rue du Tertre, St Andrews, GY6 8SF or Bulstrode Oncology Unit, C/o Mrs S Butler, Meldrum Way, Braye Road, Vale, Gy3 5PR. 

The arrangements were by Clinton Le Page of Beckfords Funeral Services Limited with Zac Hannis supervising.

DE LA MARE, Thelma Marion (nee Hawkins)

Thelma De La Mare (2)

The funeral service, prior to a private interment, for Thelma Marion De La Mare who passed away at the Princess Elizabeth Hospital, aged 93 years was held at St Paul’s Methodist Church and was conducted by The Reverend Howard Stringer.

The organist, Mr Graham Martel accompanied the singing of “What a Friend we have in Jesus” and “Abide With Me”. The Bible reading was John 14 vs 1-6 & 27 and read by John. The Tribute was given by Marlene. A song “One Day” was a duet by Steve and Ruth. Reverend Stringer gave the Prayers and Blessing.

The Mourners Were: Marlene and Keith Le Poidevin, daughter and son-in-law, Timothy Le Poidevin, grandson and Leo Thomas; Stephen Le Poidevin, grandson, Jamie Le Poidevin, and Roxy and Emma Le Poidevin, great granddaughters (also representing Paul and Gail Falla); John and Pauline De La Mare, son and daughter-in-law; Kim Miller, granddaughter and Nathan Miller (also representing Sophie Miller, great-granddaughter) Lauren and Harry Miller, great-grandchildren; Simon De La Mare, grandson and Tina De La Mare  Simon Bougourd, grandson-in-law; Jacob and Zac Bougourd, great-grandsons Stephen and Ruth De La Mare, son and daughter-in-law; Rachel De La Mare, granddaughter; Josiah De La Mare, grandson (also representing Lizzie, Eli, Ezra and Rosie De La Mare); Bethany De La Mare, granddaughter;

Ted Hawkins, brother; Theresa Hawkins, niece; Karen Allen, niece (also representing Philip and Emma Allen); Annette Roussel, niece (also representing Christian and Jessica Roussel); Alan and Janet Smith, nephew (also representing Margaret Smith, sister); Dave Prevel, nephew; Gordon Grantham, brother-in-law (also representing Dr Gillian Horne, niece); Tony and Liz Grantham, nephew; Michael Grantham, nephew; Claire Prince, great-niece; Tricia Lewis, niece;  Michaela Gallienne, niece (also representing Tina Loveridge, niece, and Graham Hockey, nephew);

Sandra and Geoff Gallienne, niece, (also representing Barry Le Parmentier, nephew, Hannah, great-niece, Colin, Siena and Summer Le Page, and Peter Gallienne, great-nephew); Martine-Marie White, great-niece, (also representing Simeon White and Kya-Nico Ashton); Anne Blondel, niece, (also representing Barry Blondel, Stace and Jade, Kay, John, Hayley and Wayne De La Mare (UK), and Alan and Mary Falla (France)); Jean Forest, niece (also representing Marilyn and Pauline, nieces); Colleen Irven, great-niece; Keith Le Parmentier , great-nephew; (also representing Michelle Le Parmentier and family, Margaret Le Parmentier, and Brian and Louise Le Parmentier and family);

Also Present Were: George and Jean Farnham (also representing Jacqui and Susan Farnham, Betty Thompson, Rose Crabb and Lyna Guilbert); Pat Queripel (also representing Galaad Ladies Guild and Sue Grimsley); Helen Dunn (also representing Angie and Jan Ritchie); Dallas Courtenay-Warren; Tracy Setters (also representing Jacob and Harvey Setters); Margaret Robert (also representing Stephen, Iveta, Ian and Charlotte Robert and their families, and Vanwy Wallbridge); Graham Martel (also representing Lynne Martel); Jean Evans; Gwen Langlois; Diane Hockey; Geoff and Sandy Le Poidevin; Hazel Le Poidevin; Bob and Lynne Cherry (also representing GVS); Peter and Romey Le Masurier (also representing Betty Le Masurier, and Karen and Colin Langlois); Daphne Dodd; Graham Le Page (also representing Kathleen Bichard, and Clive and Marilyn Falla); Mike and Chris De La Mare (also representing Barbara and Richard Mecham); Doreen Martel; Sally Wood; Michael Le Noury; Ruth Mahy;

Flowers were from the family.

Other tributes were to be sent to The Tumaini Fund, C/o Dr Susan Wilson, Les Ruettes Farm, St Andrews, GY6 8UQ.

The arrangements were by Paula Ettesse-Wilson of Beckfords Funeral Services Limited with Clinton Le Page supervising.

ALBIN, Sheila Blanche

Sheila Albin

The funeral service, prior to a private interment for Sheila Blanche Albin who passed away at The Princess Elizabeth Hospital, aged 96 years was held at St Saviours Parish Church and conducted by Reverend Mark Charmley.

Opening music was “Wind Beneath my Wings” by Bette Midler, followed by “Mother of Mine” by Neil Reid. Reverend Charmley gave the Words of Welcome, Sentences from the Bible and the Opening Prayer. The organist, Mr John Le Pelley accompanied the singing of “The Old Rugged Cross” and “Abide with Me”. The Bible Reading was Psalm 23 and read by Reverend Charmley. A poem entitled “Remember Me” was read by Reverend Charmley. Music played during Time of Reflection was “The Rose” by Bette Midler. Reverend Charmley gave the Lord’s Prayer and Commendation. Exit music was “We’ll Meet Again” by Vera Lynn.

 The Mourners Were: Patrick and Margaret Albin, son and daughter-in-law (also representing the Albin family (Poole) and D Willcocks and family); Nancy Bichard, daughter (also representing Owen, son-in-law and Keith and Diane De Jersey, nephew and niece and Sandra and Amy Legg); Kevin Albin, son and Michelle Caradeuc (also representing Patrick Le Cheminant and Xaibat and Lettie from Basque Country); Violet Legg, step-daughter (also representing Sheila Brehaut); Sean Albin, grandson and Paula Ettesse-Wilson (also representing Clem Duquemin, Shula, niece and Rob Hooper, Lorna Rodia, great-niece, Vince and Paola Rodia, Toby Verier and Richard Lawson); Damien Albin, great-grandson (also representing Riley and Kody, great-great-grandsons); Kayleigh Albin, great-granddaughter (also representing Tina Albin); Paul Bichard, grandson (also representing Rachel Bichard); Etienne Albin, grandson and Amy Potter; Pierro Albin, grandson (also representing Koda-Ray and Octavia, great-grandchildren); Carla Chandler, granddaughter and Ian Chandler; Tracy Thorne, granddaughter and Gary Thorne (also representing Lisa and Mark Ogier and Cameron Black);

Zak Thorne, great-grandson (also representing Tyler Ferbrache, great-granddaughter and Ben Ferbrache); Tina Mourant, granddaughter; Maria Hutchinson, granddaughter and Tony Hutchinson (also representing Shane, Louise and Jamie Hutchinson, grandchildren); Toni Hutchinson, great-granddaughter (also representing Charlie and Millie and Tommie, great-great- grandchildren); Lisa and Allan Reid, great-granddaughter (also representing Jaxon, great-great-grandson); Martin Laine, grandson and Amanda Jehan; Megan Laine, great-granddaughter; Marc Laine, grandson and Nicky Laine (also representing Sylvie Laine, great-granddaughter); Remy Laine, great-grandson and Lara Todd; Chris Laine, grandson and Fiona Huckvale); Lewis and Max Laine, great-grandsons; Aimée De Jersey-Moore, cousin (also representing Ben De Jersey-Moore, Justine Guille and Emma De Jersey);

Also Present Were: Steven Archenoul (also representing Sally De Garis and John and Belinda Ashton); Glenn Bourgaize (also representing Michael “Budgie” Bourgaize); Julie Exall and Peter Adam (also representing Shirley Adam, Sonia Singh, staff and residents at Chateau des Tielles Nursing Home); Ivan Caradeuc (also representing Sonia Caradeuc); Anne Bourgaize (also representing Len); Martin Farrell; Mandy Mortimer (also representing Jon, Jodie and Sophie, Teresa Holden and family and Jacky Le Maitre and family); Lynton Le Cheminant (also representing Vienna Roberts and Lou Perriam); Barbara Gauvain (also representing Barbara Simon, Mina Hamon and Thomas Simon and familys); Gary Ozanne (also representing Jocelyn Ozanne and Una Brehaut); Adrien Migasiuk (also representing Rosslyn Migasiuk); Ray and Sue Fallaize (also representing Anne-Marie Fallaize); Lynn Bradley (also representing John, Jason and Dean Bradley);

Lulu Knott (also representing Brad, Lisa, Jodie and the family);  Joanne Ferbrache (also representing Leon Harrison and Sue Ferbrache); Anne and Mick Robins (also representing Mike and Jamie); Richard Cairns; Paula Jones (also representing Tom Jones and Robin Avery); Joan Staples (also representing the Staples family); Frank Le Cheminant; Steve Rabey; Janet Smith (also representing Alan Smith); Monica Musson (also representing Janice Robson); Steve White (also representing Denise White, Tony, Mick and Victor White and families and George Jennings); Allan Harris (also representing Jean Harris);

Gwen Ashplant (also representing Richard and Debbie Ashplant and Sharon, Gary and families); Trevor Brehaut (also representing Caroline Brehaut); Pam and Brian Timms; Tom Bougourd; Nigel Fallaize; Ken and Doreen Lainé (also representing Marcel and Michelle Lainé and Mo and Karen Marquis); Bob Prestwich; Rod Yeates (also representing Anthea and Ross); Paul and Mary Gannon (also representing John and Marilyn Gill); Lorraine Sarre (also representing Pauline Sarre, Monica Condon and John Rowley); Yvonne Branquet (also representing Alain Branquet); Hazel and Geoff Brouard (also representing Susie Cripps); Joan Gaudion; Peggy Brackley; Sarah Albin (also representing Julian and Liz Brackley and Carol and Denis Le Noury);

Flowers were from Pat and Marg. Kevin and Michelle. Nancy, Owen and family and Violet and family. Sean and Paula. Damien. Kayleigh. Riley and Kody. Tracy, Garry and family. Tina and Lisa, Allan and Jaxon.

Other tributes were to be sent to The Tumaini Fund, C/o Dr Susan Wilson, Les ruettes Farm, St Andrews, GY6 8UQ.

The arrangements were by Beckfords Funeral Services Limited with Paula Ettesse-Wilson supervising.


JEHAN, Patricia ‘Pat’ (née Le Prevost)

Patricia Jehan

The funeral service, prior to a private cremation for Patricia ‘Pat’ Jehan who passed away on Tautenay Ward, aged 84 years was held at Beckfords Chapel and conducted by The Reverend Linda Le Vasseur.

The organist, Mr Graham Martel accompanied the singing of “The Old Rugged Cross” and “How Great Thou Art”. Revd Le Vasseur gave the Sentences, Prayers, Bible Reading, Words of Comfort, and Commendation and Committal. Memories of Pat, written by her family were read by Reverend Le Vasseur. Recessional Music was “All Things Bright and Beautiful” played by organist, Graham Martel.

The Mourners Were: Maurice Jehan, husband; Chris Jehan, son and Bonita Lanoe, daughter-in-law (also representing Gavin and Martine Lanoe, Tina Batiste, niece and Leslie Le Prevost, nephew); Karen Jehan, daughter (also representing Sandra Jehan, daughter, Luke Jehan, grandson and Collette Moon); Liam Aylward, grandson; Isla Aylward, great-granddaughter; Amy Merrien, granddaughter and Kyle Merrien, grandson-in-law (also representing Maureen); Alice Jehan, granddaughter (also representing Kerry Guilbert and Stonelakes Pharmacy); Rosie Jehan, granddaughter (also representing James Vine and Thomas Smith); Dani Hirst, granddaughter-in-law;

Mary Mitchell, sister-in-law (also representing Delma heaume and Win Le Cheminant); Elizabeth Bessin, sister-in-law (also representing Jane Shales, goddaughter); John Jehan, brother-in-law (also representing Jon Jehan, nephew and Amȇlie Jehan, great-niece); Julie Lemee, niece (also representing Andy Lemée, nephew, Steve Rowsell, great-nephew and Alan and Janice Queripel and family, nephew and niece); Julie Parker, niece and George Parker, nephew (also representing Liza, Lyndsey and Leighanne); Annette de Carteret, niece (also representing Helen Cauvain and Sally Dowington, nieces); Charmaine Duncombe, niece (also representing Paul Duncombe and Aaron, Jo and Jonah Duncombe); Kirsty Queripel (also representing Margaret Queripel, sister-in-law and Susan, Shane and Len Harvey); Bob Lesbirel, brother-in-law; Bobby Lesbirel, nephew; Racheal Maidment, niece; Martin Drewett, nephew; Colin Fallaize, nephew (also representing Mark and Sebastian Sheppard); Pam Browning, cousin (also representing Richard and family and Shirley Guilliard and family, cousins); Christine and Geoff Jehan, cousins (also representing the family); Graham and Diane Jehan, cousins (also representing the family); Ruth and Norman Rich, cousins; Dave Jehan (also representing Mary Jehan, cousin);

Also Present Were: Sue Lesbirel (also representing Tautenay Ward and Dr Bhintade); Karen Le Noury; Tia Elliott; Josie Petit; Anne-Marie Petit; Ellie Trustum (also representing Jess Trustum); Julie Trustum (also representing Adie Trustum and Paddy and Helen Craig); Jean Burnard (also representing Geoff and Natalie Lempriere); Wendy Mitchell (also representing Debbie Tarrant, Marion Fallaize, Katy Chauvel, Julie Coulter, Trevor Coulter and Laura Callaway); Carolyn Gallienne (also representing family, also Sally Chick); Paul and Carole Kiddy (also representing Adam and Ryan Langlois and Nick, Nicole, Emily and Robyn Wild); Frank and Audrey Robins (also representing Karen Gillen and Tracy Paul); Joan Dorey (also representing Bula Le Page); Nigel Le Moigne; Maria van der Tang (also representing Paul, Jes and George van der Tang); Alan Le Poidevin (also representing Jill and family); Joe Collenette; Jocelyne Garnham (also representing Mandy Ferbrache);

Julie Barsby; Kyle de la Mare; Barry and Shirley Eley (also representing Sarah and Nick Eley); Andrew and Shane Loveridge; Marilyn Loveridge; Karen Dodd (also representing Kevin Dodd and Mandy McKane); Linda Muston (also representing Nick Muston); Jan and Eric Le Breton; Ruth Lesbirel; Tony and Sandra Thorne; Brenda Lajoie; Dave Jehan (also representing Mary Jehan, cousin); Barry and Rosemary Le Sauvage (also representing the family);

Flowers were from The Family. Rachel, Martin, Michael and Paul.

Other tributes were to be sent to Guernsey Society for Cancer relief, C/o Mrs S Butler, Meldrum Way, Braye Road, Vale, GY3 5PR.

The arrangements were by Beckfords Funeral Services Limited with Clinton Le Page supervising.

HENRY, Susan Frances, known as Fran (née Garland)

Susan Henry Square

The funeral service, prior to a private interment for Susan Frances Henry who passed away at The Chateau des Tielles Nursing Home, aged 85 years was held at St Joseph’s Catholic Church and conducted by Canon Christopher Rutledge.

The organist, Mr Luke O’Donnell accompanied the singing of “How Great Thou Art” and “Abide With Me”. Canon Rutledge did the Placing of the Christian Symbols and the Welcome and Opening Prayer. The First Reading was Apocalypse 14:13. The Gospel Reading was John 14: 1-6. Canon Rutledge gave the Prayers of the Faithful, Concluding Prayer and Commendation. Recessional Music was “Danny Boy” played by organist, Mr Luke O’Donnell.

 The Mourners Were: Terry Henry, husband; Sue Chedhomme, daughter and Christopher Chedhomme, son-in-law; Jayne Offen, daughter; Tom Offen, grandson and Bekah Johnston; Evie Offen, granddaughter and Jim Lowe; Ollie Chedhomme, grandson; Scarlett Frances Lowe, great-granddaughter; Paul McCoy, nephew (also representing family in Ireland); Karen McClean, niece and Martyn McClean (also representing Byron and Josh McClean, Barry and Gwen Trump, nephew and niece, Anna Trump and Lois and Ben Batiste and family); Isabelle Offen, (also representing Louise and David); Michelle Offen; Andy Offen (also representing Michelle Le Clerc);

Also Present Were: Shirley Adam, Sonia Singh (also representing Peter Adam, staff and residents at Chateau des Tielles Nursing Home); Angela Bourgaize (also representing Graham Bourgaize, Sarah Le Sauvage, Michelle Lanoe and Mark and Ian Langlois); Maggie Pearson; Martin and Cathy Wakely; C P Plant (also representing Dr N C King and E J Abercromby); Colin McClean (also representing Wendy and Ray Plant, Graham and Carolyn Scott and Ron and Jill Després); Nigel Bourgaize (also representing Karen Bourgaize);

Malcolm Woodhams (also representing Leat Woodhams and André and Debbie Le Goubin); Carla Henry (also representing Sharon Ballard); Roland and Margaret Duquemin (also representing Petra Clayton, Melissa Campbell, Darren Duquemin and Terry and Janet Duquemin); Chas and Marilyn Adkins; Shirley and Gerald Durman (also representing Tony and Sue Durman and family); Sonny and Di Le Maitre; Alan and Eve Weston; David Bourgaize (also representing Jo and family); Rodney and Angela Brehaut; Allan and Susan Gaudion (also representing Sheila Gaudion); Michelle Champion (also representing Peter Champion, Alastair Ford and Matthew Herve); Sparrow Guille; Barry and Denise Le Tissier; Ricky and Elaine Mahy;

Carol Bradshaw (also representing Steve Bradshaw); Becky Hart (also representing Sam Holland, Michelle Gillson and Louisa Eccles); Nicky Patch; Phillip Tanguy (also representing Jacqueline and Jacob Tanguy); Rene Le Cheminant (also representing Collette and family); Marilyn Brehaut; Teresa Fouracre (also representing Joanna Fouracre); Delma Russell; Jacqueline Holberry; Dorothy Holberry; Peter Ferbrache; Jamie Williams (also representing Andrew Simon and Christine Le Huray); Paula Burbridge; Annie Timmer; Brian and Margaret Singeton (also representing Louise Upson); Karen Higgs (also representing Wendi Tallowin); Claire Marley (also representing Mick, Lewis and Kieran Marley); Julie Bisson (also representing Jean-Paul Bisson and Luke, Elise and Hugo Bisson); John and Maura Stacey (also representing the Stacey family, Father Pat, Manchester and Ailsa Wilson); Steve Fallaize (also representing Odilia Fallaize);

Flowers were from Lisa, Laura, Andrea, Mark, Gerard and Brendan. Elise, Michael, Ross and Hollie. Eddie, Elizabeth and family. Seamus, Anita and family. Paul, Roma and family. Grannie and Michael.

Other tributes were to be sent to Dementia Friendly Guernsey, C/o Guernsey Community Foundation, First Floor, Tudor House, St Peter Port, GY1 1DB.

The arrangements were by Beckfords Funeral Services Limited with Clinton Le Page supervising.

LE CLERC, Peter Frank

Peter Le Clerc

The funeral service, prior to a private cremation for Peter Frank Le Clerc who passed away at The Princess Elizabeth Hospital, aged 80 years was held at Les Cotils and conducted by Michelle Duquemin.

Opening music played was “My Right Left Hand” by George Jones. Memories of Peter were written by Denise and read by Dean (son). The Reading “Success” by Robert Louis Stevenson were read by Michelle Duquemin. The Tribute, Thoughts and Memories was written by Peggy, John and Dean. Music played During Time of Reflection, accompanied by photo presentation was “Through the Years” by Kenny Rogers. A poem “The Gardener” by Kate Armon was read by Michelle Duquemin. Michelle also gave the Welcome, Thoughts on Life and Death, Committal and Closing Words. Closing Music was “It’s Five O’clock Somewhere” by Alan Jackson and Jimmy Buffett. 

The Mourners Were: Peggy Le Clerc, wife; Denise Murphy, daughter (also representing Brian, son-in-law and Jake and Adele, grandchildren); Dean Le Clerc, son and Paul Geddes, partner; John Le Clerc, brother and Maggie Conway, partner: Marcel Le Clerc, nephew and Mathilda Gordon-Le Clerc (also representing Jan Dyke and Michael Dyke); Andre Le Clerc, nephew; Michelle Le Clerc, niece and Andy Offen (also representing Tina Jehan); Terry and Margaret Tostevin, brother-in-law and sister-in-law (also representing Millie Foss); Paul Tostevin, nephew; Joy Tostevin, niece; Holly Calderwood, niece and Rory Calderwood; Sandie Clarke, cousin (also representing The Le Page Family, Looe, Cornwall and Vicky McCarthy and family, cousins); Chris Tostevin, cousin (also representing Mark Tostevin, Rachel Tostevin and Steve Le Carpentier); Janet Snell, cousin (also representing Karen Bailey and Alison Domaille); Margaret Lowe, cousin and Brian Lowe (also representing Joanne Robert); David and Linda Winterflood, cousins (also representing Demelza, Jody and family);

Angela and James Tyson, cousins (also representing Nicola Tyson, Anna Tyson, Wynter Tyson and family); Ken and Yvonne Mauger, cousins (also representing family);

Also Present Were: Brian and Liz Davey; Annette Search (also representing Monique Search); Derek Duquemin (also representing Pamela Duquemin); Bernie and Shirley Collins; Mike Perchard (also representing Lesley Perchard); Sharon Brouard (also representing Martyn Langlois, Ferryspeed (Guernsey) Ltd and Kath O’Toole); Carol Tapp (also representing Nikki, Simon and Cooper and Andie, Joe, Lizzie, Molly and Gabriel); Dianne Plumley (also representing Maureen Gorvel, Maggie Tostevin and Linda Smith); Geoff Carré (also representing Rosemary Carré); Marilyn and Steve Angell (also representing Craig and Kirsty Angell and family and Judith Morrison); Keith Martel (also representing Mr I Martel and Mr M Fallaize); Maurice Hemery (also representing Margaret Hemery and Les Guernesiais Euchre Team)); Mick and Gill Watson; Fiona Taylor; Sylvia Morvan;

Michael Trubuil (also representing family); Dave and Michelle Markwick (also representing the family); Maureen and John de Jersey; Margaret Ferbrache; Deborah Ferbrache; Brian Green; Norman Parnwell; Mark Brockway (also representing Brian Walden); Kath Kelling; Kay Batiste; Richard Batiste (also representing Mick Solway and Tony Blondel); Paula and Mark Machon (also representing Nath and Hollie); David Fallaize (also representing Jeanine); Jim Mills (also representing Kate, Peter, Jason and Tracey Mills); Sandra Neville (also representing Fred and Natalie Neville); Heather Dignam; Carol and Noel Jeffreys; Barry Green; Jane Spratt (also representing Martin Spratt); Roslyn and Rodney Le Tissier; Trevor Coulter (also representing Julie Coulter); Sue Sweet (also representing Steve, Elizabeth, Richard and Stephen Sweet);

Owen Roussel and Michelle Roussel (also representing the family and Marion and Eileen Gallienne); Rowland Tyson; Mr M Mellor; Mrs J Le Blancq; Katherine Felbabel (also representing Tim Diment); Denis Bievenu (also representing Forest Stores); Mick and Carol Damarell (also representing Emma and Ali and Alan, Joy and Phill Le Cras); Mary Tyson; Christopher Olliver (also representing Michelle Rouillard); Jacquie Gordon-Le Clerc; Josie Guille and Mick Guille (also representing Hayley and family); Sandra Diment (also representing Natalie and Stephanie); Paul Saunston;

Flowers were from Peggy. Den, Brian, Jake and Adele. Dean.

Other tributes were to be sent to the GSPCA, Les Fiers Moutons, St Andrews, GY6 8UD or Les Bourgs Hospice, Andrew Mitchell House, Rue du tertre, St Andrews, GY6 8SF.

The arrangements were by Beckfords Funeral Services Limited with Paula Ettesse-Wilson supervising.


de CARTERET, Hazel Olive (nèe Wallbridge)

Forget Me Not

The funeral, prior to a private cremation for Hazel Olive de Carteret who passed away at The Princess Elizabeth Hospital, aged 89 years was held at St Martins Parish Church and conducted by Reverend Claire Claxton.

The organist, Joan Le Flem accompanied the singing of “The Lords my Shepherd” and “To God be the Glory”. A poem “When I’m gone” by Lyman Hancock was read by Reverend Claxton. The Bible Reading was John 14: 1-6, 27. Reverend Claxton gave the Prayers and Blessing.

The Mourners Were: Sue and Pete Le Page, daughter and son-in-law; Joe Le Page, grandson and Lily Prus; Maureen de Carteret, daughter-in-law; Darren de Carteret, grandson and Alison Clark; Laura de Carteret, granddaughter and Gary Kelling (also representing Lucy-May de Carteret, Pierce de Carteret, Tia-Louise Kelling, Theo Kelling, Lola-Rose Kelling and Arlo Kelling, grandchildren); Pamela and Colin Knight, sister and brother-in-law (also representing John and Christine de Carteret, brother and sister-in-law, Lyn de Carteret, sister-in-law, John Koulloutas, brother-in-law, Jenny Thomas, niece, Dawn Allen, Dee Bishop, niece, Mark Le Prevost, nephew); Denise King, niece (also representing Paul King, Kim Le Prevost, great-niece and Marina Le Prevost great- niece; Vanwy Wallbridge, sister-in-law and Karyn Jackson, niece (also representing Ben and Sam Jackson, great nephews, Aimee Jackson, great-niece and Mary Bewey);

Theresa Wild, niece (also representing Peter Wild and the family); Hannah Rosamond, niece (also representing Maureen Tostevin, niece, Andy Tostevin, Catherine Gallichan, niece and Nigel Gallichan); Lesley de Carteret, niece (also representing Brett, Tobias and Declan, great-nephews, Samara, great-niece, Andy Koulloutas, nephew and Bonita Lanoe, niece); Richard Langmead, cousin (also representing Paul, Debbie and Claire); Pauline Langmead, goddaughter;

Also Present Were: Hazel Bisson (also representing Heather Moriarty, cousin and Jeanne Sargent); Brenda Harper (also representing Roger Harper); Emily Nuttall (also representing Grande Courtil Tenants); Reverend Daniel Foot
Romey Le Masurier; Alan Whales (also representing Donna Whales and Peter de Carteret); Sally Sara Windsor (also representing Rhona Windsor and Dolly Dadzie); Sarah Butler (also representing Paul, Melissa and Joshua Butler); Angela Rabey; Will and Lorraine Corbin; Linda Eborall; Karen Robilliard (also representing Ursula and Peter Carr); Barbara Herve; Bob and Wendy Ozanne; Jose Pascall (also representing all staff at the Grand Courtil);

Flowers were from Maureen. Sue, Pete, Joe and Lily. Laura, Gary and the kids. Darren, Alison and the kids.

Other tributes were to be sent to Heartbeat House, 154 Tremona Road, Southampton, SO16 6HW or The Russells Social Club (GVS), Le Grande Courtil, Route de Cornu, St Martins, GY4 6PJ.

The arrangements were by Beckfords Funeral Services Limited with Zac Hannis supervising.


LE TISSIER, Angela Rose (née Guille)

Angela Le Tissier

Following a private interment, a service of thanksgiving for Angela Rose Le Tissier who passed away at GreenAcres Care Home, aged 74 years was held at Vazon Elim Church and was conducted by The Reverend Eric Gaudion. The Welcome was given by the minister, Pastor Matt Gregor.

The organist, Mr Colin Langlois accompanied the singing of “O Jesus, I have Promised”, “Blessed Assurance” and “The King of Love”. Reverend Gaudion led the Prayer, Address and Benediction. Family tributes were from David Le Tissier, read by Revd Gaudion, Sarah MacRae, Rachel Dearlove and Diane Gaudion.

The Mourners Were: David Le Tissier, husband; Sarah MacRae, daughter (also representing Andy MacRae, son-in-law, Claudia MacRae, granddaughter and Ethan MacRae, grandson); Rachel Dearlove, daughter (also representing Ben Dearlove, son-in-law, Gabriel Dearlove, grandson, Nathaniel Dearlove, grandson and Belinda Dearlove, granddaughter); Diane and Eric Gaudion, sister and brother-in-law; Matthew Gaudion, nephew; Barry and Denise Le Tissier, brother and sister-in-law (also representing Francis and Pierre Le Tissier, Shelia Whipp (England) and Sonia Le Page); Stephen Le Tissier and Valerie Le Tissier, brother and sister-in-law (also representing Edith Le Tissier, mother-in-law, Claire Le Tissier and Maureen Gillingham, sister-in-law); Jean Guille, aunt (also representing Olive Lett and Brian Mercer, Sark); Carole and Robert Nicolle, cousins; John and Isabelle Batiste, cousins (also representing the family); Karen Langlois, cousin;

Also Present Were: Paul Nicolle and Joanna Duquemin-Nicolle; Jocelyn Ozanne (also representing Una Brehaut); Dorien Harris (also representing Peter Harris); Eleanor Duckworth (also representing May Boscher and Joan Norledge); Vic Richer; Shanna Jackson (also representing Moira Boyd and GreenAcres Care Home); Jean Heaume (also representing Janet Mauger and Hazel Le Page); Barry and Gwen Trump.

Mary Parker; Syl and Jackie Rabey; Jackie Le Page; Jennifer Le Poidevin; Roger Smart; Sue Ozanne (also representing Nigel Ozanne); Andy and Karen Le Galloudec;

Angela Bourgaize; Margaret Scarlett; Paul Le Page (also representing Barbara Le Page); Janet Sweet; Brian and Liz Davey; Peter and Sandra Vaudin; Joan Le Tissier; Graham and Diane Jehan (also representing the family); Peter Ferbrache; Joan and Werner Beuche; Angela Guilbert (also representing Pat Langlois); Martyn and Jean Vidamour; Rosemary Le Noury; David Preston (also representing Lesley Preston); Jodie Helpe; Donna Anderson. Zac Hannis (also representing Faye Williams);

Flowers were from the family.

Other tributes were to be sent to The Tumaini Fund, C/o Dr Susan Wilson, Les Ruettes Farm, St Andrews, GY6 8UQ.

The arrangements were by Beckfords Funeral Services Limited with Zac Hannis supervising.


BROWNING, Jennifer (Jenny)


The funeral service, prior to cremation, for Jennifer Browning who passed away at the Guernsey Cheshire Home, aged 72 years was held at Le Foulon Chapel and was conducted by Reverend Linda Le Vasseur.

The organist, Mr Graham Martel accompanied the singing of “All Things Bright and Beautiful” and “Morning has Broken”. Opening music was “con te partirò” by Andrea Bocelli. Residents’ and staff’s memories of Jenny were read by Melissa Mansell. The Reverend Le Vasseur read the eulogy from Jessica Torode, gave the Sentences, Opening Prayer, Bible Reading and Address and Prayers. The closing music was “My Way” by Frank Sinatra. 

The Mourners Were: Jess and Pete Torode, daughter and son-in-law (also representing Geoff Browning, Riley Torode, Sue Hubbard, Nicola and Glen Woodhams and Savannah); Ethan Torode, grandson; Roger and Jane Browning; Frances Browning;

Also Present Were: Mr and Mrs Nic Mountain, Guernsey Cheshire Home Manager (also representing Stephen and Sue Jones, Rob Shepherd, Chair of the Board of Directors, Cherry McMillen, Jim Ozanne, Cat Brown); Lianne Larkin; Robbie Main; Angela Gaskill; Karen Le Page, Guernsey Cheshire Home (also representing Theresa Harris, Tina O’Neill,  Kelly Ogier, Rose Cataroche, Joanne Hill, Eve Porter, Annie Cochrane, Zita Le Prevost, John Le Cras, Maggi Pryke, Calum Gleeson and Jan Hayhurst); Warner Koller (also representing Judith Hill and Richard Knight); Charlotte Le Tissier (Nichols); Val Mechem (also representing Doris Marquis); Phil Trouteaud; Melissa Mansell (also representing Sammy-Jo Rouget, Nell Farmer and Leanne Wherry); Paula Tickner; Linda Priaulx (also representing Tony Priaulx); Jill Marquis; Paul de Jersey; Mr D Topley; Mrs S Topley; Pam Davey (also representing Pam Bartlett); David Leafe; Romy Randell (also representing Rose Wolffe);

Jill Moriarty; Esther Le Page; Helen Glencross (also representing Stephen Glencross); Margaret Trebilcock (also representing Charlie Trebilcock); Mike Burton (also representing Sandra and Roy Burton); Joan Tostevin; Pauline Clarkson; Marlene Place (also representing Bob Place, Jean Nathan and family (London)); Jo Grimshaw; Stuart Dowding (also representing Intertrust); Sophie O’Toole (also representing Blake, Alana and Georgina Murphy); Tracey Morris; Bethany Topley;

Flowers were from Jess, Pete, Riley, Geoff, Ethan and Sue, Nik, Savannah and Glen.

Donations in lieu of flowers were to be sent to Guernsey Cheshire Home, C/o The Treasurer, Shorncliffe, Rohais, St Peter Port, GY1 1FB.

The arrangements were by Beckfords Funeral Services Limited with Zac Hannis supervising.

PARSONS, Ruth (nee Sebire)


A Service of Thanksgiving for Ruth Parsons who died at The Princess Elizabeth Hospital, was held at St Pierre du Bois Parish Church on June 1st and conducted by The Reverend Doctor Adrian Datta.

The organist, Mr Andrew Warren accompanied the singing of “Dear Lord and Father of Mankind”, “The Lord is my Shepherd” and “He Who would Valiant Be”. The Reading was Ecclesiastes Chapter 3 verses 1-8 read by Jack Birch. A poem “Crossing the Bar” by Alfred Lord Tennyson was read by Emily Ludlam.  Reverend Datta gave the Address, Prayers and Farewell. Recessional music was played on the organ. A tribute was read by Ruth’s children: Jane, Charles, David, Kate and Rachel.

The Mourners Were: Jane and Mike Birch, daughter and son-in-law (also representing Molly Parsons, sister-in-law); Charles and Valerie Parsons, son and daughter-in-law (also representing Catherine Jean); David Parsons, son; Kate and Peter Ludlam, daughter and son-in-law (also representing Una Garwood and Anne and Michael Ludlam); Rachel and Steve Beadle, daughter and son-in-law (also representing Elsje Loveday and Janekke Braakhekke and Ed and Pam Beadle); Louise Parsons, granddaughter and Cillian Casey (also representing Hugo Parsons grandson); James Parsons, grandson; Jack Birch, grandson (also representing Peter Birch, grandson); Adele Parsons, granddaughter; Emily Ludlam, granddaughter; Daniel Beadle, grandson; Anna Beadle, granddaughter; Meg Ludlam, granddaughter; Mary Mitchell, niece (also representing Jeanie Ashton sister-in-law, David Ashton, Kitty Kantor and Ian and Alan Ashton);

Jackie Iley (also representing Chris, Charlotte and Ed); Anne Perrio, niece (also representing Corral Smith) David Perrio, nephew (also representing Anne Perrio and family); Peter Perrio, nephew and Jacqueline Perrio (also representing Michael Perrio, nephew);

Audrey Medland, niece (also representing Anna, Andy, Alice and Florence Burton, James and Sally Medland, Sophie and John O’Leary, Michael and Jean Paul, cousins, Stephen and Melissa Brennand Roper and Heather Gibbs); Louise Perrio, great niece;(also representing Alison and Stephen) Godfray Guilbert, cousin; Maximillian Sebire-Hawkins, great nephew – also representing Cliff and Anna Maria Sebire (brother and sister-in-law) and Claudia and Nick Hawkins and Lara and Alicia;

Also Present Were: Reverend Doctor Adrian Datta (also representing Myfanwy Datta); Andrew Warren (also representing Paul, Sally and Beth Warren, Bob and Ruth Mahy and Gwen and Bernie Collins); Andrew and Pam Innes (also representing Angela Brink); Dr Charles Swainston (also representing Dr D and J Swainston and Dr R Swainston); Nic Jee (also representing Mrs J A Jee and Nicky Jee); Dr Stephen Heyworth and Deidre Heyworth; Carolyn Rebstein (also representing Julia Rebstein and Island Health Medical Practice); James and Suzy Toynton (also representing Rosie and Sally Toynton, Stephen and Nicky Toynton, Clare Toynton, Mark and Helena Harrison and Sam and Kiana); Roger Allsopp; Vanessa Marsh (also representing Corinna Woodland, Kira Knight, Diane Le Sauvage, Sarah Le Sauvage, Patricia McDermott, Judith Gill and Geoff Le Page); Martin Ozanne (also representing Dr Hannah Laidlow and Dr and Mrs James Erskine);

Jurat David Hodgetts (also representing Christina Hodgetts); Cathy Perkins and Nick James; Jenny Martin (also representing Marguerite Corbin and Ray Peacegood); Sharon Hartley (also representing Guernsey Gateway Club LBG); Simon Tostevin (also representing Arita, Kate, Daniel and Alec); Adrian Sarchet (also representing Guernsey Disability Swimming); Elizabeth Eddie (also representing Donald Eddie, Caroline Tullier, Alexander Eddie and Christopher Eddie); Tracy Waterman (also representing Thomas McConnell); Diane Hockey; Christine Le Prevost (also representing Guernsey Sports for Disabled); Phyllis Vidamour (also representing family); Paul Davis (also representing Eileen Davis and Pat Dickson); Ken Jones (also representing Mont Variouf School); Martin Porter (also representing Sarah Porter); Mary Collins (also representing Maura Stacey); Rosemary and Terry Willey (also representing Phillip Serafin); Nigel Allen (also representing Pauline Allen); Gill Freeman (also representing Martin Freeman);

Jim Naftel (also representing Liz Naftel and Robert Naftel); Wendy Mariess (also representing Nick Mariess); Keith Gillingham (also representing Mary and Martin Cordall); Anna Trickey (also representing Elisabeth Trickey and Guillaume Sainthrop); Julian Lane; Mireille Woodcock (also representing Gillian Le Lievre, Rachel Van Der Linden and Jenny Grut); Barbara Harrison (also representing Alan and Andrew Harrison); Katherine Ogier (also representing Julian Ogier, Jim and Angela de Garis); Sue Degnen (also representing Dr Frank Degnen); Sue Pratt (also representing Lucy and Emily Pratt and Rosemary Naftel and Sarah Van Zanten); Jane Wheadon (also representing Rev. Linda Le Vasseur); Wendy Birch; Julie King (also representing Emily and Tom); Doreen Wells; Jill Stephenson; Clive and Leonie Damsell (also representing Zosia and Krzystow Damsell and Olivia Toussaint); Helen Colmer (also representing Claire Le Pelley); Alison Castle (also representing Brian Castle, Matthew Castle and family, Sophie Castle-White and family, Lorna Castle and Ellie and Luke Richards and family); Garry and Tina Coutanche;

Kellie Riley (also representing Connie’s Carers and Lina Le Billien); Rose Robilliard; Marguerite Leach; Paula Burbridge (also representing the staff of Connie’s Carers); Maria Help; Caroline Moody (also representing Steve Moody); Judy Nettleton; Rachael Torode (also representing Steve Torode); Amanda Hibbs (also representing Andy, Joe and Jim); Mimi Byrom (also representing Ben, Poppy, Charlie and Tom); Winston Pipet (also representing David Robilliard and Rev Juliet Robilliard); Mandy Payne and Neil Oaten (also representing Verity Chandler); Pam Duquemin (also representing Sue Williams-Yeager); Esther Male; Philippa Nicolle; Judith Le Tissier (also representing Michael); Mandy Mackleworth (also representing Guernsey Disability Swimming and Adult Disability Service); Sue Hollwey; Jo Robilliard (also representing Jason, Sophia and Aimee);

Louise and Mike Collenette (also representing Arthur, Tilly and Suzanne Trustum); Mark Haggarty and Elizabeth Haggarty; Kate Corcoran (also representing Paul, Callum and Jamie Corcoran, Noel Burnell and Tilly Fisken, Sue Burnell and Hugh Robinson, Matthew Henry and James O’Brien and Helen Stephens); Cynthia Lenormand (also representing René Lenormand); Bas and June Brehaut (also representing Roy and Paula Brehaut); Paul Brehaut (also representing Michelle, Hannah and Chloe); Marilyn Earl (also representing David and Kate);

Michelle Norman; Elizabeth Johns; Catherine Lenfestey (also representing Pierre Lenfestey and Richard and Susie Bellinger); José Day (also representing Sarah and Oliver Day, Alison and John Foley and Gill Spencer); Mary Ogier (also representing Stuart Ogier and Bobby Harvey); Teresa Holden (also representing Chris and Nicky Atkinson); Carol and Peter Martel (also representing Nicholas and family and Margaret Grisley);

Flowers were from the family.

Other tributes were to be sent to Guernsey Disability Swimming LBG, C/o The Treasurer, La Conchee, Route de L’Eglise, Castel, GY5 7NB or Chest and Heart LBG, Oberlands, St Martins, GY4 6SP or online at

The arrangements were by Beckfords Funeral Services Limited with Zac Hannis supervising.




The funeral service, prior to a private cremation for Hugh Stevenson who passed away at The Princess Elizabeth Hospital, aged 90 years, was held at St Martins Parish Church and conducted by The Reverend Claire Claxton.

The organist, Joan Le Flem accompanied the signing of “How Sweet The Name of Jesus Sounds”, “The Lord’s my Shepherd” and “Jerusalem”. Neil Stevenson, son, gave the Tribute. Poems were “Life Well Lived”, Author Unknown, “If I Should Go” by Joyce Grenfell and “Keep Planning” by Patience Strong, read by Milly Stevenson, Hector Stevenson and Ivy Stevenson, grandchildren. The Bible Reading was Ecclesiastes 3 Everything has its Time, read by Mairi Burton, granddaughter-in-law. Recessional music played was “You Raise Me Up” sung by András Horváth.

The Mourners Were: Sylvia Stevenson, wife; Clare Burton, daughter (also representing Jemma Burton, granddaughter); Neil and Lynn Stevenson, son and daughter-in-law (also representing Rosie Atherton,  and Ross Atherton, granddaughter and grandson-in-law and Skye Atherton, great-granddaughter); David and Denise Stevenson, son and daughter-in-law; Andrew and Anna Burton, grandson and granddaughter-in-law (also representing Alice and Florence Burton, great-granddaughters and Audrey Medland); Nicholas and Mairi Burton, grandson and granddaughter-in-law (also representing Isla and Sophia Burton, great-granddaughters); Milly Stevenson, granddaughter and Jack Laidler; Hector Stevenson, grandson; Ivy Stevenson, granddaughter; Victor Stevenson, grandson; Jennifer King, niece; Christopher Lock, nephew;

Also Present Were: Roger and Julia Burton (also representing Joy Burton and all the family); Mike Burton (also representing Sandra Burton and Roy Burton); John and Margaret Nicolle (also representing the members of St Martin’s Age Concern Centre); Mandy Le Bachelet (also representing Colin); Michael and Marie McNeela (also representing George and Lily);

Peter Dorey (also representing Sara, Fern and Adam); Myfanwy Mitchell (also representing Roy Mitchell); Kevin Le Tissier (also representing staff at RH Le Tissier); Hubertus Lau (Hon. Secretary, The Guernsey Probus Club); Pat McKay (also representing Don McKay); Margaret and Mike Allen (also representing Tuula Lehtinen, St Martins Bridge Club); Adèle Malpas (also representing Sheila Calvert); Keith Munro (also representing Kathleen Munro); Peter Morris (also representing Lesley Morris); David and Rosemary Marquand (also representing George and Tina Shaw); Allie and Paul Staples; Mark and Alison Le Patourel (also representing Andrew and Sue De Garis); Gary Seabrook; Joy Schoales; Philip Ozanne (also representing Grace Ozanne, Danny and Ruta Manning, Forest Church Choir); Eve Fossick; Robin and Jean Roussel; Marilyn Robilliard;

Pauline Torode (also representing Mike Torode); Hazel Duquemin (also representing Joyce and Philip Hall, Joan Osborne and Jayne Cataroche); Mo Smith (also representing Julie Perfitt); Jurat Rev. Peter Lane (also representing Jurat Derek Le Page); Margaret Keeling (also representing Peter Keeling, Rodney Goldsborough and the Island Bridge Club); Claudio Silvestri and Sandra Niven; Isobel Mauger and Martin Jones (also representing Cherry McMillen, Hugh Bacon and C.I.C.B.A.); Sylvia Breton (also representing Tim and Kathy Davison); Peggy Miller (also representing Julie and Kate); Simon and Erika Henning; Mike De La Mare (also representing The Guernsey Probus Club); Mark Seabrook (also representing Sue Seabrook, Sam Seabrook and Abi Coleman); Roy Le Poidevin; Carol Allett; Ruth Button (also representing Peter, Charles, Sarah and William and Tattie Thompson); Nancy Smith; Richard Mayo; Tom English;

Anna Oxley (also representing David and Pat Hinshaw); Vic and Joyce Martin (also representing Karyn and Paula, Jim and Pam Williams and Sadie and Helen); Bob and Hazel Clark; Nigel and Marina Willis; Michaela Lovell; John and Anni Barnes; Ian Dorey (also representing Jacquie Dorey, David Dorey and Mark and Anne Dorey); John and Ruth Robinson; Roberto and Julie Chiappa; Danielle Retz (also representing Philip Retz); Alan and Debbie Dorey (also representing Claire Teed); Sandra Crittell; Robert Plumley; Rob and Suki Brocklebank; Geoff Le Page (also representing Lynne Le Page); Neil De La Mare; Martyn Langlois; Beatrice Clark; Julie Ball (also representing Phil Ball); Roger Morgan (also representing Jill Morgan); Michael Wall (also representing Eric and Jane and family); Chris Wall; Greta Goodeve (also representing Christina Goodeve); Elisabeth Trickey Keith Bienvenu; David Norman (also representing Nicola Norman); Hazel Bisson; Alan and Jan Cleal;

Anthony and Jan le Page (also representing Phil and Pam Schofield); Barbara Steer (also representing Paul Steer); Anne and Andrew Deane (also representing Roy Le Hegarat and Susan Bowditch); Kay and Dave Rabey; Judy Priaulx (also representing Graham Priaulx and family); David Bray (also representing Anne Wilkes-Green, Caroline Wilkes-Green and Ron Wilkes-Green); Jacqui Penney; SallySara Windsor (also representing Rhona Windsor); Martyn and Ann Seabrook; Henry and Margaret Le Tissier; Sue Horsepool; Lesley Bodman (also representing Angus Bodman); Joy Kilpatrick; Jane and Richard Keyho (also representing Jeanette Allen and Angela Spilman); June Money; Mr and Mrs Harper;

Susan Robilliard (also representing Michael Dodd); Jan Guille (also representing Geoff Guille); Nigel and Lesley Le Page; John Hervè (also representing Barbara Hervè); Sue Guilbert (also representing Colin Guilbert); Mike Plummer; Chris Tomlins (also representing Elizabeth Tomlins); Steve Parrott (also representing Kevin Lycett); Linda Archard (also representing Margaret Boden-Heaume); Anne Nicolle; Phil Salazar (also representing Linda Salazar); Paul Salazar; Colin and Sally Cherry; Gillian Taylor; Lindsey de la Rue (also representing Mark, Eden and Ava de la Rue); Mark Brockway (also representing Janice Dockerill); Eric Caplain; Margaret Waters; Peter P Walsh (also representing Janet Walsh);

Flowers were from all the family.

The arrangements were by Beckfords Funeral Services Limited with Clinton Le Page supervising.

DAWES, Carolyn Ann (née Le Huray)

Carolyn Dawes Square

The funeral service, prior to cremation for Carolyn (Lyn) Ann Dawes who passed away at her home, aged 75 years was held at Le Foulon Chapel and conducted by Michelle Duquemin.

Hymns were “Morning has Broken” Accompanied by The Salisbury Cathedral Choir and “Amazing Grace” Accompanied by The Tabernacle Choir. Opening Music was “Dance with My Mother” by Amanda Nicolle, Accompanied with Photo Presentation. Michelle gave the Welcome, Thoughts on Life and Death and The Tribute. Time of Reflection Music was “When I Get There by Pink, Accompanied by Photo Presentation. A Poem, “Memories of Mum” was read by Michelle. Closing Music was “Green Green Grass” by George Ezra, “Twenty Four Hours From Tulsa” by Gene Pitney, “When I Need You” by Leo Sayer and “Something’s Gotten Hold of My Heart” by Gene Pitney.                                      

The Mourners Were: Chris Dawes, husband; Jody Le Marchant, step-daughter; Mark and Alison Thomson, son and daughter-in-law (also representing Lexi Downes, great-granddaughter); Nathan Thomson, grandson and Keelan Poullard (also representing Mayalia and Emelia Thomson, great-granddaughters); Casey Moon (also representing Maisan Thomson, great-grandson); Kim Lomax, daughter (also representing Phil Lomax, son-in-law); Leon Lomax, grandson (also representing Freya Lomax, great-granddaughter, Charlie Lomax, great-grandson and Roxy and Sienna Lomax, great-grandaughters); Jodie Lomax, granddaughter; Kadee and Maddie Le Prevost, great-granddaughters (also representing Morgan Le Prevost, great-grandson and Lacey-Jae Le Prevost, great-granddaughter); Jordan Lomax, grandson, Lauren De Jersey and Bump; Carl Thomson, son; Lucy Thomson, granddaughter; Josh Thomson, grandson; Paul Thomson and Ros Chambers, son and daughter-in-law; Jake and Tyler Thomson, grandsons; Bryan and Ali Le Huray, brother and sister-in-law (also representing Dan, Adam and Mike, nephews and families);

Jackie, sister and Hannah Sangan, niece (also representing John Sangan, brother-in-law, Michelle Scott, niece, Dave Le Huray, brother, Lorraine Le Huray, sister-in-law and families); Jason Etesse, nephew (also representing Rodney Etesse, brother-in-law, Zoe and Natalie Etesse, niece); Lynda Mckee, sister-in-law (also representing Richard and Joyce Ellis and Miguel Murphy); Susan Walker, sister-in-law (also representing James Walker and Margaret and Colin Inder); Paul (also representing Simon Murphy-Hale, Jean Smith, sister-in-law and Jill and Brian Skinner);

Also Present Were: Carol Gallienne (also representing Christine Lanoe (twin) and Shaun Leach); Kim Lomax (also representing Damien Le Quesne, Tammy Little, Chris, Sandra and Boag Monro); Paul Thomson and Ros Chambers (also representing Ian Chandler); Angela Bullock (also representing Hayley Bullock, Kevin Smith, Richard Bullock, Cathy Chillcot, Darren Bullock, Danielle Bullock and Nathan Gamblin); Karen and Alan Tacon; Alison Pengelley (also representing family and Nigel Simon); Fran Bachmann (also representing family); Steph and Dwayne Ridley; Charlene and Tim Sheppard (also representing Brooklyn, Bryce, Malachi, Gail, Tish and Tracey Osbourne); Wendy Nelson (also representing Mark Bourgaize and Tamara Le Poidevin); Jon Ogier (also representing Louise Ogier, Grey and Caroline De Heaume, Ashleigh and Rhiannon  Heaume and Kirk Bishop); Rosslyn O’Regan and family (also representing Linda Probert and family, Debbie Barnes and family and Matthew Baher);

Tina Dunning (also representing Joan Buddle, Sue Belben and Angie Le Prevost); Dominic Quinn (also representing Matthew Gontier); Bryan Collenette (also representing Emma Collenette); Kerri Jeham; Mary-Lou Gallie; Cindy Woodruff; Craig and Marilyn Le Page (also representing Lisa and Steve Ogier); Marlies Green; Debbie Shatford (also representing Odette Trimbel); Jackie and Hannah Sangan (also representing John Sangan, Michelle Scott, Dave Le Huray, Lorraine Le Huray and family); Jason Etesse (also representing Rodney, Zoe and Natalie Etesse); Dominic Quinn (also representing Matthew Gontier); Bryan Collenette (also representing Emma Collenette); Kerri Jehan; Jody Le Marchant; Mary-Lou Gallie; Cindy Woodruff; Craig Le Page and Marilyn Le Page (also representing Lisa and Steve Ogier); Marlies Green;

Debbie Shatford (also representing Odette Trimbel); Monica Denning (also representing Dave Carre, Jenny Brache, Shirley Le Page and Julie Stuckey); Gary Marquis; Maria Brown (also representing Brown family and Teresa Palmer and family); Pam Allan; Pam and Paul Pennington; Nicki Crabb; Christopher Tebble (also representing Sarah and Adrienne); Emma Mourant; Mick Murphy (also representing Donna Murphy);

Flowers were from Chris. Kim and Phil. Carl. Paul and Ros. Tyler. Josh. Lucy. Leon, Freya, Charlie, Roxy and Sienna. Nath, Kee, Maya and Mila. Jordan and Lauren. Jake. Jodie, Kadee, Maddie, Morgan and Lacey. Mark, Ali, Nala

Other tributes were to be sent to Les Bourgs Hospice, Andrew Mitchell House, Rue du Tertre, St Andrews, GY6 8SF.

The arrangements were by Beckfords Funeral Services Limited with Clinton Le Page supervising.

LE GALLEZ, Sandra (nee Downes)

Sunflower Sunset

A Celebration of Life for Sandra Jean Le Gallez who passed away at her home, aged 69 years was held at Les Cotils and conducted by Reverend Linda Le Vasseur.

Opening Music was “Avalon” by Roxy Music. The Bible Reading was revelation 21: 1-4 and read by Reverend Le Vasseur. Memories of Sandra were given by Tess (daughter). Music played during Time of Reflection was “These are the Days” by Queen. A poem “Dust if you Must” was read by Amanda. Reverend Le Vasseur gave The Sentences, Prayers, including Psalm 23, Commendation and Final Prayers. Closing Music was “Orinoco Flow” by Enya.

The Mourners Were: Geoff Le Gallez, husband; Tessa Le Gallez, daughter; James Le Gallez, son; Katie Le Gallez, niece (also representing John and Jax Rosamund); Marina Mauger, niece (also representing James, Oliver and Evelyn Mauger); Chancre Downes, brother; Samantha Downes, niece; Chantelle Platt; Chris and Therese Le Gallez, brother and sister-in-law (also representing John and Tracey Sargent and David Vowles); Trevor and Karen Le Gallez, brother and sister-in-law (also representing Heather Norman and Michaela and Adie Northey); Joe Le Gallez, nephew (also representing Cheyenne Wylie, Phil, Dawn, Ben, Jade, Joe and Jacques Perree and Kristina Southern); Christopher Le Gallez, nephew; Clint Downes (also representing Charmaine Smith, Sonya Walker and Mary Harvey);

Also Present Were: Donna Patch (also representing Janine, Kay and Ken Blinston); Amanda Jaques; Linda Jones (also representing Scott Webb, Damien Jones, Christian Jones, Katina Jones and Sid Jones); Rosslyn Migasiuk (also representing Adrien and Kirsty Le Page); Ash Greaves (also representing Declan and Lottie Greaves); Tracy Hamon (also representing Simon Hamon); Cameron Blinston; Mike and Chris De La Mare;

Paula Ettesse-Wilson (also representing Theo Wilson, Sean Albin and Rob Bougourd); Ashley Smith (also representing Principal Security); Andy Lucas; Marina Dyke (also representing Laura Pearson); Neil Langlois (also representing Julie, Holly, Arwen, Edward and Albert Langlois); Win Le Cheminant (also representing Jacquie Dorey); Shirley Burtenshaw (also representing Larry and family); Carol Holloway; Roy Burton; Helen and Dave Ryan (also representing Angela and family); Scott Ryan; Rod Yeates (also representing Anthea Yates and Ross Yeates); Julie Exall, Stuart and family; Dave and Dawn Exall (also representing Richard and Sharon Exall); Rex Martel; Dennis McKane; Sandra McKane; Christine Jehan (also representing Maxine Jehan); Joan Anderson; Liz Le Patourel; Sarah Hardwick (also representing Nick Hardwick); Koen Le Prevost; Graham Newman; Blake Newman; Rod and Maureen Webb; Chris Gallienne; Joe and Anne Crawford (also representing Richard Crawford); Catherine Chinyama (also representing Pathology and Histology);

Gemma Whitley; Michelle Ferbrache; Mark Le Cheminant, Jodie and Tiffany Le Cheminant; Sandra Diment; Billy Kennedy; Ray and Jean Mauger; Rob Prow (also representing Sharon, Jamie and Georgie Prow); Colin and Kay Bull (also representing Sam Bull and Jemma Hadley); Kim Carre and Mark Carre (also representing Joanne Ferbrache and Leon Harrison); Caroline Ogier; Sara Sarre; Chris, Sarah, Adrienne and Harrison Tebble (also representing Luisa de Freitas-Alves, Willow, Sienna and Marni De Freitas); Sharon McHenry; Tanya Batiste; Steve Queripel; Mark Torode; Sarah-Jane Heathcote; Debi Pitman-Le Gallez; Brian Torode; Andrea McColl; Abbie Duncan; John Gollop; Ady and Tracy Gallienne (also representing the family); Avril Farnham; Nick Farnham; Colin Torode (also representing Sheila Torode);

Terry Castanha (also representing Path Lab); Pat Breban (also representing Stan Breban); Jean and Michael Weysom (also representing Jamie Weysom); Paul and Marilyn Cheetham; Anita Field (also representing Gwen Trump, Sheila Druckes and Catherine Sarre); Suki Brocklebank; Ron and Joyce Le Cras; Gary and Liz Darling; Dave and Michelle Markwick (also representing the family); Jos Mortimer; Nic Jee (also representing Nicky Jee); George Jennings (also representing Bridget Jennings and family, Steven White and Tony and Judith Sargent); Kevin Smith (also representing Kim Smith, Jarrod and Grant and Beryl and Reg Smith); Nina Thomson; Rick Le Cras (also representing Mel Le Cras and family);

Kenieta Domaille (also representing Ian Domaille); Andy and Michelle Queripel; Kerri Jehan; Nigel and Shirley Roussel (also representing Nigel and Katie and Jamie Roussel); Janine Bishop; Claire Chambers; Joanne Russell; Graham Winstanley (also representing Alan Winstanley and Sue Joyce); Steven Winstanley (also representing Joan Brophy and Karen Cabot); Anne O’Mahoney; Barry Cash (also representing Sarah Cash); Dennis le Moignan; Dr Stephen and Mrs Sue Sweet; Keith Pengelley (also representing the Pengelley family and Murchie family); Michael and Kay Moore (also representing Jason and Paula Martel); Mrs A Smyth-Mauger; Bridget Foss (also representing Stan Brouard Ltd, Guernsey Flowers Ltd and Rodney and Audrey Brouard); Elsa Dodd (also representing the Dodd family);   Jan Domaille (also representing Martyn Domaille, Mick and Carol Damarell, Ali Damarell, John Wild and Ian Southern);

Linda Attwooll and Claire Le Huray (also representing Mandy Cox, Charlotte Scherders, Paula Cluett, Daryl Cluett and Transport, PEH, Marlene Place and Fatima Freitas); Paul and Jane Killick; Nigel Smith; Ali Gardiner; Gwen and Mike Jeffreys (also representing Paul Jeffreys and family and Vikki Bennett and family); Titch Gill (also representing Richard and Zizina Sarre and family and Tony and Judith Sargent); Teena De La Mare (also representing Malcolm De La Mare and family, Mr and Mrs K Bourgaize and Mark Bourgaize); Michele Shell (also representing Robert Shell and Mr J E G Petit); John and Gwen Naftel; Shirley Diamond and John Walters (also representing Justin Diamond, Sally Diamond, sarah Heathcote, Jennie and Michael Edwards (UK) and Maureen (Mo) Ogier, (Wales)); Anne Blondel (also representing Barry, Stace and Martine); Jane Turian (also representing Geoff and Sophie Turian, Kelly Bromley and Richard and Chris Marquis);

Judy Horner (also representing Maureen Sparkes, (Australia), Bev Sebire, Tracie Coule and Cathy Wright); Lynn Skillett (also representing the flower classes); Ann Ogier (also representing Shaun, Vanessa and Aaron Gallienne); Keith and Katrina Gontier (also representing Peter Gontier, Colin and Sue Gontier and Nigel and Eileen Gontier); Rosie and Dave Bradshaw; Rhian Tooley (also representing Guernsey Lilies W.I.);

Tributes were to be sent to RNLI (Guernsey) Branch, C/o Mr Richard Lewis, Guernsey Harbours, PO Box 631, St Peter Port, GY1 3DL. 

The arrangements were by Beckfords Funeral Services Limited with Paula Ettesse-Wilson supervising.

RICH, Donald Frederick (Don)


The funeral service, prior to a private interment for Donald Frederick Rich who passed away at The Princess Elizabeth Hospital, aged 94 years was held at St Saviours Parish Church and conducted by Reverend Mark Charmley.

The organist, Graham Martel accompanied the singing of “I Vow Thee to my Country” and “Abide with Me”. The Bible Reading was Psalm 23 and read by Chris. Reverend Charmley gave the Words of Welcome, Sentences from the Bible, Prayers, Tributes and Commendation. Recessional music was played by organist, Mr Graham Martel. 

The Mourners Were: Jean Rich, wife; John Le Noury, stepson; Andrea Nightingale, stepdaughter; and Mark Nightingale, Step-son-in-law Chris Rich, son and Marianda Enevoldsen; Ollie Nightingale, step-grandson; Tom Nightingale, step-grandson; Christopher Le Noury; step-grandson and Abi Le Noury; Francesca Le Noury, step-granddaughter and Shaun Robins (also representing Barney Robins); Josephine Le Noury (also representing Verity and Felix). Lydia Cozens, Peter Legg and Oliver Legg Bonita Le Noury, step-granddaughter and Benedict Jones; Nigel Jones (also representing Alison Jones, daughter); Stephen Langlois, step - nephew (also representing Vicki, Isaac, Abigail Langlois, Sandie Hockaday and Paul Hockaday); Brenda de Garis, cousin (also representing Betty Fooks, cousin);

Also Present Were: Gill and Guy Quigley (also representing Zak and Mel Parsons and Giles Quigley); Melanie Crocker; Janet Corbin; Graham Jehan; Barbara Hervé; Charles Cooper; Jill Matthews; Stuart and Wendy Hayward; Pam Le Tissier (also representing Claire and Neil and family); Mark Le Tissier (also representing Leonie Le Tissier); Alun Williams; Tanya Dorrity; Davina Mansell (also representing Alexis, William and Oliver); Jon Lucas (also representing Joy Lucas); Chrissy Salmon (also representing Gerry and Helen Morrissey, Delma Luxton and the members of Shiloh Church); Pat and Don Mckay; Colin and Jenny Renouf (also representing Sarah and Peter Dorey, Marion Marquis and Veronica Crocker); Mavis Guille; Clare Garnham (also representing Lambourne Taxis, Sunflower Taxis and Dean Batiste); Jayne Jouhning (also representing Chris Jouhning); Anne Hamon (also representing Paul, Chloe and Josh); Eric Legg (also representing Sue Legg, Richard and Sheena Ellis and members of HSBC Guernsey Pensions Association); John Marquis (also representing Gina Marquis); Geoff Ogier (also representing Gwen Ogier); Mike Lucas (also representing Libby Lucas);

Fief de Blanchelande – Sir de Vic Carey, former Seigneur (also representing Richard McMahon, Seigneur, Sir Richard Collas, former Seigneur, Nik van Leuven, Seneschal, Darryl Ogier, Vavasseur, Jurat Connie-Helyar-Wilkinson, Vavasseur, Adrian Nicolle, Greffier, Advocate Gordon Dawes, former Deputy Greffier and Jurat David Robilliard, Sergent (and the Rev’d Juliette Robilliard) and Margaret Nicolle);

Flowers were from the family.

Other tributes were to be sent to The Salvation Army, La Route de Picquerel, Vale, GY6 8JA

The arrangements were by Beckfords Funeral Services Limited with Clinton Le Page supervising.

RICHARDS, Silvia Maria Varela

Sylvia Richards Facebook (1)

The funeral service, prior to a private interment for Silvia Maria Varela Richards who passed away at The Princess Elizabeth Hospital, aged 51 years was held at St Joseph’s Catholic Church and conducted by Deacon Mark Leightley.

The organist, Mr Luke O’Donnell accompanied the singing of “Lord of all Hopefulness” and “Abide with Me”. Deacon Mark gave the Welcome and Liturgy of the Word. First Reading was Ecclesiastes 3 1-8 and read by Max Richards. The Responsorial Psalm “The Lord is my shepherd, there is nothing I shall want” was read by Nina Richards. The Gospel Reading was Matthew 5 1-12. Prayers of Intersession was read by Rachelle Kennedy. Words of Remembrance given by Tim Richards followed by Thereza and Lucia Varela. Recessional music was played by Luke O’Donnell.

The Mourners Were: Tim Richards, husband; Max Richards, son; Nina Richards, daughter; Sally Richards; Julian Richards; Angelina Spurrier; Elizabeth Richards; Clelia Varela; Cristina Varela; Tete Varela; Lucia Varela; Paula Duck; Andrew Field, cousin; Joanne Field, cousin;

Also Present Were: Nigel Kennedy; Rachelle Kennedy; Cindy Kennedy; James Kennedy; Christina Kennedy; William Kennedy; Henry Kennedy; Laura Kennedy; Alex Horsburgh-Porter; Robert O’Brien, Principal, Dan Burgess, Andrew Manning, Sonia Hollowell (also representing staff and pupils at Blanchelande College); Kez Le Pelley; Graham Duerden; Denise Cohu (also representing Julie Matthews, all at The Russells Social Centre and Mandy Le Bachelet, Guernsey Voluntary Service); Paul and Laura Briginshaw; Sam and Tania Shires; David and Alison Lawrence and Thomas Lawrence; Chris Roughsedge (also representing Ladies College); Rita Fontes, Legion of Mary; Diane Rodrigues; Iona Mitchell; Sandra Duerden (also representing Polly Babbe); Sean Lacey and Ellie Lacey; Mrs Lahorgue; Heidi Sandy;

Rene Hervé; Ben Newell; Marie and John Russell; Robin Cowling (also representing Sophie Cowling); Eduard Delange; Jamie Bookless; Daniel Keeping; Sophie Crocker; Colin de Jersey; Alex Porter; Andrea Guilbert; Oksana Stefak; Karan Sonego; Carole Manheim (also representing Jack Manheim); Diarmuid Ryan; Oliver Dick; Tina Donnithorne; Robert and Andrea Sinclair; Sarah Chadwick Kay Chadwick; Sophie and Caspar Roughsedge; Luke and Sinead Wheadon (also representing Albert and Eve Wheadon); Fiona, Colin, Lauren and Alice de Jersey; Norman and Emma Fraser; Juanita Byrne (also representing Eloise Le Roux); Julia Clare; Ingrid and James Colmer; Rupert and Manoela Mackay; Advocate Mark and Rosalyn Ferbrache (also representing Brendon and AFR Advocates); Mark Kennedy; Aline Ball; Jean Evans (also representing Victoria Wing); Ben Manchak; Natasha Newell; Lizia Nousg; A Lavarello; Gary and Rebecca (also representing Alexandra);

Flowers were from Tim. Max. Nina.

Other tributes were to be sent to Cancer Research UK (Guernsey) Branch, C/o Lynda Mildon, 2 La Petite Clos, La Couture, St Peter Port, GY1 2EB.

The arrangements were by Zac Hannis of Beckfords Funeral Services Limited with Clinton Le Page supervising.




PUGH, Gordon Owen

Gordon Pugh Square

The funeral service, prior to a private interment for Gordon Owen Pugh who passed away at The Princess Elizabeth Hospital, aged 89 years was held at St John’s Church and conducted by The Very Reverend John A Guille.

The organist, Graham Martel accompanied the singing of “The Lords My Shepherd”, “Abide With Me” and “All Things Bright and Beautiful”. The Bible Reading was St John: Chapter 14 verses 1-6. Reverend Guille gave the Address, Commendation and Blessing. Recessional Music played was “Nessun Dorma” by L Pavarotti.

The Mourners Were: Chris Pugh, son; Shirley Hamon, niece and Ray Hamon (also representing Craig); Tony Rigden, nephew and Jackie Rigden (also representing Steve Rigden, Newcastle); Gary King, nephew (also representing Ann and Mick King, sister-in-law and brother-in-law, Ginny King, Ryan King and Lewis King); Paul Taylor, nephew (also representing Jackie Taylor, great-niece); James Taylor, great-nephew; Sue Thompson, niece (also representing David, nephew and Janet Pugh, niece);

Also Present Were: Sue Kirkpatrick (also representing Willie Kirkpatrick and Laura Kirkpatrick); Jackie Le Marchant (also representing Molly Bihet); Mavis Duquemin-Stevens; Helen Bicks; Ross Cowdrey and Carla De Garis (also representing Danielle Sparkes, Dee Lihou, Hollie Truffitt, Canaccord Genuity and Trevor Brehaut); Steve Cowdrey; Martin Concannon (also representing Julie Grant and former colleagues ay Guernsey Press); Angela Le Prevost; Lyn Woodgate (also representing Gary Woodgate, Neil Cave, Chloe Gallagher and Carol Hutchins); Roy and Val McDade (also representing Sean and Simon); David Masterton (also representing Janet Masterton and Simon Masterton); Rich Austin (also representing Margaret Austin); Chris Cox (also representing Katie Cox, Mark Culverwell, Simon Bishop-White, Leigh Savident and Dean Willis);

Jackie David (also representing James Shirkie, Rachel Kendall and Ken Bloor); Paul Ingrouille (also representing Carol Ingrouille and the 1998 and 2002 Guernsey Commonwealth Games Lawn Bowls teams and the Council and members of the Guernsey Indoor Bowling Association LBG); Will Stewart (also representing Annette Stewart and Mary Sims); Lee Hulse (also representing Neil Le Tissier); Andy Rigden; Len Le Ber; Ian Wood (also representing Anne); Andy Priaulx; Alan Benham (also representing Helen Benham); Peter Hughes; Keeley Craine; Kathy Thorne; Stewart Fraser and Jack Fraser; Tracy Curwen (also representing Olivia Fraser); Linda Smith; Bob Cave; Margaret Carre; Carole Renouf; Steve Le Noury; Miles Bishop-White (also representing Darren Wallbridge, Neil Moore, Julie Bennington and Tiki Stilwell); Linda Osborne; Eddie Percy (also representing Kay Smyth); Yolanda Young (also representing Jim Young, Sophie Young, Toby Young and Anne Simon); Natasha Thorne;

 Flowers were from The family. Sue, Willie, Laura, Alexis and Brooklyn. Mick, Ann, Gary, Ginny and boys.

Other tributes were to be sent to Dementia Friendly Guernsey, C/o Guernsey Community Foundation, First Floor, Tudor House, St Peter Port, GY1 1DB.

The arrangements were by Beckfords Funeral Services Limited with Clinton Le Page supervising.


EDWARDS, Kathleen Edith (Kath) née Maindonald

Kathleen Edwards Square

The funeral service, prior to a private cremation for Kathleen Edith Edwards who passed away at The Princess Elizabeth Hospital aged 92 years was held at Vazon Elim Church and conducted by Mr Stephen Francis.

The organist, Mr Graham Martel accompanied the singing of “All Things Bright and Beautiful” and “Jesus Bids Us Shining”. The Bible Reading was John 14 vs 1-6 & 27. The Family Tributes were read by Claire, granddaughter. A poem was read by Helen, granddaughter. Stephen Francis gave the Prayers, Committal and Closing Words and Blessing.

The Mourners Were: Sue and Geoff Fisher, daughter and son-in-law (also representing Steven, grandson and Leonie, granddaughter-in-law, New Zealand, Linda, niece and Terry O’Connor and family);); Alan Edwards, son; Mick and Sandra Edwards, son and daughter-in-law; Jennie and Dave James, daughter and son-in-law (also representing Ashley James); Steven Edwards and Emma Edwards, grandson and granddaughter-in-law (also representing Norman and Maureen Tough, Lisa Ogier and Jennie Vile); Laura Edwards, great-granddaughter (also representing Ethan Edwards, great-great-grandson); Olivia Edwards, great-granddaughter; Caroline Edwards, granddaughter (also representing Mary-Jane, great-granddaughter, Riley, great-grandson and Mandy Worthington); Claire Fisher, granddaughter;

Finn Fisher, great-grandson; Logan Fisher, great-grandson; Helen King, granddaughter; Hannah King, great-granddaughter; Terry King, grandson-in-law; Simon Kent; Pete De Mouilpied; Heidi and Steve Le Noury, granddaughter and grandson-in-law (also representing Rosemary Le Noury and Val Le Feuvre); Nicole Le Noury, great-granddaughter; Bradley Le Noury, great-grandson; Colin Edwards, nephew and Fran Edwards; Paul Edwards, nephew (also representing Christine Edwards, Jenna and Nick Biddlecomb, Jane Tee and Matthew (Champ) and Bobby Tee); Ian Maindonald, nephew and Jean Maindonald (also representing Sam Maindonald);

Sophie Maindonald (also representing Emily Maindonald); Paul Martin and Kay Martin, niece (also representing Samantha Langlois and Suzy Goode); Angela Dowinton, niece and Norman Dowinton (also representing Tracey and Justin and families); Jan Cummins, niece and Mick Cummins (also representing Michelle, Jo and families, Keith and Debbie Mourant and family, Ken and Pat Mourant and family and Jane Mourant and family); Lindy Heaume, niece and Dave Heaume (also representing Kelly and family and Kelvin); Chris Edwards (also representing Claire and Scott Edwards); Rob and Margaret Edwards;

Also Present Were: Sue Musson (also representing family); Ivan Roberts (also representing Hazel Roberts); Sally and Bill Gardner; Nicki Hamon (also representing Paul, Phoebe and Lottie); Martyn Rabey; Carolyn Stoaling (also representing Janet Collins); Barry and Gwen Trump; Marie Sillars; Ruth Lesbirel (also representing Hayley and David); Jean Vidamour (also representing Martyn Vidamour); Jenny Gallie; Carol McKenzie;

Flowers were from All the family. Ian, Sam, Emily and Sophie.

Other tributes were to be sent to Pumping Marvellous Foundation, Business First, Millennium City Park, Millennium Road, Preston, PR2 5BL.

The arrangements were by Beckfords Funeral Services Limited with Zac Hannis supervising.

FRENCH, Peter Stanley

Peter French

The funeral service, prior to a private cremation for Peter Stanley French who passed away at The Princess Elizabeth Hospital, aged 84 years was held at St Pauls Methodist Church and conducted by Reverend Howard Stringer.

The organist, Graham Martel accompanied the singing of “Praise my Soul” and “The Day Thou Gavest”. The Reading was John 14: 1-6, 27 and read by Matthew, grandson. A poem “He is Gone” was read by Alexander, grandson. Reverend Stringer gave the Prayers, Tribute, Prayer of Thanksgiving, Prayer of Committal and Blessing. Recessional Music was “Jump in The Line” by Lord Kitchener.

The Mourners Were: Alison French (Ali), wife; Sue and Jimmy Hillman. Daughter and son-in-law (also representing Tony Moralee, brother-in-law and Mary, Gavin and Owen); Christine and Neil Stanford, daughter and son-in-law (also representing Sue Bellinger); Simon and Janine French, son and daughter-in-law; Matthew Le Tissier, grandson and Jemma Le Tissier (also representing Ollie Le Tissier, great-grandson); Vicky Le Tissier, granddaughter (also representing Lee); Elouise French, granddaughter and Ryan Whitehead (also representing Debbie, Ian and Harry Whitehead); Alexander French, grandson; Pat and Peter Ford, sister and brother-in-law (also representing Chris Ford, nephew and Kim Ford);  Jackie Davies, sister (also representing Les Davies, brother-in-law, Glyn, nephew, Sharon, niece and David and Steph, niece and Paul); Richard Ford, nephew and Morgan Ford (also representing Kirsty Ford, Billy and Heather);

Also Present Were: Shirley and Vic Falla; Ian Musson (also representing Monica Musson); Joan Rouget (also representing Rachael and Steve Holford); Cathy Greening; Ian Greening (also representing Guernsey Sheltered Housing Group); Christine Le Prevost (also representing Monica Armstrong and Alva Gee); John McCarthy; Doreen Arnold; Janet Corbin (also representing Graeme Corbin);

Eric Legg (also representing HSBC Guernsey Pensioners); John Gosselin; Ian Le Brun (also representing Niamh Alexander); Elaine Goodhew (also representing Clive Goodhew); Stephen Roberts (also representing Teresa Roberts, Table 5 at The Grange Lodge); John Lee; Pearl Moore (also representing Don Moore); Peter Ouseley; Ruth and Clary Davies; Richard Cann; Chris Marquis; Dave and Cathy Martel (also representing La Chaumiere Homes); Don and Val Bailey; Sue Taylor; Neil and Nicky Moore; Michelle Lowndes and Brian Martel; Sue and Martyn Lee (also representing Toby, also Sally and Graham Robert); Brian and Marilyn Stanford; Les and Pat Quesnel; Judith and David Lainé (also representing Danny Hughes and staff at Grange Lodge Hotel); Lynn Gilman (also representing family); Stephanie Le Tissier;

Nick and Christine Ferbrache (also representing Harriett and Pascal Ferbrache); Ian Rouget (also representing Vi Ferbrache); Steph Davies; Paul Darlington; Diane Hockey and Michael Rea;  

Flowers were from Ali. Simon and Janine. Jimmy and Sue. Christine. Elouise and Alex.

Other tributes were to be sent to RNLI (Guernsey) Branch, C/o Mr Richard Lewis, PO Box 631, Guernsey Harbours, St Peter Port, GY1 3DL or Guide Dogs for the Blind, Hillfields, Burghfield Common, Reading, RG7 3YG.

The arrangements were by Beckfords Funeral Services Limited with Zac Hannis supervising.





INGROUILLE, Olwen May (nee Barnett)

Olwen Ingrouille

The funeral service, prior to a private interment for Olwen May Ingrouille who passed away at Maison de Quetteville Residential Home, aged 99 years was held at Spurgeon Baptist Church and conducted by Pastor John Ogier.

The organist, Stephen Francis accompanied the singing of “To God be The Glory”, “As the Deer Pants for the Water” and “Guide me, O Thou Great Jehovah”. The Bible Readings were Psalm 23 and John 14 v 1-7. Pastor Ogier gave the Prayers, Message and Final Scripture, Ascription of Glory and Blessing.

The Mourners Were: Paul Ingrouille, son (also representing Keith Ingrouille, son, (Canada)); Carol Ingrouille, daughter-in-law (also representing Richard Le Poidevin, step-grandson and Chloe Le Poidevin, step-greatgranddaughter); Alison Clark, step-granddaughter; Thomas Clark, step-greatgrandson (also representing Tim Clark); Geoffrey Mahy, cousin (also representing Elaine Mahy, Rosemary Whitehead, Brian and Penny Mahy and Nancy and Verle Davison, (Florida), all cousins);

Also Present Were: Ann Ahearne (also representing Peter and James Ahearne and Jason and Annette Chutter); Maggie Tostevin (also representing Maud Le Moigne); Derick and Brenda Le Poidevin (also representing Mike and Jenny Nicolle); Vic Richer; Jan Barbè; Jill Froome (also representing Vic, also Ali and Ian Merrien); Brian Clegg (also representing Heather Clegg); Myra Greenway (also representing Olive Lett, Barbara Harris and Brenda Queripel); Ian and Carrie Rouxel; Joan Tostevin (also representing Marlene Place and Rod Tostevin); Nigel Presland (also representing Andy Brehaut and Heather Brehaut); Richard Torode (also representing Liz Torode); Jill Matthews (also representing Eiluned Sanders); John and Jean Palin; Jackie Nicolle (also representing Guernsey Bowling Club); Tony and Margery Yates;

Katie Wicks (also representing Hazel Robins and Vikki Gallienne); Sylvia Falla.

Vicky Delaney and Saskia Le Poidevin (also representing staff and residents of Maison de Quetteville); Kathleen Bichard (Former member of Guernsey Fellowship Choir) (also representing Hazel Le Poidevin); Jean Renyard (also representing Marie Warne); Brenda Smart (also representing Wayne and Lorraine Mahy);

Flowers were from Paul and Carol. Keith. Richard and Chloe Alison and Thomas.

Other tributes were to be sent to Maison de Quetteville Residents Comfort Fund, L’Aumone, Castel, GY5 7RT.

The arrangements were by Beckfords Funeral Services Limited with Zac Hannis supervising.




WOOLRICH, John William

John Woolrich

The funeral service, prior to cremation for John William Woolrich who passed away at the Princess Elizabeth Hospital, aged 63 years was held at Le Foulon Chapel and conducted by Reverend Mark Charmley.

Opening Music played was “Wish You Were Here” by Pink Floyd. Reverend Charmley gave the Sentences, Opening Prayer and read Memories of John, written by his son James. The organist accompanied the singing of “Morning has Broken”. The Bible Reading, Ecclesiastes 3: 1-11 was read by Reverend Charmley. Frank Robinson gave a Tribute, followed by a Moment of Reflection whilst the music “Fade In/Fade Out (Abbey Road Acoustic Session)” by Nothing More was played. The Poem “If I Should Go Before The Rest of You” by Joyce Grenfell was read by Reverend Charmley who then gave the Commendation, Committal and Final Prayers. Closing Music was “Laughing on Judgement Day” by Thunder.

 The Mourners Were: James Woolrich and Joanna Nichols;

Also Present Were: Neil Robilliard (also representing Anthony Dyer, Ian Giles, Colin Kimber, Kim Leadbeater and Michael Ogier); Cathy Tyrrell (also representing Sacha Ferbrache and Paul Daigle); Ceila Allen (also representing the volunteers at Mostly Books); Frank and Alison Robinson (also representing Daniel, Katie and Nick and Cathy Bonham and Chris Daykin); Richard Tostevin; Kristine Ivanova and David Morris; Michael Le Page; Danny Fooks; Dan Noyon; Sarah Winsall (also representing Richard Le Feuvre); Sally Le Noury; Gillian Nichols (also representing Charlotte and Adrian Le Tissier); Judith Hansen (also representing Carl); Kim Marquis; Neil and Marilyn Laine and Amie Laine (also representing Kirstin, Charlie and Cameron); Dan Tostevin (also representing Naomi Tostevin); Charlotte Carr (also representing Community Services); Samantha Nichols and Matthew Nichols; Tanya Richards-Pugh; Geoff Mauger; Glyn Smith; John Le Noury (also representing Andrea Nightingale); John Marquis;

Flowers were from the Baker family.

 Other tributes were to be sent to The GSPCA, Les Fiers Moutons, St Andrews, GY6 8SF.

The arrangements were by Beckfords Funeral Services Limited with Clinton Le Page supervising.



POWELL, Brian Anthony

Sunset Stock Photo

The funeral service for Brian Anthony Powell who passed away at The Princess Elizabeth Hospital, aged 82 years was held at Le Foulon Chapel and conducted by Michelle Duquemin.

The organist, Mr Graham Martel accompanied the singing of “Morning has Broken” and “All Things Bright and Beautiful”. Opening Music was “On the Sunnyside of the Street” by Louis Armstrong. Time of Reflection music was “What a Wonderful World” by Louis Armstrong. Michelle gave the Thoughts on Life and Death, Memories of Brian, The Lord’s Prayer and Committal and Concluding Words. Closing music was “When the Saints Go Marching In” by Louis Armstrong.

The Mourners Were: Barbara Powell, wife; Ian Powell and Sharon Powell, son and daughter-in-law; Dawn Morgan, daughter and Martin Thomas; Julie and Tony Hill, daughter and son-in-law; Grant Powell, grandson and Briony Powell; Mica Le Page, granddaughter and Richard Le Page (also representing Poppy Le Page, great-granddaughter);  Gwendoline Fletcher, sister; Keith Powell, brother (also representing Christine and Matthew Powell); Trudi McLeod, niece (also representing Geoff Fletcher, nephew, Mark Fletcher, nephew and family and McLeod family); John and Vicky Dodd, brother-in-law and sister-in-law (also representing Sandra Northey and Andre Bichard); Paul Dodd, nephew (also representing Lisa, James and Gill Dodd, sister-in-law); Janet Northey, sister-in-law; Catherine Dodd, sister-in-law; Sharmane Dodd, niece; Carrie Bacon, niece (also representing Dominic Bacon, Esther Jones, niece and Tony Jones); Steve Powell, nephew (also representing Liz Powell);

Adrian Northey, nephew (also representing Michaela Northey and Holly Langlois); Jez Powell, nephew and Jenny Powell (also representing Sue Loveridge, Connor and Cameron Powell and Martyn and Jackie Gaudion); Sam Ingrouille, niece (also representing Paul, Jasmine and Mikey, Ingrouille); Tina Pipet, niece and Mark Pipet; Rosemary Powell (also representing Peter and Corinne Dean);

Also Present Were: Margaret and Howard Everett; James McKenzie; Susanne Hart (also representing Allen Webb); Kathryn Evans (also representing David Evans); Mark Bideau (also representing Tracy Bideau and Tony Bideau); Ian Hall (also representing Mike Hall); Ian Fitchet (also representing Whistlers Table Tennis Club); George Couzens (also representing Brian Parkin and Sue Corbet); Roy and Elizabeth Northey (also representing Katherine, Christopher and Rachel Northey); Mike Allen (also representing Margaret Allen, Tuula Lehtinen and St Martins Bridge Club); Brian Ferbrache (also representing Sue Ferbrache); Kay Chivers (also representing Percy Chivers); Keith Opie; Christine Le Lievre (also representing Ken and Glenda Tucknott and The Lihou Bridge Club);

Derek Webb (also representing Christine Webb, Becks O’Keefe, Robin Vile and Guernsey Table Tennis Association); Ken Falla (also representing Audrey Falla, Angela Pallot and Dave and Lynn Finn); Rod Goldsbrough, Island Bridge Club; Jan Falla; Graham Lesbirel (also representing Anne Rihoy, Wayne Rihoy and Miriam Parker); Bob Cherry; Marie-Francois Marquis (also representing Moana Marquis); Martin Sarre (also representing Katrina Sarre and Lionel Jones); Brian Le Cras; Graham Martel; Sharon and Des Duarte; Andre Whitney (also representing Peggy Whitney); Rob Lihou (also representing Sue James and Andy); Lynne Williamson; Don and Anne Babbe; Bob and Judy Wickham; Maurice James; Kevin Simon (also representing Dianne Simon); Ian Lihou; Andy Hall; Andrew Hitchon; Richard Malegodi; Marilyn and Mike Robilliard (also representing Barry and Val Kilby and Hugh and Tanya Bacon, CICBA Bridge and Manor Bridge Club);

Sue Robilliard (also representing Angela Hood); Madeleine Dawson; Peter English; Steff Moody (also representing Daniel Moody); Nikki Moorshead (also representing Adam Moorshead); Howard Morgan and Rhys Morgan (also representing Stephanie Morgan);

Flowers were from the family.

Other tributes were to be sent to Les Bourgs Hospice, Andrew Mitchell House, Rue du Tertre, St Andrews, GY6 8SF or Cancer Research UK (Guernsey) Branch, C/o Lynda Mildon, 2 La Petite Clos, La Couture, St Peter Port, GY1 2EB.

The arrangements were by Beckfords Funeral Services Limited with Clinton Le Page supervising.




FALLA, Barbara neé Ternent

Licensed Image

The funeral service, prior to a private cremation for Barbara Falla who passed away at Chateau des Tielles Nursing Home, aged 96 years was held at St Paul’s Methodist Church and conducted by Reverend Howard Stringer.

The organist, Mr Graham Martel accompanied the singing of “Morning has Broken” and “Make me a Channel of Your Peace”. The Bible Readings were Psalm 23, read by Colin and John 14. 1-6, 27. The Tribute was given by Jenny. Reverend Stringer gave the Prayers of Thanksgiving and Commendation.

The Mourners Were: Micheal Falla, son and Carol Young; Colin Falla, son (also representing Steph and Tristan Boscher); Jennifer Falla, daughter-in-law (also representing Andrew Marshall, grandson, (New Zealand)); Stephen Wilkes, grandson (also representing Harriet and Theodore Lord, great-grandchildren); Hannah Lord; Ian Young; Luke Young, great-grandson; Samuel Wilkes, great-grandson, Daniella Eihe and Charles Wilkes, great-great-grandson); William Wilkes, great-grandson; Chris Tweedale, nephew;  Kathy and Amy Tweedale; Daphne, Derek, Robert and Helen Lund;

Also Present Were: Anita and Peter Carey; Jerry and Vicky Woodward (also representing Blair and Laura Woodward and Brian and Donna-Mae Acton); Mike De La Mare (also representing Christine De La Mare); Peter Adam, Sonia Singh, Dada Sarre and Rosia Fernandez (also representing staff and residents of Chateau des Tielles Nursing Home); John Seymour (also representing Sue Seymour); Margaret Cross; Jean Martel; Pauline Telford (also representing Margaret Moffatt); Lesley Perchard (also representing St Stephen Players and Mike Perchard); Jenny Winterflood (also representing Shaun, Rebecca and Donna Winterflood); Mollie Dorey, St. Stephens Players); Mary De La Mare (also representing Tony De La Mare); Jean and John Forman; Pauline Bisson; Ken and Audrey Falla;

Carolyn Le Poidevin; Margaret and Dave Bougourd; Eileen Le Lacheur (also representing Elizabeth Orr); Trevor Bourgaize, President of La Societe Guernesiaise (also representing Ornithology Section); Lesley Bourgaize (also representing Rob Lihou); Vic and Jill Froome (also representing Timothy Froome and Alison Merrien);

Pat Hitchon (also representing Karen Seward, Head Trainer I.D.T Club); Debbie Hobbs (also representing Peter, Emily and Jack Hobbs); Steve Greenway (also representing Sam Greenway and Guernsey Sheltered Housing Group Limited); Carolyn Myram; Gillian Ingrouille; Barbara Minta (also representing Bob and Molly Thompson and The Guernsey Eisteddfod Society); Jean and Milton Carré (also representing Janet and Barry Barbé and Hazel Solway);

Flowers were from Chris, Kathy, Aimee, Daphne, Derek, Helen and Robert. Luke. Sam. William. Andrew Marshall.

Other tributes were to be sent to The Secretary, La Société Guernesiaise, Candie Gardens, St Peter Port, GY1 1UG, for the benefit of Royal Society for the protection of birds.

The arrangements were by Beckfords Funeral Services Limited with Zac Hannis supervising.




Placeholder Footprints

A celebration of Life for Charles Hartley Kinnersly who passed away at Les Bourgs Hospice, aged 83 years was held at Beckfords Chapel and conducted by Michelle Duquemin.

Opening Music was “Fernando” and “Chiquitita” both by Abba. Poems read in the service by Michelle Duquemin were “When I’m Gone” by Lyman Hancock, “He is Gone” by David Harkins, “Remember Me” by Margaret Mead, “Afterglow” by Helen Lowrie Marshall and “Farewell my Friends by Rabindranath Tagore. Memories of Charles by Ingrid and Thoughts of Dad by Beck, Ed and Will, and Kit and Meadow were also read by Michelle.  Music played during Time of Reflection, accompanied by a photo presentation was “I Have a Dream” by Abba. Michelle gave the Thoughts on Life and Death and Final Farewell and Concluding Words.  A poem by Coco was also printed.  Closing music was “Thank you for the Music” by Abba.

The Mourners Were: Ingrid Kinnersly, wife; Rebecca Knight, daughter and Chris Knight; Edward Kinnersly, son; William Kinnersly, son and Katherine Kinnersly; Coco Kinnersly, granddaughter; Kit Kinnersly, grandson; Meadow Knight, granddaughter; Nick and Charlotte Kinnersly, brother and sister-in-law; Victoria Kinnersly, sister (also representing Eid and Joani Broughton and Patrick Kinnersly and Richard Kinnersly, cousins); Sarah Kinnersly, sister (also representing Felice Germani and Amina Germani); Sarah Kinnersly, (also representing Michael Kinnersly, cousin); Hugo Kinnersly cousin; Susie Sampson, cousin; Charles Osborne, cousin;

Also Present Were: Patricia Rolph, Ex Anchor Laundry Staff; Mary Knight; Helen Knight; Nicholas Drake (also representing Gillie Drake); John Foley (also representing Alison Foley); Charlie Buchanan (also representing Magnus Buchanan); Oliver Coquelin (also representing Michael Ozanne); Claire Craddock (also representing the family and Sims family); James Colmer (also representing Ingrid Colmer and Michael Ozanne); Rollo de Sausmarez (also representing William, Peter and Lindsay de Sausmarez); De Vic Carey (also representing Lady Carey);

Flowers were from the family.

Other tributes were to be sent to Les Bourgs Hospice, Andrew Mitchell House, Rue du Tertre, St Andrews, GY6 8SF.

The arrangements were by Beckfords Funeral Services Limited with Paula Ettesse-Wilson supervising.



LE MESSURIER, Rosemary (Rose) Susan

Rosemary Le Messurier

Requiem Mass for Rosemary Le Messurier who passed away at her home, aged 74 years was held at St Joseph’s Catholic Church and conducted by Father Inna Reddy Gade.

The organist, Mr Luke O’Donnell accompanied the singing of “How great Thou Art”, and “Love Divine”. The Communion Hymn was “Ava Maria” and the Recessional Hymn was “Amazing Grace”. The First Reading, Isaiah 25: 6-9 was read by Patrick Le Tocq. The Responsorial Psalm was “The Lord is my Shepherd”; there is nothing I shall want, by Andre. The Second Reading, St Paul to the Romans 14: 7-12 was read by Mrs Blin. The Gospel Jn 14: 1-6 was read by Father Inna, he also gave the Prayers, Homily and Final Commendation.

The Mourners Were: Peter Le Messurier, husband (also representing Deanna Duran and Oscar Duran, sister and brother-in-law and extended family in the USA, Graham Le Messurier, brother-in-law and Susan Baker Le Messurier, sister-in-law and extended families in the UK); Melissa Lewis, daughter and David Lewis, son-in-law; Sonia Horsepool, daughter and Graham Horsepool, son-in-law (also representing Craig Horsepool and Riley Horsepool, step-grandson-in-law and step-great-grandson-in-law); Eleanor Legg, granddaughter (also representing Oliver White, great-grandson); Adam Legg, grandson-in-law (also representing Jack Legg, step-great-grandson and Emily Legg, step-great-granddaughter and family);

Paul Le Maitre, nephew and Sharon Le Maitre (also representing Robin Le Maitre, nephew and Tina and Jamie and Jonathan Le Maitre, great-nephews); Jeremy Le Maitre, nephew (also representing Faye Le Maitre, Danielle Ceillam, great-niece and family); Steve King, nephew; Terry King, nephew; Karen Le Messurier, sister-in-law (also representing John Le Messurier, brother-in-law, Scott Le Messurier and Claire Rowlinson and family, Mandy, Carol, Jean and families and Julie and Colin Churchill and families); Pam Russell (also representing Mike Ingrouille, cousins); Paula Ettesse-Wilson, cousin;

Also Present Were: Patrick and Anne Le Tocq; Vince Kelling; Tom and Vanessa Denton (also representing Anita Bailey, Cameron Bailey, Vanessa Bailey, Steve Edwards and Sienna Bailey); Jacob White; Janet Wickenden (also representing all of St Martins Primary School); Jacky Lowery; Dixie Norman; Graeme and Jane White (also representing Sam White, Jess Shales and Jack White); Marilyn Loveridge (also representing Karen Jehan); Jan Attwood (also representing Tony Attwood, Kara Lucas and Kate Lee); Ady and Tracy Gallienne (also representing Emma and Ross, Lucy, Alice and Harry); Stephen Le Messurier; Brenda Clapp; Richard and Mich Coumbe; Phyllis Bougourd, The Legion of Mary; Aaron Bailey; Rita Fontes, Legion of Mary; Amanda Topping (also representing Adie Topping); Brenda Smart; Connie Morris; Maud Blin; Yvonne La Farge;

Jocelyn Bush (also representing Yolan Slater, Australia and Trish Mason); Janet Lewis (also representing family, Martin Lewis and Caroline Lewis); Angela and Norman Dowinton (also representing Chris and Jan Gosselin); Tina Gillman (also representing Roy Gillman); Janet Herpe; Sally-Ann Penney (also representing Mark Penney, Ron, Ang and Kevin Greening, Alison and Peter Sarre, Betty Dorey, Gill Carre, Dicko Dorey, Gwen Ozanne and Nicky, Teresa Coombes, Trevor and Mandy Haynes, Lorraine Da Silva, Paul Falla (Stan) and Laura Oke); Trudy Bourgaize (also representing Graham Bourgaize and family); Jenny and Henry Topping (also representing Neil Topping); Margaret Keeling; Jean and André Le Marre; Avril Ryan (also representing Alyson Jordan); Margie Pearson; Gillian Le Pavoux (also representing Mike Le Pavoux, James Le Pavoux and St Martins Grand Marche Co-op);

Flowers were from Peter. Melissa and Dave. Sonia and Graham. Ellie, Adam, Jack, Emily and Ollie. Deanna, Oscar, Richard, David, Lisa and all the family. Karen, John and family. Sue and Graham. Anita and Vanessa, Steve, Cam, Kodi, Sienna and Preston. Aaron, Rachel, Ben, Emma, Dawson and Mali, Steve, Vanessa, Terry and families. Jean, Mandy and Carol.

Other tributes were to be sent to Bulstrode Oncology Unit, C/o Mrs S Butler, Meldrum Way, Braye Road, Vale, GY3 5PR.

The arrangements were by Beckfords Funeral Services Limited with Zac Hannis supervising.




TERRY, Betty

Sunset Stock Photo

The funeral service, prior to cremation for Betty Terry who passed away at her home in Sark, aged 91 years was held at Le Foulon Chapel and conducted by Reverend Linda Le Vasseur.

The organist, Mr Graham Martel accompanied the singing of “All Things Bright and Beautiful”. Open Music was Ke Kali Nei Au (The Hawaiian Wedding Song) by Charles E. King. Memories of Betty were read by Richard (brother). The Bible Reading was Ecclesiastes 3: 1-11. Music played During Time of Reflection was “The Flower Duet” by Lakme-Act 1. Reverend Le Vasseur gave the Sentences, Words of Comfort, Prayers and Committal. Closing Music was “Hawaiian Wedding Song” by Elvis Presley.

The Mourners Were: Richard Dawson, brother; Rebecca Dawson, niece; Charlotte Dawson, niece; Tom Chakraborti; Brendan Ireland;

Also Present Were: Sally Hutchins; José Day (also representing Sarah, Emma and Jessica Diplock, Lyn Diplock, Dave Scott and Estelle Robin); Richard Ellis (also representing Sheila Ellis, Richard Guillard, Sark, John Lee, Eric Legg and Guernsey HSBC Pensioners Association); Mary Bennalick (also representing Michael Lanyon and Caroline Robins); Suzanne Archer; Jess Hester (also representing Sheryl High); Dr Phil and Rose Rawkizor and Stephen Furniss); Norman Wilkinson; Wendy Kearnon (also representing James Briggs, Caroline Robins and Janie Scott); Adrian Guille (also representing Angela Barrows); Marilyn Carre; Maggie Feibel (also representing Carolyn Robbin); Veronica Burgess; Shirley Hamon (also representing Trevor Hamon); Yvonne Docking; Gabbi Molnar; Paula Burbridge (also representing carers from Connie’s Carers);

Flowers were from Richard, Charlotte, Brendan, Millie, Josh, Rebecca and Tom, Richard, Rebecca and Charlotte.

Other tributes were to be sent to The Professor Saint Sark Medical Fund, C/o Peter Cunneen, Percy’s Cottage, Sark, GY10 1SE or by bank transfer HSBC, sort code 40-22-25, Account Number 01053302.

The arrangements were by Beckfords Funeral Services Limited with Paula Ettesse-Wilson supervising.


LEMÉE, Irene Amy née Bartlett

Herm Easter 2007 014

The funeral service, prior to a private cremation for Irene Amy Lemée who passed away at GreenAcres Care Home, aged 77 years was held at Beckfords Chapel and conducted by Michelle Duquemin.

Opening music played was “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” by Israel Kamakawiwo’ole. Michelle Duquemin gave the Welcome and Thoughts on Life and Death. Quote, “Success” by Robert Louis Stevenson was read by Michelle Duquemin. Let’s Remember Irene written by Sharon, included the poem “Alzheimer’s” by Dick Underwood read by Constance and “Here Comes the Sun” by The Beatles. Music played during Reflection was “Hallelujah” Andrea Bocelli and Virginia Bocelli, accompanied by a photo presentation. Michelle gave the poem “Remember”, Committal and Closing Words. Recessional Music was “Time to Say Goodbye” by Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brightman.

The Mourners Were: Sharon and Tony Walden, daughter and son-in-law (also representing Hazel Ratcliff, sister and Dean, nephew, Roxanne, niece and James, great-nephew, Australia and Theresa Girard); Aaron Walden, grandson; Sam Walden, grandson and partner Constance. Pam Bartlett, sister-in-law (also representing Pam Morse and Patricia Guille); Janet Bartlett, niece; Karen Breban, niece (also representing Phil and family and Helen and Trevor Le Page); Matthew Ryland, great-nephew (also representing Jenny and Tim Bartlett); Joelle and Jeff Shaw (also representing Geoffrey, Margaret and Darren Lemée); Thomas Shaw (also representing Laura Shaw, goddaughter and Lee and Helen);

Also Present Were: Jayne Le Gallez (also representing Peter Blake, Zoe Blake and family, Dan Blake and family, Avril Elliott and Barry Hockey); Peter Walden (also representing Jacqueline Walden, Ben and Freya Walden, Deanne Allen and Ryan Waterworth); Nicola Waterworth;

John and Anne Booth (also representing William Booth, Ailsa Cleveland, Colin and Pauline Burt); Annice Fletcher (also representing John and Carole Walden); Dave and Pat Chalker; Neil Huyton (also representing Karen Huyton); Matt Sawbridge; Robin Le Vallee (also representing Anita Le Vallee); John and Rose Sauvage; Jill Hutton; Carol Friend (also representing Bruce Friend); Steve and Sarah Walden; Dave and Carol Gallienne; Karen Simon (also representing Jan Yabsley, Darryl and Margaret Le Poidevin); Vanwy Wallbridge (also representing Karyn Jackson and family); Hayley and David Bull (also representing Mandy Brittain and Amanda Brown); Mick and Sheila Bourgaize; Tracy Loveridge (also representing David Poat); Moira Boyd (also representing GreenAcres Care Home, staff and residents); Wendy and Tony Aller (also representing Theresa Goubert);

Flowers were from the family.

Other tributes were to be sent to Cancer Research (UK), Guernsey Branch, C/o Lynda Mildon, 2 La Petite Clos, La Couture, St Peter Port, GY1 2EB or GreenAcres Comfort Fund, C/o GreenAcres Care Home, Les Hubits, St Martins, GY4 6LS.

The arrangements were by Beckfords Funeral Services Limited with Zac Hannis supervising.


DODD, Ruby

Ruby Dodd

The funeral service, prior to a private cremation for Ruby Dodd who passed away at her home, aged 93 years was held at St Pierre du Bois Parish Church and conducted by The Reverend Doctor Adrian Datta.

The organist, Mr Andrew Warren accompanied the singing of “Morning has Broken” and “All Things Bright and Beautiful”. The Eulogy was given by Milly Dodd. A poem was read by Genevieve Dodd. The Bible Reading was 1 Corinthians 13 and read by Reverend Datta. Music played during Time of Reflection was “Turn! Turn! Turn!”. Reverend Datta gave the Address, Prayers and Final Blessing. Closing Music was “Albatross” by Fleetwood Mac.

The Mourners Were: Jackie Angus, daughter and Robert Angus, son-in-law; Colin Dodd and Milly Dodd, son and daughter-in-law; Ross Angus, grandson; Scott Angus, grandson and Maggie Bichard (also representing Lewis Ogier); Alexander Dodd, grandson; Genevieve Dodd, granddaughter; Sophia Dodd, granddaughter; Reg and Beryl Smith, brother and sister-in-law (also representing Jarrod Smith, Sam Niles, Imogen and Jake Smith and Grant Smith); Kevin Smith, nephew and Kim Smith; David Smith, nephew and Suzanne Smith (also representing Kelly and Maria Allez and Sophie Nielson); Jenny Piercey, niece; Joy Le Couteur, cousin; Mick Smith, cousin (also representing Sue Smith); Norman and Joan Ashplant, cousins (also representing Roy and Carole Ashplant, UK); Brian Smith (also representing Vera and family, cousins);   Martyn and Gill Blondel (also representing Dorothy Marshall, cousin);

Also Present Were: Mr and Mrs D Dudley-Owen (also representing Bronwen and Deidre Dudley-Owen); Gwen Ashplant; Richard Ashplant (also representing Debbie Ashplant); Maureen Gorvel; Sue Sweet (also representing Steve Sweet); Gemma Underwood (also representing James and Emilia);

Anne Pinchemain (also representing Richard Pinchemain); Marilyn Brehaut; John Ephgrave (also representing the family); Tony and Judith Sargeant; Caroline Edwards (also representing Mary-Jane Martel); Louis Brouard; Beckie Prestwich (also representing Louisa Nugent, Tom, Abi and Oscar Prestwich, Brenda Mayor and Lizzie Robinson); Mary Callaway (also representing Sue and family and Paul and Angela Sargeant); Chris and Annie Bichard; Carla Gill (also representing “Little” Ruby and Gill and Keith Le Pelley); Marlene Taylor (also representing Betty Bourgaize and Chris Snell); Linda Lainé (also representing Colin Lainé, and The Guernsey Purple Poppy Campaign, Honouring The Animal Victims of Warfare); Eileen Le Lacheur (also representing Roy Le Poidevin, Jean Cloarec, Margaret Smith and Noella Hann); Peter and Ven Price (also representing Hayley, Ashley and Tracey); Jocelyn Ozanne (also representing Una Brehaut);

Kenieta Domaille, Ian Domaille, Carson Domaille and Kody Domaille (also representing Martyn Domaille, Janet Domaille and Kelly Turian); Gill and Frank O’Neill; Orla-Marie Manning (also representing Andy, Aoife and Eoghan); Sue Queripel (also representing Martyn Queripel and Tina Pasquire); Terry Thuillier; Janine King; Wayne, Jenny, Jacob and Ellie Piercey; Bernard Roussel (also representing Robert Roussel); Ben Remfrey (also representing Rachel and family); Betty Bougourd; Linda O’Meara; Alison Damarell; Mick Damarell (also representing Carol Damarell); Eunice Damarell; Clare Parfrey; Anna Callou; Jess de Garis (also representing South Team Community Nurses and Community Services); Rachel Bott (also representing Adrian, Sam and Eve); Mick and Sandra Edwards; Adrian Le Pelley (also representing Jan Le Pelley and Paul and Catherine Le Pelley); Marion and Jerry Root; Reuben Ashplant; Andy Ashplant (also representing the family);

Jonny Skillett; Marilyn Vidamour (also representing Roy Vidamour, Sue and Roger Herd, Maria Elder and Denise and Andy Croft); Elise Le Prevost (also representing Roy and Jason); Charlie Price (also representing Kerry, Ellie and Jack); Robert Prestwich (also representing Ruth and Dougie Hieghton Jackson and Trevor and Zesa Pascal); Beki Prestwich (also representing Elaine Kitsell); John Callaway (also representing Leasa);

Flowers were from the family.

Other tributes were to be sent to Cancer Research UK (Guernsey) Branch, c/o Lynda Mildon, 2 La Petite Clos, La Couture, St Peter Port, GY1 2EB.

The arrangements were by Beckfords Funeral Services Limited with Clinton Le Page supervising.

BEWEY, Michael (Mick)


The funeral service, prior to a private cremation for Michael John Bewey who passed away at his home address, aged 66 years was held at Our Lady Star of the Sea and conducted by Fr Inna Reddy Gade.

The organist, Mr Luke O’Donnell accompanied the singing of “Peace, Perfect Peace” and “make me a Channel of Your Peace”. The Eulogy was given by Josephine (sister-in-law). The First Reading was Wisdom 3: 1-6,9. The Responsorial Psalm was “The Lord’s my Shepherd”. The Gospel was Jn 14:1-6. Father Inna gave the Opening Prayer, Gospel Acclamation, Homily, Prayers and Final Commendation. Recessional Music was played by Luke O’Donnell.

The Mourners Were: Mary Bewey, wife; Paige Bewey, daughter and Daniel MacDonald (also representing Jess Van Der Tang); Anne Marie Bewey, mother; Jane Roots, sister; Neal Bewey, nephew (also representing Harry and Jason, great-nephews); Josephine Jaggard and David Jaggard, sister-in-law and brother-in-law (also representing Danielle Jaggard, niece); Joseph and Julie Maloret, brother-in-law and sister-in-law (also representing Thomas Buddle, nephew and Bob and Wendy Ozanne); Ajay Schooler, nephew; Steve Scholl, brother-in-law; Stephen Bewey, cousin (also representing Andrea Bewey, Sheila Le Page, aunty and Paul and Michelle Bewey, cousins); Lynn Bewey, auntie; Jansen Bewey (also representing Sue Bewey, Liam, Livvy and Jaxon Bewey and Sean, Hannah and Willow Bewey); Audrey Medland, cousin (also representing family and Nick and Wendy Mariess); Peter and Jacqueline Perrio, cousin (also representing family and Michael Perrio); Anne Perrio, cousin (also representing Corral Smith and Anne and David Perrio, cousins);

Also Present Were: Gary Riochet (also representing Bill and Jayne Allerton); Joan Carr; Colin and Mandy Wherry (also representing Lauren Hird, Dave Wherry, Jean Wherry, Jayne Le Corre and John Fallaize); Bob and Lisa O’Brien (also representing Dom O’Brien, Hannah Mills and Courtnay Vaudin); Karyn Jackson (also representing Ben, Sam and Aimee Jackson, Michele Simon, Racheal Newbegin, Jane Clarke, Allan and Julie Phillips, Nikki Lacey and Vanwy Wallbridge); Mary Lacey (also representing Sue Le Roi, Pat Prevel and David Thompson); Alan Martel (also representing Gill Martel and family, Carl Queripel and C.I. Lighting); Dave and Jackie Collins (also representing Katie Collins); Paul Berryman (also representing Steve Martel and Richard Diligent); Pauline Horey; Manika Thomas;

Jim Behan (also representing Gordon Mauger and Pete McKenzie); Ross Raineri; Lewis Wood; Paul Bichard (also representing Joanne Bichard); Connie Morris; Jodie Horton (also representing Amy and Will Martin); Clive and Michelle Martin (also representing Marion Batiste, Rachel Bailey and Jo Guilbert); Rob Coquelin (also representing Gill Coquelin); Andrew Savident (also representing Rose Bromley); Marilyn Atkinson (also representing Kate Flood); Tom Brock; Marilyn Loveridge (also representing Matthew Loveridge); David Hannah; Ali Barnett; Jo MacDonald; Charlotte MacDonald; Annabeth Warren; Yvonne Gallagher; Colin De La Mare (also representing Sue De La Mare); Jess Le Prevost; Kath Daley; Rita Fontes, (Legion of Mary); Kay and Michael Moore (also representing Josh Moore); Paul Langlois; Harry Prince; Chris Colling; Kevin Brouard (also representing Neil Hutchinson);

Nigel Turner (also representing Pam Turner); Stuart Crittell (also representing Michael Eker); Philippa Renouf; Margaret and Alison Barnett; Andy Gilman (also representing Gordon Gilman); Caroline Treharn; Coleen Ogier; Patricia Gaudion; Theresa Wilen (also representing Tracey Le Messurier); Jacky Loveridge (also representing Sharon and Paul Dempsey); Andy and Avril Collenette (also representing Jean ceillam); Lloyd Duquemin; Paul Benwell; Joe Perree; Matthew Clarke; Laura Clayton (also representing Megan Clayton and Mary Guymer); Peter Burns (also representing Anne-Marie Anderson); Frances McCann; Vivienne Thomson; Stephanie Duskova; Graham Le Maitre; Sean and Lyn Rault (also representing Jenna Veron and family, Rhys Rault, Ella Hamel, Gill and Brian Johns and Neil Hutchinson); Steve Mauger (also representing Carole Mauger);

Joseph Beard (also representing Committee and Members of the North Social Club); Tony Walden (also representing Sharon Walden); Emily Nuttall; Makela Harrison and Kiana Harrison (also representing Becky Bailey, Dean Cohrs, Enzo Cohrs, Ace Cohrs and Wren Cohrs); Andrea Nuttall and Rodney Goubert (also representing Tania and Les Hill and Esther and Graham Verard); Jeannine Tanquerel (also representing Rick Tanquerel and Simone Le Guilcher); Andreé and Tommy Dutton (also representing Paul, Mary Ann Dutton and family, Andreé and Gordon Dutton-Queripel and family); Cathy Greening (also representing Theresa Young); Rachel Skinner (also representing Adam Skinner, Alfie and Elsie, Demi-Lee Dawson, Alex Atkinson and Bodhi and Enola); Alan Mahy (also representing Paul Ellis); Robert Bennalick;

Nigel Mahy (also representing Billie Smith, Rachel Le Garff, Dicky Henderson and Carl Roussel); Anne Setters (also representing Ron Harnden, Mary Guymer, Susan Chapman and families); Bryan and Sue Guilbert; Sue and Pete Le Page (also representing Wendy and Bob Ozanne); Margaret Torode (also representing Shelley Tansell and Chloé Torode); Mark and Paula Machon; Terry Naftel (also representing Sue Naftel and Cathryn Aylett); Paula and Lyndon Fox (also representing Kobi Fox, Kirsty Broome and family, Stacey Allen and family and Luke Ferbrache and family); Joanne Ellis (also representing Maple Leaf Dart League, Derrick and Gill Le Cras, Bob and Sue Topley, Mick and Yvonne Le Gallic, Rob and Charlene Davidson, Clare Anderson and Kat Lockwood); Brian “Curly” Vallois (also representing Jane Le Page, John and Janine Tolcher, Mick Sebire, Steve O’Conor, Carol Gallienne and Tony and Chris Lanoe); Roger Polli, Royal Legion L’Islet Darts; Madeleine Vibert (also representing Yana); Kathleen Malorey; Paula Malorey-Vibert; Zana Michel (also representing Craig Morrison); Lynn Josse; 

Flowers were from Mary. Paige. Danny. Mum. Ajay. Thomas. Jane. Danielle. Steve Sholl.

Other tributes were to be sent to Diabetes Guernsey, C/o The Crab Pot, Rue des Crabbes, St Saviours, GY7 9QH.

The arrangements were by Beckfords Funeral Services Limited with Paula Ettesse-Wilson supervising.

NAFTEL, Yvonne-Claire (nee Quèvâtré)

Yvonne Naftel

The funeral service, prior to cremation for Yvonne-Claire Naftel who passed away at The Princess Elizabeth Hospital, aged 80 years was held at Le Foulon Chapel and conducted by Michelle Duquemin.

Opening Music played was “She’s Always a Woman” by Billy Joel. Poems entitled “She is Gone” by David Harkins and “Our Memory Library” by Sarah Blackstone were read by Michelle. Music played during Time of Reflection was “As The World Falls Down” by David Bowie- Labyrinth. Michelle gave the Thoughts on Life and Death, Tribute and The Lord’s Prayer. Recessional Music was “Supermarket Flowers by Ed Sheerin.

The Mourners Were: Michèle Holmes, daughter; Rémi Naftel, son; and Dani Grant; Mollie, Kaitlin and Aimee, granddaughters; James and Ethan, grandsons; Destiny Grant; Arla Grant; Ros Hammarskjold, cousin; Chloe Naftel;

Also Present Were: Ted and Anna Smith; Louise Blake; Wendy Montroy; Tammy Montroy; Mitchel Blake; Pauline Hamon (also representing Sarah Bourgaize); Ellie and Matt Knowles; Peter Strappini; Carmo Vieria; Robert and Sheila Benstead (also representing family and Joanne Queripel); Margaret Carre and Laurence Carre; Jean Robilliard; Vanessa Benstead (also representing Paul, Liam and Neve Benstead); Marguerite Bennett and Derek Bennett (also representing Amanda and Hans Randall and Tammy, Zoe and Finlay Sneddon); Wendy Byrom (also representing Gaby, Ben and Zoe and Jill and Bill Klimeschevski); John Le Couteur (also representing Sally, Emily, Tilly and Flo); Suzette Pederson (also representing Bob, Karl, Nicolette, Justin and families); Pete Wild (also representing Theresa Wild and family);

Flowers were from Michèle, Rémi and family.

Other tributes were to be sent to Dementia Friendly Guernsey, C/o Guernsey Community Foundation, First Floor, Tudor House, St Peter Port, GY1 1DB.

The arrangements were by Beckfords Funeral Services Limited with Zac Hannis supervising.

PATCH, Christine Mary (née Collins)

Christine Patch Square

The funeral service, prior to a private cremation for Christine Mary Patch who passed away at The Princess Elizabeth Hospital, aged 79 years was held at Our Lady Star of the Sea and conducted by Father Inna Gade.

The organist, Mr Luke O’Donnell accompanied the singing of “All Things Bright and Beautiful” and “One More Step Along The Way I Go”. The Eulogy was given by Nigel Collins. The Reading was Isaiah 25: 6-9 and given by Jill Bray. The Gospel was John 14: 1-6. Father Inna gave the Prayers, Gospel Acclamation, Homily and Final Commendation. Prayers of The Faithful were given by Tony Penney. Recessional Music was “The Wonder of You” by Elvis Presley, played by organist Luke O’Donnell.

The Mourners Were: Derek Patch, husband; Sharon Crofts, daughter (also representing Nikki Crofts, grandson and Cedric and Moira Bayles); Nigel Collins, brother and Ellie Collins, sister-in-law (also representing the family); Matthew Collins, nephew; Clint Collins, nephew; Wayne Collins, nephew; Steve Collins, nephew and Tracey Collins (also representing Natalie and Zoe Collins); Garry Collins, nephew (also representing Ellie and Ida); Dave Collins, brother and Jackie Collins, sister-in-law; Katie Collins, niece; Charmaine Collins, niece; Pamela Bartlett, sister (also representing Janet Bartlett, niece, (UK)); Ruth and Raymond De La Mare, sister and brother-in-law (also representing Martyn Dorey, brother-in-law, Nicola and Craig Dorey, niece and nephew, Lillie Harris, great-niece, Connor Dorey, great-nephew and Judith Davey); Olive and Raymond Patch, brother-in-law and sister-in-law; Keith De La Mare, brother-in-law; Dan De La Mare, nephew (also representing Lianna De La Mare); Tony Mourant, nephew; Alan Patch, nephew and Karen Patch, niece (also representing Adrian Patch, great-nephew); Colin and Sue Patch, nephew and niece (also representing Oliver, Charlie and Toby Patch and Aimee Lihou); Lisa Patch, great-niece (also representing Sam De Carteret);

Rachel Rundle, great-niece (also representing Nathan Rundle); Jo Timms, niece and Mac Timms (also representing Philip Leale); Helen Le Page, niece (also representing Trevor, Ashleigh and Gemma Le Page); Karen Breban, niece (also representing Phil, Paul, Andy, David, James and Matthew); Dawn Robert, cousin; Sylvia Le Moignan, cousin (also representing John and Maureen Smith, cousins, Kath Roze, cousin, Muriel Elliott and family, IOW and Beryl Noyon and family, IOW); Pat Tostevin, cousin (also representing Mick Tostevin);

Also Present Were: Jill Bray (also representing Bob Farrell, Suzy Hollingsworth, Tracey Marx Amos and Adrian Marx); Tony and Judith Sargent; Paul Migasiuk; Michelle Fitzpatrick; Madeleine Mullan; Colm Mullan; Pauline Coleman; Nicky Bellis; Jenny Piercey; Paul and Christine Le Prevost (also representing Dave Thoume); Jean Allen-O’Leary (also representing Art Allen-O’Leary and Larry Burtenshaw); Tina Dunning (also representing Theresa Goubert); Tressa Harlow; Margaret Guille (also representing Nicky Gardner and Win de Jersey); Eileen Gallienne (also representing Marion Gallienne); Margaret Rihoy; Maxine Cooney (also representing Lynne Wood); Brian “Curly” Vallois (also representing Karen); Theresa and John Mallett (also representing Pam Bruce and the Hamon family, Ruth Hollberry, Sally Do (Bingo), Stuart Mallett, Tuesday Williams, Joshua Mallett and Harvey Mallett); Mark Mallett (also representing Natascha Le Prevost); Sarah Mallett and Harry Le Poidevin (also representing Brandon Mallett and Dalton Beausire);

Sheila Dunn; Joan Rouget (also representing Sheila Mills and Rachael Holford); Gwen Parsons (also representing Mike Parsons, Tracy Smith, Caroline Le Cheminant, Martine Hazlewood and Geraldine Julou, (New Zealand)); Roger and Sue Bougourd (also representing Claire and Helen); Les Mourant (also representing Scott Mourant); Natasha Axworthy; Mr and Mrs Val Duaresq; Sophie Osbourne; Tony Penney (also representing Lyndsey Penney); Julie Loveridge (also representing Nick Loveridge); 

Flowers were from Derek, Sharon and Nikki. Nigel, Ellen and our family.

Other tributes were to be sent to Chest and Heart LBG, Oberlands, St Martins, GY4 6SP.

The arrangements were by Beckfords Funeral Services Limited with Clinton Le Page supervising.

STEWART, David Vernon


The funeral service, prior to a private interment for David Vernon Stewart who passed away at his home, aged 86 years was held at New Life Church and conducted by Pastor Simon Krige and Mr Stephen Francis.

The organist, Mrs Sarah Langlois accompanied the singing of “How Great Thou Art”, “Make Me a Channel Of Your Peace” and “The Day thou Gavest”. Pastor Krige gave the Welcome and read Psalm 121. Stephen Francis gave the Prayer and Memories of David. The Bible Reading, John 14 verses 1-6 & 27 was read by Dave Battle. Pastor Krige gave the Address. The Prayers and Lord’s Prayer were given by Luke Parker.

The Mourners Were: Sheila Stewart, wife (also representing Ena Bichard, Peter Hamon, Angela Le Poidevin, Brenda Gallienne and John Savident); Caroline Woolston, daughter (also representing Heather Woollard and Ness Kettlety); John Woolston, son-in-law (also representing Samantha and Luke Welch, granddaughter and grandson-in-law); Jonathan Woolston, grandson and Becky Le Maitre; Peter and Eve Stewart, brother and sister-in-law (also representing George and Jean Stewart, cousins); Joyce Gallienne, sister-in-law (also representing John Gallienne, brother-in-law); Margaret Goddard, sister-in-law (also representing Colin Gallienne, nephew and Michelle Hamon, Sean Goddard, nephew and Debbie Goddard); Glenn Gallienne, nephew (also representing Sarah, Jess and Sophie Gallienne, Nigel Gallienne, nephew and Sally, Joshua, Max and Harry Gallienne); Mike Hockey, nephew (also representing Deb Hockey, Neva Hockey, great-niece and Perry Hockey, great-nephew); Denise Hockey (also representing Amber and Jayde, great-nieces); Eunice De La Mare, sister-in-law; Sandra De La Mare, niece;

Also Present Were: Stephen Francis; Luke Parker (also representing Lois Parker); Jean Woolston; Tim and Sarah Langlois and family (also representing George Langlois and Phil and Sue Langlois and family); Jeanette Brache (also representing Adrian Brache and Samuel and Daniel Brache)

Dave and Cathy Battle (also representing the family); Nigel and Jayne Pascoe (also representing James and Hannah and Lydia and Ryan); Keith and Kathleen Munro (also representing The Guernsey Old Car Club); Christopher Munro (also representing Brenda Munro); Julie Merrien (also representing Paul Merrien); Roger and Catherine Mahy (also representing Peter and Nicky Richardson and Claire Symphorien); Roslyn Guilbert (also representing Douglas Guilbert); Thelma Pemberton; Karen and Geoff Harrison; Rose Le Page; Lawney Martin (also representing Rory and Damian Thacker, Gus and Julia Stafford, Allen and Sam, James and Tilly Stafford Allen); Shirley Tulie; Lorna Tulie; George Tulie; John Tulie; Eileen Tulie (also representing Margaret Richardson); Rob Tulie; Mr Chapman; Judith Adams (also representing Matthew Adams); Rod and Judy Ferbrache; Pierre Tostevin (also representing Catherine, Caroline and Danielle); Bett Savident (also representing Trevor Savident);

Chris Topping (also representing Henry, Jenny, Amanda, Neil, Lisa and Adie Topping); Jason O’Neill; Henry Fallaize; Sandra Le Cheminant; Jess de Garis; Christie Chapple; Anna Callow (also representing Community Services); Steve Murphy (also representing Richard Clarke);

Flowers were from Sheila. Caroline and John. Boo and Beck. Sam and Luke. Peter and Eve.

Other tributes were to be sent to The Little Extras Trust, PO Box 444, St Peter Port, GY1 3ZS.

The arrangements were by Beckfords Funeral Services Limited with Zac Hannis supervising.

GALLIENNE, Peter (Prof)

Peter Gallienne Square

A Celebration of Life, prior to a private interment for Peter Stanley Gallienne who passed away at The Princess Elizabeth Hospital, aged 75 years was held at Les Cotils and conducted by Michelle Duquemin.

Congregational Music played was “A Kind of Magic” by Queen, “Love is all Around” by Wet Wet Wet, “Take my Breath Away” by Berlin and “Simply the Best” by Tina Turner. Opening music was “Circle of Life” by Elton John. Michelle gave the Words of Welcome and Thoughts on Life and Death. The Tribute, written by Sally was read by Michelle. A Poem “Another Biker has gone Down” by Connie Starren was read by Michelle. Music played During Time of Reflection was “Miracle of Love” by Eurythmics. A Reading, “A Litany of Remembrance – We Remember Them” by Rabbi Sylvan Kamens and Rabbi Jack Riemer was read by Michelle, together with a poem “Sea Fever” by John Masefield. Michelle gave the Committal and Closing Words. Closing music was “Sailing” by Rod Stewart.

The following members of the 66 biking group accompanied the hearse to the service:  Martyn Lowe, Colin Corbin, Les Barnes, Mac Timms and Ted Wild:

Standard of the Guernsey Association of Royal Navy, Royal Marines and Merchant Navy, Standard Bearer was Eleanore Browning.

The Mourners Were: Sally Gallienne, wife  (also representing Trudie Shannon, Jacques Guivarch, (France), Beautrice Vasquez, (France), Breton Family, Helen and Keith Whitter, (UK), Marion and David Couzens, (UK, Tim and Nicki Matthews, (UK) and Claude Van Martin, (UK); Sandra Wilkins, cousin;

Also Present Were: Eleanore Browning, Standard Bearer, Guernsey Association of RN, RM and MN; Martyn Lowe, 66 club (also representing Chris Pipet, (Hank), Colin Robin, Mike Mauger, Mike Weysom (Farmer), Charlie Gabriel and Bob Wright, all 66 club Shane Parrot, 66 club (also representing Rolo Thorn, 66 club); Ken Scrimshaw 66 club (also representing Richard Le Page, 66 club); Mac Timms, 66 club; Les Barnes, 66 club; Ted Wild, 66 club; Janson Bewey, 66 club (also representing Gary Payne, 66 club and Phil and Jane Le Ber)

Kerry Moon (also representing Jane Moon); Peter Tilden-Smith (also representing Graham Higgins, Canada); Johann Etasse; Rex and Fay Dunn; Valerie Le Ber; Denise Harnden; Ken Le Noury; Sharon Ozanne (also representing Graham Ozanne); Peter Couch; Graham Le Vallois (also representing Louise Le Vallois); Marilyn and John Thompson; Linda and Derek Falla; Jayne Le Cras; Martyn Mauger (Loopy); Stan and Jenny Le Gallais; Avril Elliott; Sue Legg; Richard Villard; Brian Roome (also representing Julie Roome); Jenny Lowe (also representing Tony Lowe and John and Danielle Adams); Dawn Robin (also representing Hedgehog Rescue); Bob Le Moignan (Bun); Adrian Goubert; Gareth Williams (also representing Laura Williams); Carl and Sally Rive (also representing Herm Seaway Marine);

Wayne Shaw (also representing Karen Shaw, Jonny Skillett and Rick and Carol Hubert); Dave and Dawn Bessin (also representing Chloe Luxton (Coco)); Marlene Beard; Des and Karen Fletcher; Fred Goubert; Tammy Simon (also representing Corey Leaver and Megan Leaver); Sydney Le Gallais; Jayne Le Gallais; Helen Legg;

Donna Adams (also representing Mick and Mavis Legg and Lee Roome); Stuart and Jason Le Ber; Martin Woodhard;

Flowers were from Sally. Stuart, Donna, Alfie, Archie and Ava.

Other tributes were to be sent to Diabetes Guernsey, C/o The Crab Pot, Rue des Crabbes, St Saviours, GY7 9QH or Bulstrode Oncology Unit, C/o Mrs S Butler, Meldrum Way, Braye Road, Vale, GY3 5PR.

The arrangements were by Beckfords Funeral Services Limited with Paula Ettesse-Wilson supervising.



Placeholder Cross

The funeral service, prior to cremation for Mark Tucker who passed away at Les Bourgs Hospice, aged 62 years was held at Le Foulon Chapel and conducted by Reverend Linda Le Vasseur.

Processional music was “Passacaglia” by Handel and Halvorsen. Reverend Le Vasseur gave the Words of Welcome. A poem, “Farewell my friends” by Rabindranath Tagore was read by Anna Ellis. The Eulogy was given by Jamie Tucker, brother. The poem, “We let you go” by Ruth Burgess was read by Olivia Tucker. During A Moment of Reflection and Photo Presentation, “Throw down the sword” by Wishbone Ash was played. Reverend Le Vasseur gave the Commendation and Committal, Words of Comfort and Blessing. Recessional Music was “Always look on the bright side of life” by Monty Python.

 The Mourners Were: Jane and Robin Rhodes, sister and brother-in-law; Katy and Alastair Turnbull, sister and brother-in-law (also representing Duncan Turnbull and Angus Turnbull, nephews); Helen Ozanne, sister (also representing Colin Ozanne, brother-in-law); Jamie and Tammy Tucker, brother and sister-in-law; Anna Ellis, niece (also representing Jon Ellis, Albert and Rose); Peter Rhodes, nephew and Mary Kanu; Alex Turnbull, niece; Olivia and Isabelle Tucker, nieces;  Rebecca Scott (also representing the Scott family);

Also Present Were: Martyn McLauchlan (also representing Roy Brehaut); Tim and Vanda Slann (also representing Buz White, Paul Willis, Paul Carrington, (UK), Nekola Carrington, (UK) and Nadine Hockey); Nicola Slann (also representing Penny Sarchet); Nate Slann; Jane Le Conte (also representing Jacquie Vining); Bianca Le Conte; Richard Le Conte; Russell Le Conte; Rosslyn Denoual (also representing Ian and Lisa Ozanne); Paul W Ferbrache (also representing Donald Eddie and Michael Temperley);

Chris and Fiona Thompson (also representing Emile Thompson, Pete Radford and Ross and Theresa Hamon); Geoff Orme, Britannia Rugby Club; Steve Yates; Jay Summers; Hannah Robins (also representing Chris Robins and Lily Robins); Dave Wadley (also representing Alison Wadley); Debby Duquemin; Ellen Gargan (also representing Patrick Packer and Sven Packer and family); Michael Payne (also representing Diana, (Cyprus)); Bryan and Tricia Pill; Joan Warlow (also representing Peter and Anthony Warlow); Elaine Bound (also representing Christopher Bound); Nelia Rodrigues (also representing Sonia Cooney); Chris Jackson; Tony Rigden (also representing Jackie Rigden); Sam Jarrold; Martin Corbet; Steven and Karen Wood; Robert Roussel (also representing Bernard Roussel and James Roussel); Mish Floyd and Tony Jeffreys; Caroline Langlois; Paul Jarrald; Alana Pugh; Matthew Lucas;

Mary Payne (also representing Diana and Tim); Jon Chandler (also representing family, Tim and family and Kate Chandler); Phil Hall (also representing Carol Hall); Chris de Carteret (also representing Credit Suisse); Steve Kail;

Flowers were from all the family.

Other tributes were to be sent to Les Bourgs Hospice, Andrew Mitchell House, Rue du Tertre, St Andrews, GY6 8SF or RNLI (Guernsey) Branch, C/o Mr Richard Evans, Guernsey Harbours, PO Box 631, St Peter Port, GY1 3DL.

The arrangements were by Beckfords Funeral Services Limited with Paula Ettesse-Wilson supervising.

GIBBS, Christina

Forget Me Not

The funeral service, prior to a private cremation for Christina Gibbs who passed away at Green Acres Care Home, aged 79 years was held at Castel Parish Church and conducted by The Reverend Linda Le Vasseur.

The organist, Philip Bond accompanied the singing of “Morning has Broken”, “Lord of all Hopefulness” and “Guide me, O thou Great Redeemer”. Opening music was “Over the Rainbow” by Israel Kamakawiwo’ole. A poem “A Wife, a Mother and Nanny too” was read by Susie, Olivia & Maddy. The Bible Reading was 1 Corinthians 13 and read by Simon Gibbs. Reverend Le Vasseur gave the Memories of Christina, Prayers and Commendation and Committal. Closing Music played was “Smile” by Nat King Cole and “She’s Always a Woman” by Billy Joel. 

The Mourners Were: Simon and Tracey Gibbs, son and daughter-in-law (also representing Debbie Duquemin); Harriett Wall-Gibbs and Tristan Brown; Olivia Gibbs, granddaughter. Darren Gibbs, son and Charlotte Bates. Tania and Simon Russell, daughter and son-in-law; Will, Susie, Maddy and Olly, grandchildren; Julia and Jay Aylmer, daughter and son-in-law (also representing Carolyn Aylmer, Ashley Aylmer, Jessica Littlewood and Judith Littlewood); Ella, Arthur, Millie and Daisy, grandchildren. Mary and Terry Carter, sister-in law and brother-in-law (also representing David Carter and Nicola Rhodes, Paul and Vicky Carter); Jennie and Andy Perry, niece; Ben and Daisy (also representing Jordan). Valerie and Howard Livings, cousin.

Also Present Were: Rev. Linda Le Vasseur; Elizabeth Razzak; Bruce Russell (also representing Patricia Russell and the staff at the Gold and Silversmith); David Matheson; Alistair Gates (also representing Rachel, Sam and Will Gates); Howard and Enid Gates (also representing Cobo St Matthews Wives Group); Kay Robey.

Joan and Brian de Carteret (also representing Jenny Turian, Chris de Carteret and Jean Hudson);  Michael Lihou; Vicki Montgomery and Brian Montgomery; Malcolm and Penny Watt; Brenda Smart (also representing Pete Smart and Michael and Marilyn De Jersey); Craig Duquemin (also representing Michelle Welbourne and family); Patrick Moorshead; Lisa and Bob O’Brien and Dom O’Brien (also representing Finn O’Brien, Hannah Mills, Lorcan O’Brien, Jocelyn and Peter Guille, Samantha Wall-Gibbs and Ruby and Eva Dowding); Jean Whalley (also representing Colin Whalley); Moira Boyd (also representing staff and residents of Greenacres); Ieva Viksne; Edna and Peter Martel (also representing Lynn Dane, (Bristol)); Fiona Hyde (also representing Peter Hyde); Rodney and Sandra Clough; Douglas Mackay (also representing Rebecca Mackay);  Shelagh Denton; Sherry Summers (also representing Melanie Moncrieff and Pat Queripel);

Flowers were from all the family.

Other tributes were to be sent to Guernsey Alzheimer’s Association, The Centre, Rue des Monts, Delancey, St Sampsons, GY2 4HU or Residents Comfort Fund, C/o Green Acres Care Home, Les Hubits, St Martins, GY4 6LS.

The arrangements were by Beckfords Funeral Services Limited with Clinton Le Page supervising.

DYKE, Brian Osmond

Placeholder Cross

The funeral service, prior to a private interment for Brian Osmond Dyke who passed away at Highfield House Care Home, aged 81 years was held at The Vale Parish Church and conducted by Reverend Beverley Hervé and Mr Stephen Francis.

The organist, Andrew Warren accompanied the singing of “Make me a Channel of Your Peace” and “The Lord’s my Shepherd”. The Bible Reading was St John ch 14 verses 1-6 & 27.  Music played during A Time For reflection was “Jimmy Shand Waltzes: Leaving Stornoway”/The Hawthorn Scottish Dance Band. Reverend Hervé and Stephen Francis gave the Prayers, Tribute, Commendation and Blessing. Recessional Music played was “How Great Thou Art”, played by organist, Mr Andrew Warren.

 The Mourners Were: Jackie Rigden, daughter (also representing Mike and Lyn Rawlings); Tony Rigden, son-in-law (also representing Gordon Pugh and Gill and Roger Browning); Steve Rigden, grandson (also representing Abbie Peel); Andy Rigden, grandson; Jenny James; Tony Zabiela, nephew and Julia Zabiela (also representing Joan Zabiela, sister-in-law, Sarah Zabiela and Charlotte Zabiela, grand-nieces); Gabrielle Le Cras, cousin (also representing Mansell and Dianah Le Huray, cousin (Jersey)); Gerald Browning, cousin (also representing Shirley Browning, cousin and family and Betty Browning, cousin and family); Rodney Dyke, cousin; Jan Dyke, cousin (also representing Michael and family); Roger Burton, cousin (also representing Joy Burton, cousin);

Attending via online link was Terry Robilliard, John and Kun Warlow, Graham and Ginny England, Mike and Dilys Evans, Georgie Evans and Dave and Lesley Harley;

Also Present Were: Gary McMillan; Walter and Brian Greening; Rick Brouard (also representing Sarah Brouard); Dave Westgate (also representing Shirley); Steve Yates; Heather and Jonty Bamford (also representing Kerry and Lorraine Le Patourel); Donna De Garis (also representing Ian, Jenna and Erin De Garis); Rex Brouard (also representing Jason Brouard and St Pierre du Bois A.R.C.); Cathy Greening (also representing Angela, Jennifer and Marilyn and Theresa Young); Pam Morse (also representing Roy and Marion Le Tissier); Tracey Pommier (also representing Chris, Eloise and Rhys); Ken Le Blancq (also representing Jane, Shane and Jack, Margaret Le Cras and renee Le Cheminant); Maurice Julou (also representing Simon Julou); David and Judith Laine (also representing Nina Ogier);

Bernard Ozanne (also representing Joan Ozanne); Gloria Woodhouse; Rosie Le Goupillot; Norman and Angela Dowinton; Jenny and Norman Anderson; Stephen and Stacey Le Page; Graham Hockey; Selina Tabel; Andrew Tabel; Dave McKenzie; Hazel Robert (also representing Brian Robert); David and Alison Wadley; Ivan and Hazel Roberts; Marie and Linda Jones (also representing Richard Jones); Ivan Mallett (also representing Pat and Mike Valpy); Gary Mourant (also representing Martin Mourant and R Mauger); Annette Bichard (also representing Lucy Hicks); Karen Quevatre; Dave Brook; Ian Le Page; Sandra Le Page; Rhian Le Page; Alan Le Page (also representing Pauline Le Page, Joyce Nicolle and Katie and Ben Hannah and family); Ian Vaudin (also representing Delphine Vaudin and Clive Acton); Mick Nelson; Rob and Sue Bailey; Janet Snell; Julie Duquemin; Martin and Sue Corbett; Colin and Sue McGregor; Val Reynolds; Maria Merrien; Sylvia Fossey;

Ian Brown (also representing Paul Brehaut and Luke Bourgaize); David and Anne Mourant; Michael Prout (also representing Artur’s and Rihards Jasinskis); Iris and Derek Tostevin; Dave Martel; Peter Ferbrache; Ken Bishop (also representing Sandra Bishop); Paul Stanford (also representing Club Bons Amis, Gavin Johns, Keven and Val Lanyon and Mike Rowley); Maggie Martel, Bon Amis (also representing Shirley Fallaize, Bon Amis); Heather Clegg; Jan Ogier; Don and Pearl Moore (also representing Roy and Heather Queripel);

Flowers were from the family.

Other tributes were to be sent to Les Bourgs Hospice, Andrew Mitchell House, Rue du Tertre, St Andrews, GY6 8SF.

The arrangements were by Beckfords Funeral Services Limited with Zac Hannis supervising.

BOURGAIZE, Michael John

Placeholder Dove

The funeral service, prior to cremation for Michael John Bourgaize who passed away at The Princess Elizabeth Hospital, aged 72 years was held at Le Foulon Chapel and conducted by Michelle Duquemin.

Opening music played was “Simply the Best” by Tina Turner. A prayer “Great Spirit Prayer” by Chief Dan George was read by Michelle Duquemin. The Hymn,“The Lord’s My Shepherd” was Accompanied by UCPC Upper Clyde Parish Church. Music played during Time of Reflection was “In Una Stanza Con Poca Luce” by Ennio Morricone. The Reading was The Train of Life by John A Passaro. The Blessing was Apache Grief Blessing. The Memories were written by Traci and The Tribute was written by Jean and both were read by Michelle. Michelle gave the Thoughts on Life and Death, Committal and Closing Words. Closing Music was “Dances with Wolves” John Dunbar Theme and Ly O Lay Ale Loya, Native song by Sacred Spirit.

  The Mourners Were: Jean Bourgaize, wife (also representing Joan Lucas (UK) and Jackie and Helen, (UK)); Christopher Bourgaize, son and Michelle Crofts (also representing friends and members of The Park Golf Club, Southport); Traci Bourgaize, daughter and Billy Jones (also representing Carol and Alex Langley); Rosemary Crabb, sister (also representing Kelvin, nephew (Southport) and Sarah Withers, Niece); Margaret Smith, sister (also representing Carl, Elaine and family, (Weymouth), Nikki and Stuart, (Hungary), Anne-Marie, Steve, Toby and Ben, Graham Gallienne and Derek Duport, (Rosaire Court); Cliff and Bridget Penney, sister and brother-in-law (also representing family); Frances Vidamour, cousin; Thomas Thoumine, cousin (also representing Mary, also Richard Thoumine, cousin);

Marlene and Nigel Baudains, cousins (also representing Jackie Smith, cousin);

Also Present Were: Alan and Rose Scott (also representing Iain Scott); Dan and Ann Fitgerald (also representing Dave Mitchell and Jim Oswald); Jeff and Ann Vidamour (also representing Mark, Steph and Alex Vidamour, Jo,Mark, Riley and Edison Naftel and Martyn and Jean Vidamour); Mavis Tardif (also representing the family and Ruth Sarahs); Brian Le Prevost (also representing Janet Le Prevost and family, Bruce and Pat Russell and Jean Cloarec); Mary Veron (also representing the staff and students of La Mare de Carteret High School); Alan (Tich) Bougourd (also representing staff at La Mare de Carteret School); Brian “Curly” Vallois (also representing Jane Le Page, Roger Chauvel and Ron Le Page); Ricky Lawrence (also representing Carolyn Lawrence); Ann Cortez (also representing Glen, John and girls, also Peter Sanders); David Inglis; Matt Brouard; Steve Harrison;

Joy Torode (also representing Paul and Cilla Torode and Joanne and Paul Bichard); Chris Olliver (also representing Michele Rouillard, Martin Shaw and Lynne Coutanche); Geoff Ingrouille (also representing Sally Ingrouille, Richard and Maria Brown and HSE Team); Sean McManus (also representing Caroline McManus); Titch Gill (also representing Mick Gill, Jonathan Gill, (UK) and Peter Falla); Doreen Munroe; Robert Titterington and Lesley Titterington; George Taylor (also representing Charmaine Taylor); Ann King (also representing Mick King, Joe and Karen Gillen); Steve and Josie Merrien; Liz Briggs; Rick Smith; Dick and Dolores Young; Nick Graham; Mark Bayes; Jim Sweeney; Richard Garvie, Captain Grand Mare Golf Club; Alex and Jackie Ward; Tony Sargent; Roy Stewart; Ralph and Jan McKane; Robert Law (also representing family); Manuella Guinness-Brown; Anne Litchfield and Stuart Litchfield; Sue and Ricky West (also representing Darren West); 

Richard Pinchemain (also representing Anne Pinchemain and Kevin Le Moigne); Brian Prigent; David and Maggie Jehan; Rodney Dyke; Stan and Hilary Horton; Michel and Jean Maubec; Dave and Jenny Blondel (also representing Paul Nash); Adelina Falla (also representing Simon Falla); Bob Dingle (also representing Dave Hobson); Chris Dyer; Alan Meerveld (also representing Wendy Meerveld); Grahame Blondel; Brian and Heather Clegg; Pete Vidamour (also representing Rachel Seymour); Robin Warlow; Dave Sinclair; Charlotte and Jack Sanders; David Langlois (also representing Valerie Langlois); Jon Colley; Robert O’Brien; Karl Ogier; Clive Duport;

Flowers were from Jean, Chris and Michelle, Tracie and Billy. Ann, Glen, John and girls xx.

Other tributes were to be sent to Cancer research UK via Traci’s London Marathon donation page

The arrangements were by Beckfords Funeral Services Limited with Clinton Le Page supervising.

QUENTIN, Betty Odile

Placeholder Footprints

Requiem Mass for Betty Odile Quentin who passed away at Maison de Beauvoir Care Home, aged 98 years was held at Our Lady Star of the Sea and celebrated by Father Inna Reddy Gade, concelebrated by Canon Gerard Hetherington.

The organist, Mr Luke O’Donnell accompanied the singing of “Walk with Me, O my Lord”, “Eternal Father, Strong to Save” and “The Day Thou Gavest, Lord is Ended”. The Eulogy was given by Deacon Mark Leightley. The First Reading was Isaiah 25: 6-9 and read by Theresa Young. The Gospel, John 14: 1-6 was read by Deacon Mark, also the Prayers of the Faithful. Communion Music was Cavalleria Rusticana. 

The Mourners Were: Judy and Keith Maindonal, daughter and son-in-law; Lisa and Mike Collins, (granddaughter); Paul and Zoe Maindonal (grandson); Colin Brown, brother; Brian and Janice Robson, nephew and niece; Stuart Robson, great-nephew (also representing Cleo); Fiona Burns, niece (also representing Mary Kirkpatrick, niece);

Also Present Were: Theresa Young; Roger Alcock; Nancy Falla (also representing Lee and Ross Falla, Adele Hermann, Pat and Alf Dorrian and Bernie and Shirley Collins); Carol Polli (also representing Natasha Thorne); Sue Bellinger (also representing Justin and Vanessa, Pam and Richard Browning and Sue Morehu); Meg White (also representing Beryl Guezo); Ruth De La Mare (also representing Ray, Jo, Mac and Kiemi and family); Jennifer Chainey (also representing all the staff and management of Maison de Beauvoir Care Home); Hilary and Mike Vermeulen (also representing Alison Baker-Green); Kay Smyth (also representing Kerry, Liam and Eddie Percy); Maria Gillman (also representing Stephen and family); Sarah Lawrence; Viv Thomson; Maud Blin; Rita Fontes, Legion of Mary; Phil Bougourd (also representing Legion of Mary); Connie Morris; Rosemary Ferguson (also representing James, Matthew and Daniel Ferguson); Ginetta Morris; Mandy Fleury;

Rose and Mick Collins; Mariessa Fossey (also representing Ivan, William and Joseph Fossey); Katy Smart (also representing Theo Smart); Susan and Keith Dorrian; Mr and Mrs Rob Carre (also representing Jo, Jack and Caitlin Le Blancq); Connie and Andre Vasconcelos; Claire Holliday; Craig Collins (also representing Cassandra Collins); Jan and Geoff Cox; Pete Gaudion;

Flowers were from Judy, Keith, Lisa, Mike, Paul, Zoe, Liam, Cerys, Danny and Lauren. Fiona. Colin, Jan, Brian, Stuart and Cleo. Mary.

Other tributes were to be sent to The Red Cross, Red Cross House, The Rohais, St Peter Port, GY1 1YW or Starlight Children’s Foundation, 227 Shepherds Bush Road, London, W6 7AS.

The arrangements were by Beckfords Funeral Services Limited with Zac Hannis supervising.

EVANS, T.J.W (Jim)

Cross Silhouette

The funeral service, prior to a private cremation for Jim Evans who passed away at his home, aged 97 years was held at St Paul’s Methodist Church and conducted by The Reverend Howard Stringer.

The organist, Mr Stephen Francis accompanied the singing of “Praise my Soul, the King of Heaven, “Make me a Channel of Your Peace” and “Amazing Grace”. The Bible Reading was 1 Corinthians 13 and read by Revd Stringer. The Eulogy was read by Linda Stelling. Reverend Stringer gave the Prayers, Address and Blessing. The poem “He is Gone” was read by Kim Lithgo (daughter). Closing music played was “Bring Him Home” by Alfie Boe.

The Mourners Were: Jean Evans, wife; Hilary and Terry Moody, daughter and son-in-law (also representing Christopher Moody, grandson, Dr Kathryn Ross, Jake Ross and Jimmy Ross); Kim Lithgo, daughter (also representing Andrew Sturrock); Heather Hillier, granddaughter and Andi Hillier; Claudia Richmond, granddaughter and Paul Richmond; Louis Richmond, great-grandson; Holly Lithgo, granddaughter (also representing David and Gabriel Stout); Angela Campbell, niece and Mae Giles, great-niece (also representing Asha, great-niece and Jean Charlton); Reginald Evans, brother and Pat Jamin;

Also Present Were: Linda Stelling (also representing Ken Stelling and Elisabeth Koenigsberger); Phillip Yuill (also representing Yuill family); Beryl Peel (also representing David and Julia Peel); Kelly and Dan Stewart (also representing Isabelle, Gracie and Emily Stewart); Corinne and Craig Dunning; Hazel Le Poidevin; Gwen Langlois; Alastair Langlois (also representing Les Blancs Bois Residents Association); Liz Renouf; Mr L Gallais and family; Robin Le Page (also representing Sue Le Page); Sara Sarre; Sandra Sarre; Brian Gardiner (also representing Di Gardiner);

Margaret Le Tissier (also representing Marlene Cain); Sandra and Geoff Gallienne (also representing Hannah Le Page and Margaret Le Parmentier); Derek and Marion Le Page (also representing David and June Lowe and Roger and Sandy Weston); Caroline Middleton (also representing David and Laura Middleton and Kristina and Daniel Le Huray); Kathleen Bichard (also representing Clive and Marilyn Falla); Bob Harbottle (also representing Janet Harbottle);  Sue DeBiere-Norton; Sandra James; Dallas Courtenay-Warren; Sandra and Gastone Toffanello (also representing Carlo Stefani); Margaret Robert; Pat Queripel (also representing Andrea Queripel); Graham Le Page; Karen Richardson; Sean Jones; Peter Atkinson; Sean Sarre (also representing Elisa Sarre); Jean Martel (also representing Doreen Martel); Rev Tom Vidamour; Keith Le Pelley;

Mark and Leonie Le Tissier (also representing staff of Trident Trust); Maureen Mourant (also representing Dean Mourant, Sammy Ward and Carl Ward); Janet Greenslade; Pam Le Tissier (also representing Rev Neil Le Tissier and Anne Le Tissier); Sue Chapel (also representing Meg White); Daphne Dodd (also representing Graham and Lynne Martel); Vlanwy Wallbridge; Peter and Sally Tranter; Marion Dorey (also representing Joyce Le Poidevin); Gene Rowe (also representing Les Blanc Bois Ltd); David Merifield (also representing Alison Merifield); Peter and Lonia Daniels; Helen Dunn (also representing Dawn Moriarty); 

Flowers were from Jean, Hilary and Kim and families.

Other tributes were to be sent to Les Bourgs Hospice, Andrew Mitchell House, Rue du Tertre, St Andrews, GY6 8SF.

The arrangements were by Beckfords Funeral Services Limited with Paula Ettesse-Wilson supervising.

GONTIER, Valerie Ann

Valerie Gontier

The funeral service, prior to a private interment for Valerie Ann Gontier who passed away at her home address, aged 72 years was held at St Saviours Parish Church and conducted by Reverend Mark Charmley.

The organist, Mr John Le Pelley accompanied the singing of “Morning has Broken” and “All Things Bright and Beautiful”. Opening Music played was “Every Breath you Take” by The Police. The Bible Reading was Psalm 23 and read by Revd Charmley. The Tribute was given by Katie Gontier. A poem, “To Those Whom I Love” was read by Wenke Gontier. Music played during Time of Reflection was “In Dreams” by Roy Orbison. Reverend Charmley gave the Words of Welcome, Prayers and Commendation.

 The Mourners Were: Peter Gontier, husband; Paul and Katie Gontier, son and daughter-in-law; Annabelle, Maisie and Moe Gontier, grandchildren; Sarah and Steve Clarke, daughter and son-in-law (also representing Molly and George Gelder, grandchildren); David and Wenke Gontier, son and daughter-in-law (also representing Mats Gontier, grandson, Lars Kloetzer and Sylke Fleischer); Alex Hendry; Marni De Frietas Alves; Steve and Kate Gallienne, brother-in-law and sister-in-law; Kayleigh Gallienne, niece; Mick Gontier, brother-in-law (also representing Sam Johnsen, niece and Paul Johnsen, (Australia)); Keith and Katrina Gontier, brother-in-law and sister-in-law (also representing Geoff (Otto) and Sandra Le Gallez and family); Lesley Gontier, sister-in-law; Colin Gontier (also representing Susan Gontier, brother-in-law and sister-in-law); Shirl Pink, sister-in-law and Steve Pink, brother-in-law;

Lauren Pink, niece; Angela and Peter Hamon, sister-in-law and brother-in-law (also representing Kim and Graham Le Maitre and family and Jackie Guilbert and family); Eileen and Nigel Gontier, sister-in-law and brother-in-law; Liz Gontier, sister-in-law; Adam Gontier, nephew (also representing Morgan Gontier, great-nephew); Richard Dorey, nephew (also representing Betty Dorey, sister-in-law);

Jason Hamon, nephew and Nicola Hamon (also representing Declan, Millie and Edie Hamon); Andrew Gontier, nephew and Katie Robin; Aimee Gontier, niece and Michael Toll; Belinda Dorey, niece (also representing Jonathan Dorey, nephew, Mandy Mortimer and Angela Dorey, niece); Lyndsey Hughes, niece (also representing Adam Hughes, Roxanne Hughes and Amber Hughes); Gill Carre, niece (also representing Adam and David Duquemin, great-nephew); Emma Gallienne, niece and Richard Mahy (also representing Nico Mahy and Dexter); Nick Gallienne; R.J Vidamour, uncle; Colin and Lynne Blondel, cousins (also representing Jan Robinson); George and Joyce Bullock, cousins (also representing Peter and Valerie Hendry, (Wales)); Tina Sarre (also representing Mandy Davies, Karen Gallienne and Donna Whales); Julie McMonagle (also representing Monty, Annie and Olivia and Mandy, Steve and Alex Hill);

Also Present Were: Craig Gontier (also representing Ashley Moon); Jayden Gontier; Ryan Gontier and Terrie Gontier (also representing family and Stephanie Evans); Ben Gontier and Georgina Gontier (also representing Alexandra and Florence Gontier); Malcolm Gontier (also representing Michelle); Peter and Bridget Edwards (also representing Amanda and Ben and Mel); Dennis and Sue Mollet (also representing Rick and Kay Batiste); Michel Preece (also representing Julie, Samantha, Calum and Pamela Preece); Graham and Lin Johns; Val Sidgwick; Peter Ozanne; David and Karen Spicer (also representing Courtney and Ryan, Celeste Malho and Ros Robert); Nicky David; Dave and Pam Chalker; Nigel and Shirley Roussel (also representing Nigel and Katie Roussel); Peter Martel (also representing Don Okell); Miriam Bougourd (also representing Shane and Kristina Bisson); Kim Le Cheminant; Ben Falla and Emily Falla (also representing Barry Falla); Stephen Le Feuvre and Nina Pasquet; John Lowe; Janet Jennings (also representing Katrina Rowe and Denise Leworthy); Linda Lavenne; Jamie Roussel (also representing Michelle Roussel);

David Robilliard (also representing Marv Robilliard and Mandy Robilliard); Anna Allez; Kathy Belnavis; Ruth Vidamour; David Ferneyhough; Matthew and Vikki Gallienne; Charmaine Duncombe (also representing Paul Duncombe); Marion Batiste; Lee Le Blancq; Barbara Savident (also representing Trevor Savident and family); Joanne de la Haye (also representing Michael de la Haye);

Verity Le Noury (also representing Jeanette Allen and Pauline England); George Jennings (also representing Bridget Jennings, Matt, Marie and family, Racheal, Shaun and family, Robert, Megan and family, Steven and Micheal White and Tony Sargeant); Marilyn Vidamour (also representing Roy Vidamour, Meg Lowe, Karen Dawe, Gloria Carre, June Martel and Janine Bishop); Lydia Millar; Ryan De Jersey (also representing family); Daniel Billion (also representing Samantha Billion); Mac Tostevin (also representing Pauline Tostevin and family); Kim Guilmoto (also representing Barry Guilmoto); Martyn Norman; Yvonne Newman; Reuben Le Poidevin; Julie Wickenden; Neil Mahy; Derek and Janet Gallienne; Theresa Prince (also representing Community Nursing); Matthew Tostevin (also representing Kim Tostevin and Bobbi-Jo Bates); Lynn Stanford; Lynn Gardner; Sue Baggs; Val Ferbrache; Mrs D Le Noury (also representing Mr R Simon and Mr S Simon);

Gillian Newsom; Sue White (also representing Tony White); Maria Ogier (also representing Community Nurses Twilight Team); Nancy Ozanne (also representing Brenda Horne and Karen Breban); Maureen Glendinning (also representing family); Shirley Robinson (also representing Roger and Guida, Lynn Le Pelley and Jayne Vaudin); Richard and Brenda Hallett (also representing The Hallett family); Spud and Sharon Gallienne (also representing Scott, Cath and family, Luke, Aiden, Wayne, Natasha, James and family and Dave Youlton); Norman and Maureen Tough;

Flowers were from Peter, Paul and Katie, David, Wenke and Mats, Sarah, Steve, George and Molly. Maisie, Annabelle and Moe. brother-in-laws and sister-in-laws. Lauren, Aimee, Kayleigh, Sam, Ben, Andrew, Jason, Lyndsey, Adam, Emma, Ryan, Matt and Craig. Bet, Gill, Belinda, Dicko and family.

Other tributes were to be sent to St John Ambulance and Rescue Service, Rohais, St Peter Port, GY1 1YN.

The arrangements were by Beckfords Funeral Services Limited with Clinton Le Page supervising.

LE PAGE, Milton James

Placeholder Footprints

The funeral service, prior to a private Interment for Milton James Le Page who passed away at The Princess Elizabeth Hospital, aged 87 years was held at Les Adams Methodist Church and conducted by Reverend Jacky Cottrell.

The organist, Peter Le Messurier accompanied the singing of “Be Still, for the Prescence of the Lord” and “All Things Bright and Beautiful”. The Bible Reading was John 14: 1-6 & 27. Reverend Cottrell gave the Prayers, Address and Tribute. Exit Music played was “In Christ Alone”.

The Mourners Were: Carol Allett, daughter and Roy Le Poidevin Partner (also representing Nancy Le Page, wife and Rose); Graham Le Page, son and Linda Le Page, daughter-in-law (also representing Val Le Messurier); Debbie Le Page, granddaughter; Hayley Le Page, granddaughter; Joy Le Page, daughter and John Le Page, son-in-law (also representing Wendy Le Prevost, Sue and Nigel Moll, Mike and Jane Collis and Tamara and Jason); Ben Le Page, grandson and Louise Fitzhenry (also representing Peter Reddall); Diane Gaudion, cousin (also representing Lloyd Le Page, nephew, (America) and Sandra, niece, (Switzerland); Rosemary Henry, sister-in-law and John Henry, brother-in-law (also representing Tim, nephew and Tracy); Pierre Tostevin, brother-in-law; Jo Anne Bates, niece (also representing Steve Bates, Catherine Bateman, niece and Paul Tostevin, nephew); Jane Bichard, niece (also representing Jonathan Bichard); Tracey Henry (also representing John Henry, nephew and Marina Bougourd);

Also Present Were: Nev and Margaret Le Page and family (also representing Mr and Mrs T Lohan); Margaret Renouf (also representing Paul and Michaela and Amanda Renouf); Val Knight; Kevin Batiste (also representing Jacky Batiste); Lionel Le Page; Tony Le Page; Maggie Martel (also representing Jean Angel); Maria Dimis (also representing Chateau du Village); Isaura Aguior; Roger Beausire;

Ken and Doreen Lainé Marcel Lainé (also representing Michelle Lainé); Yvonne and Alan Weston; Dave and Sarah Girard (also representing Grace Girard); Lawrence Burridge; Stephen Le Tissier (also representing Valerie Le Tissier); Wendy Piriou and Yvie Le Noury (also representing Bert and Mary Enevolsden and Alison Harris); Eileen Le Lacheur; Edmond Carter (also representing Advocate Jason Green, Zina Paul, Collas Crill LLP); Jeffrey Brache (also representing Valerie Brache); Geoffrey Guilbert; Tracey Lovell (also representing Chris Lovell);

Flowers were from Nancy. Carol and Roy. Graham, Linda, Debbie and Hayley. Joy, John, Ben and Louise.

Other tributes were to be sent to Chateau du Village Nursing Home, Fort Road, St Peter Port, GY1 1ZP, (for the benefit of staff and carers).

The arrangements were by Beckfords Funeral Services Limited with Zac Hannis supervising.


Forget Me Not

The funeral service, prior to a private cremation for Timmy Gauvain who passed away at The Princess Elizabeth Hospital, aged 95 years was held at Beckfords Chapel and conducted by Michelle Duquemin.

Opening music played was “Please Remember Me” by Tim McGraw. A Reading, “Let us be Contented” Winston Churchill from “Thoughts and Adventures” was read by Michelle Duquemin. Music played during Time of Reflection was “When I Get to Where I’m Going” by Dolly Parton and Brad Paisley. The Hymn, “Abide with Me” by Audrey Assad was played on CD. Michelle gave the Thoughts on Life and Death, Tribute, Committal and Closing Words. Closing music was “Lead me Home” by Jamey Johnson.

The Mourners Were: Richard Gauvain, nephew; Barbara Gauvain, niece (also representing Barbara Simon and family); Sean Gauvain, great-nephew (also representing Lisa Gauvain, great-niece, Noah Gauvain, great-great-nephew, Olivia Gauvain, great-great-niece and Owen Gauvain, great-great-nephew); Craig Gauvain, great-nephew; Claudia Gauvain, great-niece (also representing John Zabiela and Lurdes Zabiela); Kyle Gauvain, great-nephew (also representing Jess Gauvain, great-niece, Karen and Geoff Meagher and Jim Remfrey); George Gauvain, brother; Mark Gauvain, nephew and Egita Gauvain (also representing care and support staff Rosaire Court and Gardens); Lesley, nephew and Angela; Janet Benwell, niece (also representing Paul Benwell, great-nephew, Finley Benwell, great-great-nephew and Brenda Vinning, niece); Keith Benwell;

Mark Benwell, great-nephew (also representing Amanda Benwell, Declan Benwell, great-great-nephew and Kate Benwell, great-great-niece); Violet Teasell, niece (also representing Henry and Joan Gauvain, nephew and niece); Carol, niece and John; Molly Le Sauvage, niece;

Pat Le Sauvage, great-niece (also representing Andrew Le Sauvage, great-nephew and Susan Dawe, great-niece); Annette Hamon, great-niece (also representing (also representing Mike Hamon and family, Jenny Le Noury, great-niece and John Le Noury and family); Caroline Cocks (also representing Joan Cocks, niece, John Cocks, Steven Cocks, great-nephew and Christopher Cocks, great-great-nephew); Martyn Vining (also representing Rosemary Vining and Paul Vining, great-nephew);

Also Present Were: Anne Mahy (also representing Paul Mahy, Alisha Mahy and Tony Le Pelley); Jan and Steve Chainey; Angela Wager (also representing Michael Wager);

Flowers were from Richard, Barbara and family. Molly, Brenda, Violet, Joan and Janet xxx.

Other tributes were to be sent to Friends of the Princess Elizabeth Hospital, C/o Anne Crawford, Pinewood Lodge, Rue des Laurens, St Pierre du Bois, GY7 9BE.

The arrangements were by Beckfords Funeral Services Limited with Paula Ettesse-Wilson supervising.

WATERS, David Alec

Cross Sunset

The funeral service, prior to a private cremation for David Alec Waters who passed away at the Princess Elizabeth Hospital, aged 90 years was held at St Matthew’s Parish Church and conducted by The Very Reverend John Guille.

The organist, Graham Martel accompanied the singing of “The Lord’s my Shepherd” and “All Things Bright and Beautiful”. Opening Music played was “Amazing Grace” Instrumental Version. The Family Tribute was given by Robert, son. The Reading was St John Chapter 14 verses 1-6. Reverend Guille gave the Address, Prayers, Commendation and The Blessing. Recessional Music played was “Edelweiss”, Instrumental Version.

The Mourners Were: Margaret Waters, wife; Robert and Claire Waters, son and daughter-in-law; Matthew and Sara Waters, son and daughter-in-law; Jane Allcoat, daughter and William Watt; Sarah Waters, granddaughter; Susie Allcoat, granddaughter; Amélie Waters, granddaughter; Charlotte Waters, granddaughter; Clara Milford, cousin (also representing Paul Milford); Maureen Mourant (also representing Dean Mourant, cousins and family); Sue and Brian Torode (also representing Tracey, Ian, Elisha and Chloe Butt, cousins);

Also Present Were: Maria Gillman (also representing Pam Innes and Management and Staff of Les Bourgs Hospice); Pauline Murray; John and Pauline Hubert; Debby Duquemin; Geoff Norman (also representing Heather Norman); Mark and Wendy de Garis (also representing Adrian and Jane Brown and Anne and Paul Falla); Mark and Alison Le Patourel; Tom Le Pelley; Peter Davies; Alan Dorey (also representing Debbie Dorey); Dennis Chick; Millie Le Poidevin; Kate Tostevin (also representing Alec Tostevin); Mark Dorey (also representing Anne Dorey, Joshua Dorey and Hirzel and Pam Dorey);

Marco Tersigni (also representing Claire, Ella and Amy Tersigni, David Hobson and Sarah and Benjamin Hobson); Andy Cluett (also representing Richard Valpied); Ross and Angela Paisley; John and Jacqui de Garis (also representing Louise and Pierre, Jean-Pierre, Louis and Emilie Payne, John and Pip, Daisy and Sophie de Garis and Geoff and Jennie Dorey); John and Alison Foley; Larry Trigwell; Dave and Jan Mauger (also representing Carol Stewart and Sadie Morgan); Terry Le Tissier (also representing Hugh and Sylvia Stevenson); Betty Bourgaize (also representing John Bourgaize); Peter and Sylvia Martel (also representing Jeff and Val Kitts); Rodney and Sandra Clough; Dennis McKane; Simon Tostevin (also representing Phil and Natalie Bell and Terry Howard); David de Garis (also representing Michelle Scott); Lisa and Tim Bichard (also representing Pamela Bichard and Harry and Gabriella Bichard); Liz and Nick Adams; Alva Gee (also representing Dr Ian Gee, Nicola Ferris, Joyce Bradshaw, Ann Norman and Olive Le Noury); Pip Enevoldsen (also representing Ted and the whole family and Pam and Jeremy Martel);

Flowers were from all the family.

Other tributes were to be sent to Les Bourgs Hospice, Andrew Mitchell House, Rue du Tertre, St Andrews, GY6 8SF.

The arrangements were by Beckfords Funeral Services Limited with Clinton Le Page supervising.

JAMOUNEAU, Anne Elizabeth


The funeral service, prior to a private cremation for Anne Elizabeth Jamouneau who passed away at Maison de Beauvoir Care Home, aged 84 years was held at Les Cotils and conducted by Reverend John Guille.

The organist, Mr Stephen Francis accompanied the singing of “Amazing Grace” and “One More Step Along the World I Go”. The Readings were “God Looked Around His Garden”, read by Jane and “Everything Has Its Time”, Book of Ecclesiasties, verses from Chapter 3. Reverend Guille gave the Address, Prayers, Commendation and Blessing. Recessional Music played was “The Way You Look Tonight” by Peter Skellern.

The Mourners Were: Roger Jamouneau, son and Debbie Jamouneau, daughter-in-law (also representing Caron and April Walker; Ian Jamouneau, son and Jane Jamouneau, daughter-in-law; Oliver Jamouneau, grandson; Robin Jamouneau, son (also representing Karen Bond and Margaret Senner); Paz Jamouneau, daughter-in-law (also representing Dianne Williams); David Jamouneau, grandson (also representing Andy Cluett); Sharon Kershaw (also representing Alan Cox); Alex Jamouneau, grandson; Samuel Jamouneau, grandson; Stephen Jamouneau, grandson; James Jamouneau, grandson; Anna Jamouneau; Charlie Jamouneau, great-grandson; Conner Jamouneau, great-grandson;; Jessie Jamouneau, great-granddaughter; Graham and Margaret Drewett, nephew and niece; David and Lorna Rose, nephew and niece;

Also Present Were: Peter and Lesley Lowe (also representing Sophie Doel and Tyler Jamouneau, great-grandson); Kevin Gaudion; Bill Luff (also representing Reverend J Luff); Kevin Batiste (also representing Debby Smeed); Colin and Jacky Moore (also representing Ian and Elaine Blanchard); Julian and Margaret Mauger; Dennis and Sandra McKane; Tony Vile; Richard Breban (also representing Anne Breban and The South Show);

Sue Robilliard (also representing The President and Members of Soroptimist International of Guernsey, Heather Gibbs, Shirley Marsh and Delia Anderson-Brown); Ray Watts (also representing the Royal Agricultural and Horticultural Society); Steve Hocart; Jim and Liz Naftel (also representing Ian and Mandy Brouard); Katherine Ogier (also representing Julian Ogier, Rachel and Steve Torode, Jim and Angela de Garis and Bon and Margaret Martel); Dave Domaille (also representing Bridget Domaille, Anthea Inder, Brian Roberts, Michelle Rouillard, Ricky Lawrence and all staff at the Guernsey Dairy); Kevin Horsepool; Gwen White (also representing Sue White); Ian Martel; Dave and Annie Archer and family (also representing Mark and Karen Brown and Banburys family);

Jenny Nichols (also representing staff and residents, Maison de Beauvoir Care Home); Mary Sims (also representing Mark and Alison Le Patourel and family); William Melvin; Paul and Carol Domaille; Nigel and Sharon Robert (also representing Denzil Robert); Peter Lowe; Jenny Tasker;  Stacey Simon (also representing Marie Prevel and Dean Dyke); Stuart Simon (also representing Danielle McIver); Jason Taylor; Zoe De La Mare; Paul Taylor; Miriam Bougourd; David H Thompson (also representing Angela, Jamie, Kate, Chris and Lucy and all the Thompson family);

Flowers were from Roger, Ian, Robin and families.

Other tributes were to be sent to Jubilee Social Club, Les Grandes Maisons Road, St Sampsons, GY2 4JH.

The arrangements were by Beckfords Funeral Services Limited with Zac Hannis supervising.


BURKHARDT, David Edward (Dave)

Cross Silhouette

The funeral service, prior to a private cremation for David Edward Burkhardt who passed away at The Princess Elizabeth Hospital, aged 55 years was held at Vazon Elim Church and conducted by Pastor Matt Gregor.

The organist, Colin Langlois accompanied the singing of “Morning has Broken”, “The Lord’s my Shepherd” and “Amazing Grace”. The Bible Readings were Psalm 117 and Galatians 5.22-26 and read by Reverend Eric Gaudion. Pastor Gregor gave the Prayers, Tributes, Address and Final Blessing. Recessional Music played was “Love Divine” played by Colin Langlois.

The Mourners Were: Andrew Burkhardt, brother (also representing Eve Burkhardt, sister-in-law, Olive Lett, aunt, Margaret and John Starr, aunt and uncle (Yorkshire), Philip Starr, cousin, (Yorkshire), Terence Starr, cousin (Yorkshire) and family, Catherine Owen, James and Rihanna (Yorkshire) and Will and Lauren, (London)); Pamela Preece, cousin “Auntie Pam” (also representing Stanley and Joyce Pipet (Burnham On Sea), Winston Le Prevost and Ethy Lewis (Isle of Wight) and Ruth De La Mare); Francoise Ferbrache, cousin (also representing Ricky, Caitlin and Nate Ferbrache, cousins); Michel Preece, cousin (also representing Julie, Samantha and Calum Preece); Hilda Le Tissier, cousin (also representing Kevin and Martin and family, Muriel Paul and Anne and family, cousins); Philomena Pipet, cousin; Melrose Ozanne, cousin; Pam Niles (also representing the family, cousins); Jenny Froome, cousins (also representing Tony Froome, Tom Le Prevost, Lynn, Karen, Julie, Claire and families); Rose Dorey (also representing Vic, Kate and Mark Dorey, cousins);

Also Present Were: Rev Eric and Mrs Diane Gaudion; Colin Langlois (also representing Karen Langlois and Peter Le Messurier); Trace Ingrouille (also representing Dennis Bretel, Thelma Bretel, Matt Poole, Sandy Poole, Ryan Poole, godson, Andy Ingrouille, Caroline La Touche and family, Smilers Ltd, Nikki Sirett and Nick Gallienne); Zac Hannis (also representing Phil Duquemin);

Karen De Carteret; Katy Thomason (also representing Lucy and James Bourgaize); Jean Guille (also representing Jackie Le Page); Stephen and Valerie Le Tissier; Pamela Duquemin (also representing Nigel Duquemin and Peter Duquemin); Peter and Sandra Vaudin; Bridget Gilbert (also representing Ginge, Loopy, Sandra, Bunty and Ryan, Pippa Doll, DJ, Claire Garnham, Paula Gilbert and Claire Le Gallez); Steve Batiste (also representing Julie Batiste); Kirsty Symphorien (also representing Michelle Pattimore); Joanne Carré (also representing Nick Cook, The Rault family and Cara and Peter Carré); Aaron Le Page; Sue Ozanne (also representing Nigel Ozanne); Brian and Liz Davey; Jeanette Upham (also representing Paul, Rick and Jo); David Ingrouille; Kenneth Hyett (also representing Rachel Presland); Jean and Martyn Vidamour; Lisa Blondel;

Leigh Khankashi and girls (also representing Geoff and Steve Denning); Simon and Chantel De La Mare (also representing Sian and Isla De La Mare, Colin and Sue De La Mare, Michelle Zugg and Tania Waterman); Judith Davy; Linda Coutu (also representing Ron Le Tissier and Norman MacDonald); Sadie Martel; Ashley De Sousa; Claire Miles; Jean-Marie Geargeoura; Michelle Queripel (also representing Andy Queripel); Pat Langlois (also representing Mr J E Langlois); Rachel Shell (also representing Phil Shell); Wendy Lorier; Joanne Pinchemain; Jude Pratt; Shane Pratt; Chris Daykin (also representing Steve Forrest and Claire Le Gallais); Janet Sweet (also representing Linda Le Huray); Simon and Claudette Larbalestier (also representing Michael Pritchard and Elizabeth Le Patourel); Jason Rostron (also representing Donna Rostron and Peter Bartie); Barry and Gwen Trump;

Flowers were from the family.

Other tributes were to be sent to Children and Youth Work, C/o Vazon Elim Church, Rue des Goddards, Castel, GY5 7BH or Guernsey Society for Cancer Relief, C/o Mrs S Butler, Meldrum Way, Braye Road, Vale, GY3 5PR.

The arrangements were by Beckfords Funeral Services Limited with Zac Hannis supervising.

PETIT, Jeremy John (Jerry)

Jeremy Petit

The funeral service, prior to a private cremation for Jeremy John Petit (Jerry) who passed away in Southampton General Hospital, aged 56 years was held at St Saviours Parish Church and conducted by Reverend Mark Charmley.

The organist, John Le Prevost accompanied the singing of “Morning has Broken”. Entry Music played was “Those Were The Days of Our Lives” by Queen. Reverend Charmley gave the Words of Welcome, Sentences from the Bible and Opening Prayer. The first Tribute was given by Chris. The Bible Reading was John 14: 1-6 and read by Revd Charmley. The second Tribute was given by James and Paul. Music played during Time of Reflection was “Nothing Else Matters” by Metallica. The poem, “When Tomorrow Starts Without Me” was read by Revd Charmley. Recessional Music played was “Wind of Change” by The Scorpions and “Hold my Hand” by Lady Gaga.

The Mourners Were: Ann-Marie Petit, wife; Amy-Lee Petit, daughter; Holly Petit, daughter; Josie Petit, daughter; Freddie Petit, grandson; Jessica Sarre, granddaughter; Adeline Sarre, granddaughter and Jamie Sarre; Jacob Le Friec; Josh Cowens; Mr J E G Petit, father (also representing Aunty Mary, (France),  Teena De La Mare, sister and Malcolm De La Mare, brother-in-law (also representing Sheila Vidamour, Tina Vidamour, Royston and Julie De La Mare); Martin De La Mare, nephew and Cara De La Mare (also representing Alfie De La Mare, great-nephew); Stuart De La Mare, nephew and Krystal De La Mare (also representing Aurora De La Mare, great-niece and Harry De La Mare, great-nephew); Michele Shell, sister and Robert Shell, brother-in-law and Emma Shell, niece and Bramble); Chris Trump, brother-in-law; Lisa Trump, sister-in-law; Maisie Trump, niece; Paula Shutt, sister-in-law and Stephen Smith; Matt Shutt, nephew; Isabel Trump, mother-in-law; Ganine and Ray Gallienne, aunty and uncle; Susan Gallienne, aunty and Paul Edwards; Barry and Gwen Trump, cousins (also representing Lois, Ben, Zac and Seb Batiste and Anna Trump);

Sue Slimm, cousin (also representing Betty Till, aunt and John Till, cousin); Sharon Hughes, cousin (also representing Chris Tielles, cousin and Gavin Hughes); David De La Mare (also representing Maureen De La Mare, Avril Trump, Adam Trump, Eric Trump, Gesy Buckingham, Paul Buckingham and Jenson Buckingham);

Also Present Were: James Rouget (also representing Simon, Kirsten and Maya George and Graeme and Janet Corbin); Amanda Rouget; Lucy Rouget (also representing Ariane Rouget); Will Rouget; Jess, Lisa and Ella Newsom (also representing Josh Newsom and Neil Le Poidevin); Pat Albin, President West Legion (also representing Rick Masterman, Tracey Le Sauvage and club committee and members); Paul McLaren (also representing Nigel Acton, Callum Dean, Jesse Archer, Danny Archer, Shelley Collenette, Steven White and Martyn Foulds); Aaron and Lucy Brehaut (also representing Lewis and Elliot Brehaut, Sally and John Chick, Cobo Auto Repair Limited and The Royal British Legion Western Club); Clive Pearce (also representing Paula and Connor Pearce, Bert Snell and Tony Veron); Philip Sebire (also representing Emma Sebire and Joshua Sebire);

Sammie Cox (also representing Harry Dick-Cleland, Vicki Webster and everyone at Cleland and Co Limited, also Alan Cox); Geoff and Jane Turian (also representing The Guernsey Association for Shooting and Conservation and Otto, Sandra and Tessa Le Gallez); Martyn and Jan Domaille (also representing Ian and Kenita Domaille and boys, Brian Roger, Neil Michelle and Andre (Billy) Le Billon); Kevin Albin (also representing Michelle Caradeuc and Martin and Jo Courbaron); Sean Albin (also representing Damien and Kayleigh Albin and Riley and Kodey Albin); Paula Ettesse-Wilson; Ray and Sue Fallaize (also representing Andrew Batiste, Gary Le Page, Michelle De Carteret, Spud and Sharon Gallienne and Budgie Bourgaize); Brian Gallienne (also representing Kay Gallienne); Sarah Currie (also representing Marcel Le Clerc and Mrs Parnell); Colin Goubert; Paul Lawrence (also representing Jason and Nikki Hamon, Surf and Turf Ltd and Wayne Gallienne); Steve Goubert (also representing Brian Le Page, Sark and Terry Crowther, Sark); Alan and Sally Machon;

WM Gary Le Cloarec, Mariners Lodge 168 (also representing Stephen Le Cloarec and Craig Tulie); Dave and Margaret Guille (also representing Paul Hamel);

Mandy Roland and Jean-Paul Druce (also representing David Druce, Colin Druce, all the staff from CJS Takeaway, Julie Vaudin and Dave Vaudin); Dave Gallienne, DWA (also representing Sean McCarthy); Lynton Le Cheminant; Lou Perriam; Joe Moriarty; Ian Donaldson (also representing Richard Donaldson); Michael De La Haye (also representing Wayne Barrett, Liz Giles, John Tolcher, Mick Sebire, Sally West and Holly De La Haye); Mary Carter (also representing Nigel Carter and Paula Blondel); Emma Parnell (also representing Lorne Taylor and Jo Taylor); Julie Roger (also representing Charlie and Harry and Stase Ferbrache); Robert Harris (also representing Vanessa Harris, Sean and Kirsten Murphy and Didd’s Dyer); Denise Board (also representing Lorraine Board); Brian Lowe Fidelis 1809 and Margaret Lowe (also representing Alf Dorrian, Bob Marquis and Rex Trott);

Ross Raineri (also representing Mandy Collenette and Rick Le Noury); Martyn and Heather Bisson (also representing Daniel Bisson and Claire and Andy Le Moigne); J Samson (also representing Gary Cook and the Sarnia Sporting Clay Club); Michael and Julie Roland (also representing Nicola Boatwright-Smith, Bobby Roland, Shaun Allez, Racheal Jennings, George and Bridget Jennings, Dee, John and Dylan Payne and Steve Clarke of Commercial Trade Centre); Julie Trustum (also representing Maggie Bichard and Magnifique Hair Salon); Adie Trustum (also representing Alan Bourgaize); Jess Trustum and Ellie Trustum; Paul Stockreiter (also representing Vicki Taylor, Margaret Stockreiter, Mark Stockreiter, Lester Boscher, Jane Boscher and Paul Saunders); Paul Sarre, Kerry Sarre and Jaime Sarre (also representing Beth Sarre, Poppy Sarre, Faith Sarre, Leanne Sarre, Skylar Hussey and Gemma Rumens); Tony Robert (RBC Office Services); Hayley Duquemin (also representing Martyn Duquemin, Lauren Duquemin, Myles Duquemin and Justin Gallienne);

Matt Harwood (also representing Natalie Le Ray and Andy Ogier); Larry and Shirley Burtenshaw (also representing Darren and Drew); Debbie Cairns (also representing Richard Cairns); Penny Wilson (also representing Jim Page, Tracy Guille, Alan and Mary Falla, Jackie and Mike Strachan, Richard Lambourne, Adrian Keetch, Peter Wilson, John and Julie Kilzer, Dean and Hazel Guille, Dave and Shane Le Brun, Mikey, Sam, Scarlett and Sophia Le Brun, Vincent Le Brun, Libby Guillou and Karen Young); Nancy Power (also representing Lorraine and Colin Gallienne); Dave Sheppard (also representing Jan Sheppard);

Ian Thomas (also representing Sandra Thomas and Daniel Thomas); Mick Jones (also representing Sarah and Maureen Jones); Sally Rowe (also representing Chris Rowe and family and Simone Simon); Brian de Jersey; James Ridout (also representing Robert Ridout and Jennie Ridout); Karen Jehan; Tia Elliott (also representing Peter Falla and PF&A); Joe Crawford (also representing Anne Crawford); Maxwell Cloarec (also representing Julie Cloarec, Ellie Cloarec and Finley Cloarec); Peter Bougourd (also representing Lodge Fidles); Ross Alexander; Zoe Renouf (also representing Koen Le Prevost and Josh Knight); Andy and Bridgette Gavey; Morgan Dyke; Mike Dyke (also representing Jan Dyke, Marc Dyke and Tom Marshall); Chris Enticott; Daniel Lilley; Rex Dunn; Chris Carr; Rod Dyke; Lee Ballard; Tim Gaudion (also representing Bev Gaudion and RH Gaudion and Sons Ltd); Alan and Lisa Huxster (also representing the family); Nick Beddow; Sarrjio Louro; Colin and Merle Murdoch (also representing Marc Collas); Andy Elliott and Eve Godfrey;

Paul Henney (also representing Susan Henney); Helen Craig (also representing Paddy Craig and Kariss Craig); Mark Batiste (also representing Michelle Batiste); Suzanne and Michael Ogier (also representing Philip Vedier and the staff Woodside Logistics);

Tony Jones (also representing Mariners Lodge 168); Connor Alexander (also representing Paula Alexander); Georgie Brackley; Brian Staples (also representing Randells Brewery); Dave Rihoy (also representing John Rihoy); Louie Rault; Michael Le Conte; Kerry Robin (also representing Jez Robin); Jean Rouget (also representing Maria and Dave Banton); Juliette Christian (also representing Paul and family); Bradley Watson; S Perriam; Richard and Clara Bourgaize (also representing Marcus Bourgaize and Kieron Bourgize); Ian Trump (also representing Nigel Gale); Aimee Le Bachelet (also representing Andy Simon and Cheryl Simon); Sam Le Bachelet;

Ian Crawford (also representing Neil Lamb); Adrian and Michaela Northey; Steve Le Page (also representing Sally Le Page); Sam McKenzie; Connor Le Cras; Darren James; Neil and Sarah Gaudion (also representing Chloe Gaudion); James Rihoy; Phil and Sue Henry; Laura Beale; Carolina Atala; Martyn and Jean Vidamour; Tina Campbell; Alison and Sarah Taylor-Sarre (also representing Mim Sarre); Brad Page (also representing Shaun and John Slattery); Robin Everest; Andy Kelling (also representing Hazel and family); Carl Foulds (also representing Shane Branquet); Carolyn Brouard; Phil Alexander;

Mark Phillips (also representing Lucy Phillips, Roger Phillips and Joanne Phillips); Jules Le Gallez (also representing Paul Jeffreys); Martin Lucas; John Rolfe (also representing Guernsey Ducting, Claude Barnes and Neville Reed); Christine Wright;

David Le Cheminant (Chemmey)); Roger Baudains (also representing Ann Baudains); Jean Whalley (also representing Jonathan Dell, Laura Duquemin, Sarah Whalley and Lisa Bourgaize); Kyle De La Mare; Sam Teed; John Teed (also representing Steven Teed and Max Thoumine, ex staff of Project); Debra Butt; Matt Hardwick (also representing Myra Hardwick and Clive Martin); Bob Le Bargy; Andrew Ashplant (also representing Kim Ashplant and Claire Driscoll); Dan Hamon (also representing Carol and Ben Le Carpentier); Mike Lucas; Viv Torode; Mark Stanford; Dan Stewart (also representing Jez Vaudin and Kevin Brown);

Chris and Tracy Bran (also representing Aimee and Abbie Bran and John and Diane Marquis (Wales)); Shaun Baudains; Chris Lock; Andrew and Beverley Godfrey (also representing Andrew Sarre and Trinity Sarre); Fiona Sarre and Chris Sarre (also representing Chloe and Holly Sarre); Andrew Vedier (also representing Emma Vedier); Glenn Bourgaize (also representing Mark Tardivel); Blake Bourgaize; Steve Le Huray; Meyrick Simmonds (also representing Guernsey Trout Society); Lou Totty (also representing Neil Totty); Dieter Hurst (also representing David Naussbaumer, John Hurst, Alan Le Poidevin and Adam Quinn); Leon Harrison (also representing Joanne Ferbrache); Derek Rossiter (also representing Jane Rossiter and Rob and Miche Phillips); Ann Pinchemain and Peter Langlois (also representing Adam and Ryan Langlois, Phil Walker, Sue Martel, Roger King, Ian Nuttall (Scotland), Ian Toms, Jackie Jacobs, Martin Young and Steve and Bridgette McKane (Haulage Services); Paul Guilmoto; Shirley Tulié;

Kevin Le Tissier (also representing the staff of R H Le Tissier); Neil Sarre (also representing Doric Insurance Brokers); Mr and Mrs G Dupont (also representing Martin Gallienne and Dave Barsby); Melissa Wilson and Reece Edwards; Darren Ogier (also representing James Ogier); Martin Concannon; Andrew Simon; John Loveridge; Florence Chamonyo; Paul Martin (also representing Pioneer Martin Ltd); Max Gaudion (also representing Tim Gaudion); Paul Duquemin; Mark Thompson (also representing Vince Kelling); Joshua Chick; Casey Luffman; Thomas Hicks (also representing Christopher Mourant); Lee Smith; Mike Hicks; Brandon Murphy;

Ian Le Page; A Le Lacheur; Amy Truffitt (also representing Darren Hale); Steve Bromley (also representing R G Phillips and Son Ltd and Corbet Field); Isla Murdoch (also representing Christopher King); Leonie Blondel; P J Knight; Josh Norman (also representing Alex Barista); Mark Johnson; Tim Whitey (also representing Jane Whitey and Doc Roberts); Paul and Inga Alexander (also representing San Lorenzo Service Centre and Dave and Pippa Best); Scott Alexander (also representing Charlotte, Maise and Gabrielle Alexander); Chris Young and Gary Sarahs; Sam Masterman and Leo Fossey; Ian Turner; Kris Marquis; Mark Falla (also representing management and staff at G4S); Rosie Jump; Dave Gallienne; Paul Le Tissier (also representing Caroline Le Tissier); Andrew Jackson (also representing Jayne Jackson); Tony De Garis; Mark Tostevin (also representing Michael Le Noury and Robin and Sammi Tostevin);

Dick and Dolores Young (also representing Steve and Jackie Williamson and Michael and Sue Bott); Neil Sarre (also representing Sarah Jackson and Chris Mclean and Venture Garage); Margaret and Philip Priaulx; Mark, Emily and Anne Lesbirel; Luke Walters; Tony Hubert; Nick and Michaela Guilmoto; Paul and Moira Boyd; John and Lisa Dowinton; Brian Gueru (also representing Joanne and Shane Welch); Paul Conway (also representing St Jacques); John and Miranda Brown; Sylvia Fossey; Kevin Dunn; Roger Naftel; Katrina Le Blancq; Izzy Le Picq; Dean Dyke; Marlene Place; Lee De La Mare (also representing Jason Dowinton); Rachel Tostevin-Black (also representing family); Scott Falla (also representing Michelle Falla and Dave and Kay De La Rue); Micky Leahy; Jenny Newsom (also representing Deb Hockey); Chris Le Tissier; Tommy Bougourd and Alana Bougourd (also representing all the boys at T R Bougourd Services and Geoff Pipet);

Neil Corbin (also representing Nigel Le Marchant); Trevor and Caroline Brehaut; Pierre Rive (also representing family and Ian Quinn); Michael Ogier (also representing Roxanne Wylie); Conrad Tart; Dave Ferbrache; Chris and Julie Kilzer (also representing Andy and Sonia Philips); Tim and Ruth Falla; Andrew and Rachael Bourgize; Morgan Sales; Joe Collenette; Josh McClean; Ian Coutu; Karen Martin (also representing Lawrence Black and Steve and Gregory Martin); John and Margaret Tostevin; Roger Skinner (also representing Angie Bourgaize); Steve Pugh (also representing C A Duquemin Ltd); Adrien Migasiuk;

Martyn, Karen and Byron McClean; Trev Renouf (also representing Bronia Simpson, Chris Kirby, Simon Cripps and Ben Pezet); Shani Barrasin (also representing Geoff Ballay and all the boys at GES Carpentry, also Kevin, Kim, Grant and Jarrod Smith);

Jenny and Mick Girard (also representing Michael De Garis); Rachel Girard; Paul Bonnel; Daisy Bonnel; Rob Tough (also representing Annemarie Fallaize); Michael Prout (also representing family, Garry Mourant, Peter Inniss and Nigel Stewart); David and Gynette Cowens (also representing Kyle and Tyler Cowens, Sylvia Le Cheminant and Janet Benwell); Carrie Thoume (also representing Craig and Jenson Thoume, Kayleigh Tardif and Nick and Ralphy Hood); Marcel and Michelle Lainé (also representing Etienne and Charlie Lainé, Ken and Doreen Lainé and Mo and Karen Marquis); Alan Weston; Tony Cottell; Pearl Moore (also representing Don Moore); Paul, Emma, Vincent and Otis Machon (also representing Andy and Jo Mahy and Shaun Couch); Gary and Tracy Thorne (also representing Ross Hamon);

Eddie and Emma Edwards (also representing Olivia Edwards, Mark and Lisa Ogier and Andy and Jo Allen); Andre Flouquet (also representing Lynda Flouquet, Aaron Flouquet and Maxine Flouquet); Mike Lucas Lodge Fidelis (1809) (also representing Suzanne Lucas, Mr V Kaiulo Lodge Fidelis (1809) and the management and staff at Vale and Cobo Service Stations and everyone at the Falles Group (Jersey)); Paul Vidamour; Dick Reid (also representing WA Mosgrave Ltd, Sandra Allisette and Cate and Andy Mason); Reg Bullock (also representing John and Paula Bullock and Lara and Neil Le Poidevin); Lee Dodd (also representing Adrian Glendinning and Dave Exall); Tony Sargent (also representing Titch Gill); Martyn Guille (also representing Claire Holliday, Simon Hamon, Mathew Broughton and David Corson); Ian Baker (also representing Camille Baker and family); Graham Dawe (also representing Bernie Hanley); Darina Doyle; Lisa and Steve Rosumek;

Mr and Mrs Robinson (also representing K-Marie Robinson); Scarlet Bruce-Ide; Nick and Rosanna Bonamy; Pam Campbell; Paul and Vanessa Benstead (also representing Liam and Neve, also Julie Macfarlane); Pete Le Friec (also representing F Watson and Sons and Martin Le Cras); Andrea Le Friec (also representing Olivia and Charlie, Patrick and Kyra, Rebekah and Jack and Luke, Corey and Isla); Nick Olliver (also representing Jan and family and Monty Waterman and family); Joan Wenman;

Mollie Dorey (also representing Andrew (Tiny) Rogers and Ruth and family, (France)); Will Stewart (also representing Annette Stewart); Lee James (also representing Rick Sermon); Richard Ridout (also representing Jennie and Wheeler Developments); Ed Lawrence; Nigel Hicks (also representing Sarah Hicks); Gary Rich (also representing Cara Le Messurier); Andy and Sadie Rosamond (also representing Clinton Le Page, Alexia Rosamond and A J Makepeace); Colin Robert; John Barlow; Kerri Jehan; Joby Bourgaize (also representing Marie, Alfie and Evie Bourgaize, Fiona Naftel and Vanessa Marsh); Robert and Sheila Benstead; Neil and Beverley De Jersey; Lauren Gavey (also representing Bethany Manning and Aaron Mahieu); Gwen and Tony Gaudion (also representing Martyn and Jackie); Adrian and Yvonne La Farge (also representing Joanne and Mat Hutchison); Barry and Kathy Marley; Mandy Le Bachelet (also representing Colin Le Bachelet); Debbie and Shaun Torode (also representing Sheralee Torode); Chelsea Torode; Courtney Le Poidevin;

Art Leadbeater (also representing Jan and family and Kevin Simon); Susan Margetts (also representing Max, Maz, Megan and Tom); Karen and John Hort; Caroline Le Cheminant; Dennis Regan (also representing Andy Mahy); Jamie Weysom (also representing Cliff Eborall, Mat Spruce and Billy Le Billon);  Kevin Driscoll (also representing Tracey, Emily and Sophie Driscoll); Kay Martin; Keith Robert (also representing Barry Newsom, Brian Torode and Emma Gathercole); Alan and Lynda Gavet; Sky Donaldson; David Le Billon; John Breton; Colin Marquis; Mark Addlesee (also representing Quantum Cabling); Nigel Moullin; Lee Help; Gary Jones (also representing Andrew Jones); Nikki Kennedy-Cook; Mike Fossey (also representing Dean Gallienne); Carla Fossey (also representing Leo Fossey, Joyce and Tony Fernandel, Taste of India); Mr and Mrs H V Sarre (also representing DWA); Dave Young; Ashley Perriam; Dean Wilson (also representing David Wilson and Carl Smith); Peter and Julie Finnigan (also representing Leishia, also Jane Masterman);

Richard Pinchemain (also representing Anne and family, Brethren of St Sampsons Lodge); Gavin Girard; Simon Gamblin; Wayne and Karen Shaw; Alan and Gill Martel (also representing Chris Nichols, John Paul Wakeford, Samantha Solway, Victoria Hopkins and families); Tony Merrien; Ross Angus (also representing Jarod Smith and Kevin Smith); Dave and Michelle Markwick (also representing family and Peter Wilson); Richard Loyd; Louise Kent; Carl Smith; Bruno Robilliard;

Martyn Bourgaize; Andy Travis; Brian Crockett; Donna Allan (also representing Kevin Allan); Wendy Norman (also representing Miriam Bourgaize); Peter Norman; John Smith; Karen Smith; Tony Baudains (also representing Steve Evans); Steve Thoumine; Mark and Karina Troalic; Morrow Paul; Roger Berry (Snr) and Jackie Berry (also representing Sandra Berry and Roger Berry, OBE); Michael Cotterill (also representing Colin Knight); Ray Queripel (also representing GFS Flooring); Tony Mudge; Kevin England (also representing Marie England); Mark Brockway; Chris Jackson; Bob Place (also representing Royal British Legion); Maya Broome; Lauren Ogier; Anna Falla; Helen Le Tocq; Alice Jehan; Jason Baudains (also representing Callum Le Moignan); Robert Jennings (also representing George and Bridget Jennings, Wayne Le Cocq and Mark Tomms); Rick Gallienne; Steve Forman; Kevin and Maureen Davison (also representing Tristram Davison);

John Sargeant (also representing Tracy Sargeant); Janis Pike (also representing Ellis Pike); Christopher Druce (also representing staff at Mahys Mowers); Tony Romeril (also representing Becky and children); David Whitby (also representing Rihoy and Son and Cleggy); Chris Corbin (also representing Karen Corbin and members at St Sampsons Lodge); Tommy Marshall; Jason Newsom (also representing Dave Finnigan); Dave and Josh Pinchemain (also representing Dan and Nathan Pinchemain); Philip Bourgaize (also representing Luke Brown, Kevin Brown and Jez Vaudin); Dale Staples (also representing Ashyn Brehaut); Martyn Stanfield; Trevor Queripel; Mark Hartley; Sophie Perfitt (also representing Stuart Perfitt); Jez Le Tissier; Daniel Evans (also representing Ammina Evans); Paul Berryman; Philip Hill-Smith (also representing Dave Sargeant and Claire Hill-Smith); Mark and Sharon Coffell (also representing Andy Dyer); Larry Hughes (also representing Ellen and family); James Darke; Andre Sangan (also representing Marcel Sangan);

Jason Flouquet (also representing Sarah and Emily Flouquet); Phil Martel; Terry Bourgaize (also representing Andy Mahon); Joe Le Gallez (also representing Karen and Trevor); James Ashplant (also representing Kim); Stuart Mayor; Craig Collins; Nolan Bennallick; Ceejay Merrien; Robin Hutchinson and Soosiang Hutchinson; Ross Holmes; Bunty; Kevin Batiste; Richard Martin (also representing Debbie Martin); Steve Lihou (also representing J Westwell, Lodge Dallas 1809; Richard Goubert (also representing Paul Gannon and Moira Murphy); Brian Ferbrache;

Martin and Julie Crittell (also representing Barry Taylor, Neil Price and Dave Tostevin); John and Cathy Norman (also representing Orfhlaith and Aisling Norman);

Paul Martin (also representing The Royal British Legion Western Branch); Kay Martin; Jane Le Tissier (also representing Elish Browning, Michelle Simon, Yolanda and Jim Young, Karen Allaway and Debbie Daunt);  Ian, Sandra and Rhian Le Page; Jacquie Hewitt (also representing Paul Hewitt, Andrea Guillou, Chris Jones, Shane Jehan, Kyle Spruce and Robin Amer); Graeme and Ann Cox; Charles Smith; Keith Bienvenu (also representing Forest Stores); John Callaway (also representing Graham Hards); Steve and Fiona Gauvain (also representing Rebecca and Megan); Kevin Saunders (also representing Sarah Saunders and Brian Roussel); Derick and Brenda Le Poidevin (also representing Nicola Shaw and Karen New);

Tracey Mansell-Simon (also representing John Mansell-Simon, Karen Isabelle and Yan Marquis); Tim and Sue Girard (also representing Shiralee Le Page); Andre Le Bachelet (also representing Ian and Maria Eggo, Olly Day and Angela Le Bachelet); Mike and Ali Bourgaize (also representing Nikki Attwooll); Mike and Yvonne Hainsworth (also representing Ali Hughes); Lucy Slimm and Ian Le Page (also representing David Slimm, Paul Bourgaize and Rabeys Garage); Gary Sheppard (also representing Jodie and Chris and Penny Sheppard, UK); Karl Guille and Fiona Guille (also representing Brad Guille, Cal Guille, Ant Ford-Parker, Ash Ford-Parker and Alfie Ford-Parker); Peter Lesbirel (also representing Clary Lesbirel and Anne Lesbirel); Mick and Carol Damarell (also representing Ali Damarell, John Wild, Darren Le Prevost and Adi Le Prevost); Jim English (also representing Ross Holmes and The Worshipful Master and Brethren of Loyalty Lodge No 243);

Denise Stoddart (also representing Paul Stoddart, Sabrina Stoddart and Jane Tramontano); Maggie Tostevin (also representing Rod Tostevin, Stew and Lorraine Conchar, Neil and Gerry Murray, Peter Falla and Tony Penney); Trista Walters; Adrian Tourtel; Stephen Oliveira; Phillip Walters (also representing Nev Cluett and all staff of David G Cluett and Sons); Tim Le Page (also representing Idalina Le Page and Geoff and Lorraine Greening);

Flowers were from Ann, Amy, Jamie, Jessica, Adeline, Sebastian, Holly, Freddie, Jacob, Josie and Josh, Poppy.

Other tributes were to be sent to Meller House, cheques to be made payable to Southampton Hospital Charity, with Meller House written on the back or visit or Channel Island Air Search, C/o The Treasurer, Mr Richard Searle, BDO Limited, PO Box 180, Rue du Pre, St Peter Port, GY1 3LL.

The arrangements were by Beckfords Funeral Services Limited with Zac Hannis supervising.

WARR, Susan Mary (née Lister)

Susan Warr

A celebration of Life, prior to cremation for Susan Mary Warr who passed away at Les Bourgs Hospice, aged 68 years was held at Le Foulon Chapel and conducted by Michelle Duquemin.

The organist, Graham Martel accompanied the singing of “All things bright and beautiful”. Opening Music was “I’ve Had the time of my Life” by Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes. Time of Reflection music was “Landslide” by Fleetwood Mac. A poem “Remember Me” by Margaret Mead was read by Michelle Duquemin. Michelle also gave Thoughts on Life and Death, Tribute, Committal and Closing Words, which included Excerpt from “No Matter What”. Closing Music was “White Rabbit” Jefferson Airplane.

The Mourners Were: Kevin Warr, husband; Jacob Warr, son (also representing Samantha Dalton); Louise McCathie, daughter (also representing Jude McCathie, grandson); Nathan McCathie, son-in-law (also representing Thomas Le Prevost); Brian Burnell, uncle; Lesley Lister, sister; Carol Lister, sister; Richard Cook;

Also Present Were: Nicole Morrow; Stephanie Warr (also representing Tony and Jenny Froome and Bob Froome and Sons Ltd); Grant Le Tissier and Jane Vandertang;

Leigh Butler; Jim and Jo Delbridge; Gillian Wynn; Ellie Brehaut; Joey Abbott; Will Jones (also representing Sue Jones); Kevin Hinshaw (also representing Lal Hinshaw, George Warren, John Shayer and Jurat David Grut); Dan O’Hara and Helen O’Hara; Geraldine Chelmick (also representing Moira Norman); Richard Best (also representing Alison Best and Jonathan Travers); Matthew Le Maitre (also representing Helen Le Maitre); Roger English (also representing Simon and Vicky Gardner-English); Dima Cserbakovs;

Simon and Mary Hollyer-Hill (also representing Mathew, Mandy and Sophie Bertram, (Jersey)); Jo Hollyer-Hill (also representing Tomos Apsion, Destiny Hollyer-Hill and Theo Hollyer-Hill); Kim Leggett (also representing Cherie Norman); Rachel Ryan, Angie Harrison and Mandy Davies (also representing Tina Sarre, Marilyn Vidamour, Andre Inder, Home Help Sarnia carer services); Leon Gardner; Nicko Gardner; Maxine Jehan (also representing Victoria Robins); Kayleigh Robins; Christie Chapple; Maddy Holberry; Kirsty Gallienne; Rebecca Durham; Di and Ron Brenton; Darren Le Tissier; Anna Collon; Michelle Cluett; Lisa Allan; Solange Pollock; Gillian Webster; Ali Grange; Kath McClean (also representing Matthew Smart); Nikita Burnett; Laurel Henley; Margaret Priaulx and Philip Priaulx (also representing Priaulx West Limited); Catherine Jones; Lisa Marshall; Marie Waddell;

Catherine Whatstone; Jenni Caine; Liz Dorey; Sue Black (also representing Robbie Beck); Maria Gregory-Haines; Linda Potter (also representing Theresa Prince and Karen Leach); Paul De Jersey (also representing Jean Guest); S Le Lerre; Simon Boot; Emma Jones; Dave Thoume (also representing Rose Thoume); Orla Marie Manning (also representing Phillipa Stahelin, Gerladine Williams and Headway Guernsey); Maggie Hannis; Terry Lihou (also representing Barry Bartlett); Shaun Wallace; Helena Avery (also representing Acute Services (Hospital); Dennis and Jenny Wherry; Ann Harrison; Steve Harrison; Duncan Harrison; Carol Crowson (also representing Paul Crowson and Fiona Kirk); Mandy Le Messurier; Theresa Cusack; Linda Campbell; Thomas Ceillam (also representing Danielle Ceillam); Pierre Martel;

Pauline Mills (also representing Mills family); Sue Radford (also representing Mark Radford); Nick and Debra Moullin (also representing Graham and Maureen Mallett);

Moira Boyd (also representing Greenacres); Jeanette Simpson (also representing Allan and Barbara Crowson); Andy Rowe (also representing Sam and Becky Rowe and Rob Yeaman); Tanya Mahy (also representing Sue Brown); Richard and Audrey Gillingham (also representing Geoff Gillingham); Ricky West (also representing Sue West); Mrs Pollard; Debbie Duquemin; Lee Duquemin; Kerry Duquemin; Jackie Kirk (also representing Tom Kirk); Madelaine Taylor (also representing Sue and Phil Taylor); Cheryl Farnham; John Crowder; Sean Brown; José Gabriel; Steve Johns (also representing Luke and Floyd Johns); Chris Ashwell (also representing Guernsey Surf Club); Kevin Ogier (also representing Fiona Roberts); Barry and Barbara Taylor;

Sanna-Liisa Valtanen; Kim Leslie and Nick McCathie; Geraldine and Andrew Gallienne (also representing Linda Iles); Sarah Crow; Chris Machon; Tracie Costello; Eric Legg (also representing Sue Legg, Tony Tostevin and Sue de Laune); Adele Morrow and Nigel Stewart; Chloe Morrow-Harris and Glynn Masterton; Ali and Matt Mason (also representing Ed and Eliza); George Mason; Mike Harris (also representing Samantha and Eva Harris); Claire Ingrouille (also representing Steve and Carolyn Ingrouille); Karen Dawe (also representing Carol Le Sauvage, Heather Kennedy and Christine Rylatt); Paula Burbridge (also representing Sophie Burbridge, Liz Croft and the staff of Connies Carers); José Rodrigues and Maurilia Rodrigues; Phil and Sally Challenger (also representing Faustine Challenger and Jill Bougourd); Katie Batiste (also representing Zoe Smith, Chantel De La Mare, Vikki Dutot, Marlene Davies, Admin team at Community Services);

David Hadlington and Lucy Hadlington (also representing David Hadlington, Matt Hoare, Sarah Davies and Ian Le Boutillier); Peter and Carissima Le Breton (also representing Dani Trickett and Alan Bannister); Rob Ozanne and Liz Stonebridge (also representing Les Bourgs Hospice); John and Sylvia Breton (also representing Sue McCathie); Rosie Yates (also representing Jane El Korashy, Carl and Anda Jones, Davy Bowie, Marion Power and La Villette Hotel); Thaea Patterson; Gary and Helene Buckingham (also representing Lyn Bewey and Mike Hutchinson); Cherry Guilbert (also representing Barbara Clark and Daisy);  Tony and Jane Cullington (also representing Geoff and Joan Cullington, John, Val, Matt, Marc and Guy Haymes, Lois and Ellie Young and Ali, Geoff, Emma and Darcy Crump); Charlie Gill (also representing Chris Gill and Kelsey Jackson);  Claire Thorne (also representing Joanne Queripel and staff and residents Grand Courtil); Patricia Boyle (also representing Karen Blyth and Lane Eastwood); Jessica De Garis; Hayley Shemilt; Jessica Gallienne; Jane Boscher; Sarah Harvey; Stella Turner; Jack Duquemin;

Mike and Melita Perrett; Mandy Austin (also representing Patrick Austin); Karla Travers (also representing Jodie Travers); Sam Falla (also representing Liam Gleeson); Johnny Wallbridge; Henry Davey (also representing Joyce Davey and Liam Davey); Tracy Paul (also representing Mandy Damarell); Janette Le Maitre (also representing Ian and Charlotte Le Maitre); Mike and Johanna De Garis; Will and Honour De Garis; Cas Loveridge (also representing Loveridge family); Clare Parfery;

David Taylor (also representing Brian and Grace Loaring (Portugal));

Flowers were from All the family. Si and Vic.

Other tributes were to be sent to Les Bourgs Hospice, Andrew Mitchell House, Rue du Tertre, St Andrews, GY6 8SF or Bulstrode Oncology Unit, Mrs S Butler, Meldrum Way, Braye Road, Vale, GY3 5PR.

The arrangements were by Clinton Le Page of Beckfords Funeral Services Limited with Zac Hannis supervising.

LE HURAY, John Malcolm

John Le Huray 1

The funeral service, prior to a private interment for John Malcolm Le Huray who passed away at Les Bourgs Hospice, aged 85 years was held at Holy Trinity Church and conducted by Reverend Jon Honour.

The organist, Stephen Francis accompanied the singing of “I the Lord of sea and sky” and “Be thou my vision, O Lord of my heart”. Opening music played was “The Prayer” by Rhydian. A Poem, “The Loss of a father” was read by Sarah Tickle. The Bible Reading, John 14 v 1-7: 25-29 was read by Melissa Guille. The Eulogy and The Christian Hope was given by Bryan Pill. Recessional music was “Guitar Man” by Bread.

The Mourners Were: Melissa Guille, daughter (also representing Thomas Guille, grandson, Lorna Wickers, Joy Heyes, Laura Hazeldine and family and Gaynor Cox and family); Mark Guille, son-in-law; Adam Guille, grandson; Alison Black, daughter and Neil Black, son-in-law; Nyah Black, granddaughter; Lochlan Black, grandson; Sarah Tickle, daughter (also representing Joseph Tickle, grandson and Vince Tickle, son-in-law); Hannah Tickle, granddaughter; Bryan Pill, nephew and Tricia Pill (also representing Victoria, Jonathan and Beth); Dave Pill, nephew (also representing Jan Pill, Holly Pill and Matt Williams, Mike Pill, nephew and Phillipa Pill);

Also Present Were: Cynthia Wilkinson (also representing Shirley Russell, Barbara Ellis, Mike and Penny Parsons, Nicola Bailey and Barbara Ashwell); Mike and Sue Brock (also representing Tony Brock); Andrew and Jo Warry; Shirley and Gerald Durman (also representing Tony and Susan Durman and Marilyn and Wayne Morgan, (Wales)); Andrew and Ruth Guille; Helen Sheppard; Val Le Cheminnt; Jeanette Le Prevost; Robbie Goldsmith; Lindsay Salmon; Lynne De La Rue (also representing Jo and Mark De La Rue and Alex Argo); Mary Beattie (Wratten) (also representing Sandra Baker (Cherry); Norma De La Rue;

Ann Ozanne (also representing Mo De Jersey, Rosemary Murphy and all the Foote family); Jane Brown (also representing Derek Brown); Anna Honor; Eileen Davies (also representing Paul Davis and Timothy Hibbs); Roy Sarre (also representing Maddie Sarre and Vicki Sarre); Nancy Power; Diane Harvey; Jean Guille; Bebe Pentland (also representing Julian Pentland and Vicki Gregg); Molly Le Tocq; Maggie Falla; Ruth Smale; Richard Cann (also representing Brian and Margaret Harris, Maggie Cull and Richard Loaring, (South Africa)); George Lihou (also representing Jill Lihou, William and Pat Stuart and Peter Leigh); Barbara Minta (also representing Kath Prince, Ann Atkinson and Bob and Molly Thompson); Owen Brock (also representing Tom Brock, Joanna Brock, Katie Brock and families);

Flowers were from The family. Joy, Gaynor, Laura and all the family. The P&G Homecare Team.

Other tributes were to be sent to Les Bourgs Hospice, Andrew Mitchell House, Rue du Tertre, St Andrews, GY6 8SF or The Tumaini Fund, C/o Dr S Wilson, Les Ruettes Farm, St Andrews, GY6 8SF.

The arrangements were by Beckfords Funeral Services Limited with Zac Hannis supervising.


Sheila Cockayne

The funeral service, prior to cremation for Sheila Cockayne who passed away at The Princess Elizabeth Hospital, aged 87 years was held at Le Foulon Chapel and conducted by Michelle Duquemin.

Opening Music played was “What a Wonderful World” by Louis Armstrong. “I Believe” by The Bachelors was played after the Words of Welcome. Music played during Time of Reflection was “Stranger on the Shore” by Acker Bilk. The Reading “This Heritage” was read by Michelle Duquemin. Michelle Duquemin gave the Words of Welcome, Thoughts on Life and Death, Tribute, Lord’s Prayer, Committal and Closing Words. Closing music was “We’ll Meet Again” by Vera Lynn.

The Mourners Were: Jen Cockayne, daughter (also representing Michelle Harrison, niece and David Harrison); Diane Cockayne, daughter (also representing Mark Norman, nephew and Michelle, Chloe and Vicki Norman); Alan Cockayne, son (also representing Melissa Callister, niece, Steve, Amy and Beth Callister); Sue Cockayne, daughter-in-law (also representing Martine and Simon Ellis, Chris Sheppard and the girls); Roslyn Le Tissier, cousin (also representing Wendy and Patrick Guillemette);

Also Present Were: Jane Le Tissier (also representing Clare and Eric Hackney and Kim Le Prevost); Sophie Bennar-Le Prevost;

Flowers were from Jen, Diane, Alan and Sue.

Other tributes were to be sent to Alzheimer’s Society, C/o Specsavers, La Villiaze, St Andrews, GY6 8YP.

The arrangements were by Beckfords Funeral Services Limited with Paula Ettesse-Wilson supervising.

de GARIS, Mabel (Jo) Ashley (née Brown)

Forget Me Not

The funeral service, prior to a private cremation for Mabel Ashley de Garis who passed away at Highfield House Care Home, aged 90 years was held at Castel Parish Church and conducted by The Very Reverend Tim Barker.

The organist, Graham Martel accompanied the singing of “Abide with Me” and “How Great thou Art”. Opening Music played was “Lara’s Theme” from Dr Zhivago. The Family Tribute was read by Nik de Garis, grandson. A poem was written and read by Anna Falla, granddaughter. The Reading was John 14< verses 1-6. Reverend Barker gave the Address, Prayers, Commendation, Committal and Blessing. Closing music was “Spanish Eyes” by Al Martino.

The Mourners Were: Mark and Wendy de Garis, son and daughter-in-law; Jane and Adrian Brown, daughter and son-in-law; Anne and Paul Falla, daughter and son-in-law; Nik de Garis, grandson and Caitlin de Garis; Megan de Garis, granddaughter and Hildevert d’Harcourt; Rory Brown, grandson; Anna Falla, granddaughter; Vicky Falla, granddaughter; Sophia Brown, granddaughter and Chris Croft; Hugh Brown, grandson;

Also Present Were: Neil de Garis, Mike de Garis and Johanna de Garis (also representing Anne de Garis, Joanna de Garis, Will de Garis, Honor de Garis, George de Garis and Oliver de Garis); Andrew de Garis (also representing Suzanne de Garis); John and Jacqui de Garis (also representing Louise and Pierre Payne, John and Pip de Garis, David and Margaret Waters and family and Ann Norman); Carol de Garis (also representing Grant, Michelle, Paul, Katie and Benjamin); Guy Mitchell and Maria Rocha (also representing Highfield House Care Home); Mark Sullivan (also representing Paula Sullivan); Sylvia Banfield (also representing Susan Joshi, Robert Banfield, Alison Banfield, Elizabeth Baxter and Pamela Thomson);

Simon Smith and Claire Hermann-Smith (also representing Johann, Adam, Abbie and Evangeline); David Dorey (also representing Hirzel Dorey, Ian and Jackie Dorey and Mark Dorey); Derrick Eury and Saskia Eury; Janette Le Maitre (also representing Ian Le Maitre); Sue Dodd (also representing Lee Dodd and Fiona Robin); Jennie Dorey (also representing Geoff Dorey); Mike and Evelyne Banfield; Patrick Banfield (also representing Susan and James Banfield); Alva Gee (also representing Olive Le Noury); Debbie Graham (also representing Nick Graham); Millie Graham; Charlotte McLellan; David Smart (also representing Hilary Smart and Georgina and Deanna Smart); Joyce Bradshaw; Ann Brehaut; Nicky Ferris (also representing Nick Ferris and Julie Perfitt); Debbie Smart (also representing Jim Smart); Roger Smart; Andrew Brown, Helen and Paul Arnold-Mauger and Jakki Leach were unable to attend and were asked to be represented;

Flowers were from the family.

Other tributes were to be sent to RNLI (Guernsey) Branch, C/o Mr Richard Evans, Guernsey Harbours, PO Box 631, St Peter Port, GY1 3DL.

The arrangements were by Beckfords Funeral Services Limited with Clinton Le Page supervising.

LESBIREL, Mavis (Mave) Lilian nee Le Lacheur


The funeral service, prior to a private interment for Mavis Lilian Lesbirel who passed away at her home, aged 79 years was held at Torteval Parish Church and conducted by Reverend Jacky Cottrell.

The organist, Stephen Francis accompanied the singing of “The Lord’s my Shepherd” and “The Day thou Gavest”. Entry music was “Roses are Red (My Love) by Bobby Vinton. The Reading was John 14: verses 1-6 & 27. Reverend Cottrell gave the Prayers, Address, Eulogy and Blessing. Closing music was “When I fall in Love” by Bobby Vinton.

The Mourners Were: Michelle and Cliff Roussel, daughter and son-in-law (also representing Owen Roussel, grandson); Natasha Roussel, granddaughter; Michael Le Lacheur, brother and Elga; Marion Gallienne, cousin; Eileen Gallienne, cousin (also representing Ruth and Ray De La Mare); Marlene Worley, cousin; Win Le Cheminant, cousin;

Also Present Were: Charles Henry De Bourgonniere; Ellen Hughes (also representing Care and Support shift at La Grande Courtil St Martins); Andrew Sauvarin (also representing Sharon Sauvarin and Judith and Gary Cook); Janet Snell (also representing Alison Domaille and family); Charmaine Gallienne; Bethany Manning; Libby Gallienne; Terry Tostevin; Pat Hicks; Maria Pascall (also representing The staff of Le Grand Courtil); Patsy Skillett; Michele Shell (also representing Alison Peacegood); Ann Luxon (also representing Mark Roberts, Richard Luxon and Donna Le Gallez); Debbie Archer (also representing Lynn Barnes, Josie Froome, Kerry Price, Jayne Pascoe, Mark Windsor, Alison Peacegood, Alex Dellow, Liga Zvirgzdina); Pearl Moore (also representing Donald Moore); Sara Billson (also representing Lyn, Bill and Denise Cohu and the staff, volunteers and day visitors of the Russel Social Club);

Yvonne Brehaut (also representing Phil Brehaut and family, Steve Brehaut and family and Maureen Sawyer and family, Australia); Susan and Martin Corbet (also representing Claire Le Gallez and Keith Corbet); Philip Roberts; Maria Merrien; Caroline Le Cheminant; Carolynne Bourgaize (also representing Sharon Turville, Sue Palzeaird and the tenants at the L.G.C.)

Flowers were from Michelle, Cliffy, Natasha and Owen. Ellen and all the carers at LGC. Ann and boys. Michael and Elga. Marlene, Joanne and Martyn, Marcel, Kate and Alfie. Eileen. Marion.

The arrangements were by Beckfords Funeral Services Limited with Zac Hannis supervising.