Hearse 2

With both the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) and the UK Treasury announcing last week two separate reviews on the cost of funerals, it’s a topic that affects us all, no matter where we live.
According to the CMA, the cost of a funeral in the UK was nearly £3,800 last year. However, these costs don’t cover embalming which is common in the UK, limousines, a funeral service, wake, burial plot or memorial stones. This means the final costs are actually higher – around £2,000 more.

In general, Beckford‘s costs in Guernsey are considerably cheaper and the invoice price that the family receives will cover all services, with the exception of the memorial stone, which is charged separately.
Interestingly, there are marked differences depending on where you live on the island. If a family elected for a cremation, you would pay £570 at Le Foulon, the island’s only crematorium. However, if the deceased, being a St Peter Port resident, was buried in a new grave at Le Foulon, this cost would rise to £4,409, paid to the States of Guernsey who run the facility. To add another family member to an existing Foulon grave would cost £2,026 to reopen the grave.

The cost of a burial in any of the outer parishes cemeteries is much cheaper – somewhere between £300-£500. This is because residents of the non-town parishes pay for their church and graveyard annually in their parish rates. However, taking St Saviours as an example, this only works out at around £4 a year per parishioner - £8-12,000 per annum divided between 2,749 parishioners.
With the exception of a new burial at Le Foulon, the cost to relatives of a family funeral therefore compares more favourably than in the UK.