Our Mission

It is the mission of the team at Beckfords Funeral Services (Beckfords) to assist in the recognition of the value of a life lived and to facilitate meaningful ways for the family and community to honour the memory of their loved one.

In doing so we will provide support for each family and care for their loved one with the utmost professionalism, respect and dignity we would have afforded our own family in time of need.

Our Vision

We will be valued by our families, respected and appreciated by all those we deal with in the performance of our duties and admired by our colleagues and our community.

Our Values

Our Families
Our position of trust with our families - its foundation in partnership, respect, care, professionalism, fairness, credibility, and keeping our commitments is fundamental to success in all our engagements. Our families are very important to us and we will always work hard to support them throughout each engagement and thereafter so that they will at all times see Beckfords as their valued funeral director.

We preserve and respect our families’ privacy and confidentiality.

Our People
The people that work here are our greatest asset and their development within the team and their individual wellbeing is key to their and Beckfords achievements. Their passion for the mission, vision and values we hold dear ensures the satisfaction of our families and the success of Beckfords.

Our people are trained and reviewed and professional practice constantly monitored under standards of the National Society of Allied and Independent Funeral Directors (SAIF).

Respect and appreciation of the people that work here is therefore incorporated in our values.

Our Facilities
We have a state of the art facility, designed and built as a funeral home with the most modern and hygienic amenities which are comfortable and easily accessible to all including the less mobile. It is a friendly environment which provides a safe and ideal location for our families.

Honesty and Integrity
Honesty and integrity is fundamental in all our relationships.

Excellence in all that we do
By our quest for excellence, value creation, and innovation we seek to deliver the best value for our families and always improve all elements of our work.

Our Culture
This is what we do, this is where we spend a great deal of our time, this is a work environment which we value and enjoy.

Our Community
We value and contribute positively to our local community.