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When dealing with the death of someone close it can be difficult to know what you should do and when.

We have put together a list of the main things you will need to consider and when it is best to do so. However, if you are unsure of anything, please just ask us, we are here to help.

Here is a check list of things to do and people you may need to call:


Check if the deceased left any instructions regarding their funeral arrangements, such as a funeral plan or expression of wishes.

If you are unaware of any, ask family or friends or contact the deceased’s Lawyer/ Bank to establish if the deceased left funeral instructions in a will.

  • Advise the Doctor/hospital staff if the person who has died is an organ donor.
  • Notify family and close friends.

We will liaise with the doctor on your behalf to ensure the medical certificate is completed.

In the next couple of days

Advise any daily services such as:

Milk retailer and newsagent.

The Guernsey Voluntary Service, if the person who has died was receiving Meals on Wheels. (tel. 247518).

Also advise:

Social Security to stop any benefits i.e. supplementary or States pension (tel. 222500). Social Security will notify the UK Department of Social Security, if necessary.

Within 5 days

Every death that occurs in the Island must be registered at the Greffe within 5 working days of the death. If appointed as your funeral director, we will arrange this for you.

Over the next week

Advise the following organisations:

  • The General Practitioner, if he/she is not in attendance after a person’s death, to cancel any referral for home help, carers and home nursing.
  • The hospital if the person who has died was attending as an out-patient.

Within the month

Arrange the return of any aids, appliances or equipment.

Notify States departments.

  • The Income Tax Authority (tel. 225700).
  • The States Housing Authority if the deceased was a tenant in a States rented house (tel. 226550).
  • If your right to live in Guernsey was based on your spouse/partner’s status as a ‘Qualified Resident’ or housing licence holder you should contact Population Management (tel. 225790).

Advise the following organisations:

  • Any employer, especially with regard to occupational pension schemes.
  • School or college if the deceased was a minor and in education.
  • Any bank, post office (savings account), building society, insurance company, pension scheme, loan company / hire purchase company etc.
  • Guernsey Electricity / Gas / Water / Sewage / Telephone company /TV licensing department, as applicable.
  • Guernsey Post Office for redirection of mail (tel. 711720).

Deal with any instructions about any online presence left by the deceased, e.g. deactivate social media accounts if requested.

For further help or information call us or download our guide below:

When Someone Dies Booklet
15 Three Front Pages